September 5, 2000
volume 11, no. 161

NEWS for Tuesday, September 5, 2000

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100,000 pack St. Peter's Square for Beatifications of two Popes and three Religious
   The Church and the world have five new Blessed as of Sunday. This was the solemn proclamation made by John Paul II in St. Peter's Square in the Vatican, which was crowded with 100,000 faithful from all over the world, when beatifying five men of very diverse characters but united in their love for God and humanity. A veritable river of humanity flowed peacefully into the plaza enclosed by the Bernini colonnade. The majority of faithful were Italians, since the "Good Pope" left an indelible memory in Italy. However, by their voices and colors, groups from Spain, Argentina, Lebanon, Brazil, the United States, Chile, and Korea were also very much in evidence. more

    Holy Father dismisses political negatives in extolling virtues of Blessed Pius IX
    Blessed Pope Pius IX    The Holy Father avoided responding to the arguments raised around the figure of Pius IX that had erupted on the eve of his beatification. Instead, he concentrated on his predecessor's spirituality, because the Church does not proclaim people Blessed for political reasons. "He was always indulgent to his enemies. The spirit of poverty, faith in God, and abandonment to Providence, coupled with an extraordinary sense of humor, helped him overcome the most difficult moments." more

    Peru's Cardinal Augusto Vargas Alzamora dies
    Cardinal Augusto Vargas Alzamora    Lima's Archbishop emeritus Cardinal Augusto Vargas Alzamora succumbed Monday in Padre Luis Tezza Catholic Hospital after an extensive hospital stay. He suffered a stroke back on May 31st and after surgery he fell into a deep coma of which he never fully recovered. This 77-year-old prelate was much beloved by the people of Lima and throughout Peru. His funeral will be held today and his body buried beneath the main altar of the Cathedral of La Inmaculada. more

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