April 17, 2001
volume 12, no. 107

Where have they taken my Lord?

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, He is risen! Oh, the joy and the glory of Easter!

    We have walked The Way of the Cross with Our Lord, we have suffered through His Agonies and hopefully we have learned that the path of Salvation is this very Way of the Cross lived by each of us, in that manner that God    On this Easter we heard the Gospel passage again in which we see Mary Magdalene, so in love with Christ, that she dares the soldiers who patrol Jerusalem, and just as dawn breaks, she leaves the place of the Upper Room and runs to the tomb where Christ has been laid. There, she finds the stone rolled back. She looks in and sees that the body of Our Lord, her Lord, is not there, and she is beside herself.

    Can we possibly imagine what was coursing through her soul, her heart, at this time? And then, she sees a man, whom she believes to be the gardener, and cries out to him in essence: "Where have they taken Him. Where is my Lord?"

    We must ask this also of ourselves personally. Our journey to Heaven cannot be safeguarded against the snares of the evil one unless we too cry out continuously "They have taken the Lord from the tomb, and we do not know where they have laid Him...Because they have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where they have laid Him...if thou hast removed Him, tell me where thou has laid Him and I will take Him away" (cf. John 20: 2, 11-13).

    In so many so-called Catholic Churches today, in nearly every diocese, one is hard-pressed to find a Crucifix. No, today most of the faithful do not blink, do not pause to think when they enter the Church only to find a Cross, or a Risen Jesus, - as many have dubbed these dubious depictions of the Risen Lord: ‘the Flying Jesus”. Also, in many of these same Churches, one is also hard-pressed to find the Tabernacle. In fact, in many Churches the emphasis is now placed upon the Sedalia “the chair” of the “presider”, who was once called Priest. The Tabernacle now takes less than second place, being usurped by the Choir, by the Eucharistic Ministers, by the altar girls and the parade of laity walking up to the “Table”, rather than the “Altar”.

    My dear brothers and sisters, as you meditate upon and contemplate the Glory of Easter, you must also step back to the dawn of the first Easter morning and be Mary Magdalene, Peter and John, who have rushed to the tomb to find Christ.

    You must ask the same questions that Mary Magdalene did when asked why she was weeping so. We need to know where and why they taken Him away. We must ask "Where is my Lord?"

    Without Him, without the knowledge that it is the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS that we attend, without having personal time before the Tabernacle, and without having accepted and approved Eucharistic Adoration, then we all must cry out in one voice “Where have they taken Him? Where is my Lord?”

    The Catholic Church is America is in serious trouble. Through repeated acts of disobedience to the norms set forth in the ambiguous General Instruction for the Roman Missal, the bishops of the United States (and many other nations as well) continue to de-emphasize the true nature of our worship—THE HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS—and have reduced it to a “meal” a “Eucharistic celebration” whereby we all gather around the “Table of the Lord” as if we have already attained to the Glory of the Resurrection.

    We have permitted liturgical abuses to take a strong hold upon the Church so that we have a mindset today of not participating in the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS, but rather that we celebrate ourselves rather than the INFINITE AND PERPETUAL Sacrifice of Calvary, which alone has wrought our salvation.

    At all times, throughout the year, at every Sunday Mass, at every weekday Mass, we must cry out in a loud, strong voice: “Where have they taken Him? Where is my Lord?”

    And when we do not receive a truthful answer from pastors, liturgical committees and our local bishops, then we need to remedy this situation by returning to the very absolutes of the Doctrines, Dogmas, Teachings, and Traditions of the One True Faith, and learn anew the depth, breadth and width of our Faith, our PRECIOUS TRUE FAITH, outside of which there is no salvation.

    Your faith this day is rewarded in the celebration of Eastertide, for it foreshadows the Eternity that awaits us in the Beatific Vision, and at the Final Judgment, the fact that our bodies will also rise and be glorified as Christ has shown to us.

    We must never let our humanity be celebrated without first acknowledging the Sacrificial Nature of Our True Faith. We must never allow the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS to be de-emphasized and made into a “congregation celebrating themselves rather than the purpose of the Liturgy which is the Perpetual Sacrifice of Calvary.

    If we are clear-minded on this aspect of our Faith, then we have walked in the Light of Truth, which is God, and we are then called to rejoice and be glad for Christ, Who indeed has Risen, and we rejoice in the knowledge of the Eternal Sacrifice of Our Lord to His Heavenly Father, Who calls all of us to this same Glory, once we have proven our Love, by our willingness to take up our crosses daily and follow Him, Who is Our Lord, God, and Savior.

    Ask yourselves “Where have they taken Him? Where is my Lord?”

    Let this be our cry everyday henceforth, with a new awareness of the tenets of our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, and rejoice then in this Eastertide, for we know the Truth, and we seek only the Truth as our sure guide on the path of salvation.

    You are in my humble prayers, and I thank you for praying for my family and me. Your very little sister in Christ,


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April 17, 2001
volume 12, no. 107
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