September 7, 2000
volume 11, no. 163

NEWS for Thursday, September 7, 2000

from a Catholic Viewpoint

News Ticker from Catholic World News

    Holy Father commemorates Third Anniversary of Mother Teresa's death with 7,000 of her closest friends in Rome
    Mother Teresa    With 7,000 Missionaries of Charity in attendance at the Vatican, the Holy Father shared his extreme love and appreciation for Mother Teresa, the holy founder of the fastest growing order of nuns in the history of the Church. In attendance were also adopted families of the congregation she inspired. The Pope spoke of her ultimate charity and her role as "spiritual mother" of millions and her unceasing desire to adopt every child and snatch them from satan's snare, bringing them to Christ because she saw Our Lord in everyone she met. John Paul II, who met often with the saintly woman, concluded that she epitomized Jesus' words, "Bring the little children to Me. more

Bishop's pastoral remarks condemning actions of Abu Sayyef make him a marked man in the Philippines
        Church authorities in the Philippines are fearful that the incendiary situation in the Basilan province could erupt further and that the volatile Abu Sayyef jihad could target Bishop Romulo De La Cruz for he is a member of the Crisis Unit formed to flesh out this menace from the hills in the southern area of the Filipino Islands. The bishop's strong statement on Abu Sayyef's disregard for moral order makes him a marked man by the radical militant group who seek retaliation. more

    Bishop Belo marks one year anniversary of terrible tragedy in East Timor with Mass for 10,000
    Bishop Carlos Belo    Remembering the 100 slain on September 6th last year while at Mass in Suai, Bishop Carlos Belo of Dili celebrated Mass in the shattered Church of Our Lady of Fatima in the town of Suai in memory of the dead. "We wanted to establish a new East Timor, and for this we had to pay with suffering and bloodshed," he told the openly weeping congregation. "Once a seed is thrown onto the earth, from this seed will grow a new creation so there will be new life and new hope," he said. "So let us look to a better future, for after last year's massacre we enter into a new life and a new East Timor." more

    Will FDA buy China's involvement in abortion after Clinton signed pact with the devil in distributing RU-486 abortion pill?
    communist China   For years human rights groups have been up in arms over the kid-glove treatment China has been receiving from Bill Clinton and they ought to be even more incensed after it was revealed in the Wall Street Journal that the company Clinton approved has contracted to have the pills produced in communist China where they perform forced abortions and sterilization in demanding one child per family. Now the question is does the FDA have any ethics to thwart the company (Danco) from using the Chinese company to manufacture the death pill which they are calling by the guilt-free moniker "Early Option." more

    Number of reconversions to Hinduism are greatly exaggerated claims Indian Bishop
       The strong anti-Catholic and anti-Christian agenda in India has now taken to the propaganda trail as Hindu fundamentalist leader tries to stoke the fires of hate and justify his own position by making wild statements that those Hindus that were converted to Christianity have been reconverted back. But Bishop Godfrey de Rozario of Baroda, in which Dangs falls, said "there isn't a grain of truth" in the claim made by the Hindu leader on reconversion of tribal Christians. "This is nothing but propaganda to hoodwink the public," said Bishop Rozario. "There have been occasions when our people have been taken away under threat and by force to purification (reconversion) ceremonies. But most of them have come back to the Church to tell the story. We are now educating them to help them face the pressure tactics of intimidating tribal Christians (by Hindu fundamentalists)." more

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