September 8-10, 2000
volume 11, no. 164

NEWS for the weekend of September 8-10, 2000

from a Catholic Viewpoint

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    Holy Father recommits to educating consciences in helping bring about viable solution for peace during meeting with Egyptian Envoy
    Egypt    The Pope recalled his experiences in Egypt earlier this year as he accepted the diplomatic credentials of Farouk Hussein Raafat. The Holy Father praised Egypt for its "central" role in "the search for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East." He said that the search must continue, and urged new efforts to address "the many problems that have not yet been resolved, which have a profound impact on that unstable region." He continued in that vein, "The Church is deeply interested" in the peace process, although the role of the Church is different from that of civil governments. The role of religions, he explained, is "to educate consciences to the principles and truths that are the foundation of the welfare of individuals and of societies." more

    Pope attracts 40,000 in St. Peter's Square for Wednesday General Audience in sharing the Discipleship of Christ
        "The Christian, disciple of Christ", was the theme of Pope John Paul II' catechesis yesterday, held in St. Peter's Square in the presence of 40.000 pilgrims from different parts of the world. "The meeting with Christ," the Pope said, "radically changes people's lives, encouraging them to 'metanoia,' or profound conversion of heart and mind; it also establishes a communion of life that develops into following Christ." more

    West Timor attack could be an omen of things to come as Indonesian Bishop warns the Church could be targeted for more violence
        An Indonesian bishop, reflecting on a deadly attack on a United Nations compound in the province of West Timor this week, warned that the Catholic Church might be the next target of militia groups. "The situation is unruly and threatening and it might worsen if people were afraid of asking help from humanitarian agencies. The next target might be the Church," Bishop Anton Pain-Ratu of Atambua, West Timor said one day after the murder of three members of the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and a civilian in Atambua, on the border between East and West Timor. more

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