September 6, 2000
volume 11, no. 162

NEWS for Wednesday, September 6, 2000

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Holy See releases affirming document on "No Salvation Outside the Church"

        As was announced Friday, the Vatican released the 36-page document Dominus Jesus on Tuesday which reaffirms Church doctrine that many had assumed had been toned down to pacify the world today. But, in the spirit of Jesus Who would not compromise and said, "Will you also walk away?", the Church stands strong on a doctrine that will be questioned by many modernists and other faiths whose lineage cannot be traced back to Christ. It is intriguing that this was released the same week the Millennium Global Summit at the UN is meeting with the aim of equalization of everything, including religion. This really fouls up their agenda of the One World Order as once again the Church stands alone with the Way, the Truth and the Life. more

    Cardinal Ratzinger answers critics head-on with no-nonsense answers
    Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger    Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith explained at a Vatican News Conference Tuesday following the release of the document affirming "No Salvation Outside the Church" that there is a growing body of opinion suggesting that other religions can offer an important complement to the teachings of Christianity. This is an erroneous belief, he said, and his Congregation prepared the new statement to affirm "the full and definitive revelation of Christ." The cardinal pointed out that many people today view the Church's traditional claim to be the unique and universal means to salvation as "a bit of fundamentalism which is an attack on the modern spirit and a menace to toleration and liberty." Because of that attitude, he continued, many people see ecumenical dialogue as an end in itself. "Dialogue-- or rather the ideology of dialogue-- becomes a substitute for missionary activity and for the urgency of an appeal to conversion." more

    Vietnam Christian radio broadcasts being jammed by Government
       According to the "Compass" agency, authorities in Vietnam are jamming Christian radio broadcasts in a desperate attempt to curb the rapid spread of Protestant Christianity among the Hmong minority in the country's northwest provinces, along the China border. The development comes as no surprise to Vietnam observers, who recently obtained confidential Vietnamese government documents that spell out measures to be taken against the "counterrevolutionary Christian movement" among the Hmong. The document makes it illegal to listen to the radio broadcasts. They also make it incumbent on local citizens to report those who listen. more

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