August 13-15, 2001
volume 12, no. 143

Events throughout Church History that occurred between August 13th and 15th

Historical Events in Church Annals for August 13th:

  • 533 A.D.
  • Election of Pope Saint John I, 53rd successor of Peter. As the first Pope to travel to Constantinople, he crowned Justinian the Emperor of Byzantium. He would die in prison in Ravenna, having been imprisoned by the barbaric King Theodoric who invaded Italy.

  • 587 A.D.
  • Death of Saint Radegund, Queen of the Franks who founded a hospital for the lepers. She was so dedicated to the outcast and the derelict people that those within her court were so appalled at her kissing the lepers that they warned her no one would ever want to kiss her. To this she replied, "If you never kiss me again, I really don't mind."

  • 662 A.D.
  • Death of Saint Maximus the Confessor, Byzantine monk who was a great defender of Pope Honorius against the charges of monothelitism.

  • 1099 A.D.
  • Election of Pope Paschal II as the 160th successor of Peter. Though he would reign for nineteen years, the struggle for supremacy between the Pope and the Emperor Henry V forced Paschal into exile.

  • 1173 A.D.
  • Death of Saint Nerses Klaietsi also known as "the Gracious." This Armenian saint worked tirelessly to reunite the Greek Church.

Historical Events in Church Annals for August 14th:

  • 1464 A.D.
  • Pope Pius II, 210th successor of Peter, who had formed a Holy League between the kings of France, Burgundy, Hungary and the Doge of Venice to fight the Turkish threat, is seriously injured at Ancona leading a holy crusade against the Turks. He would die a day later.

  • 1941 A.D.
  • Death of Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe, priest and modern martyr at the hands of the Nazis at Auschwitz. For more, see LITURGY OF THE SAINTS

Historical Events in Church Annals for August 15th:

Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven

  • 1038 A.D.
  • Death of Saint Stephen of Hungary, first king of Hungary whose crown was sent to him by Pope Sylvester II and which has been preserved as "the famous crown of St. Stephen" which the American allies rescued from Germany after World War II and returned to its rightful place in Hungary. Stephen united the Magyars and basically was the father of the independent country of Hungary. He was canonized in 1083 by Pope Gregory VII.

  • 1464 A.D.
  • Death of Pope Pius II, 210th successor of Peter who was dedicated to help those provinces dominated by the Turks, forming a Holy League. It was during this assault on the Turks at Ancona that Pius succumbed a day after being mortally wounded.

  • 1534 A.D.
  • Saint Ignatius of Loyola, aided by fellow students Saint Francis Xavier, Nicholas Bobadilla, Peter Favre, Diego Laynez, Simon Rodriguez, and Alfonso Salmeron establish the Society of Jesus in Paris. The Order, better known as the Jesuits, would formally be approved by Pope Paul III six years later.

  • 1549 A.D.
  • Saint Francis Xavier, Jesuit missionary arrives in Japan to evangelize the faith to the far east.

August 13-15, 2001
volume 12, no. 142
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