September 1-4, 2000
volume 11, no. 157-160

NEWS for Labor Day Weekend, September 1-4, 2000

from a Catholic Viewpoint

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Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger Church to reestablish meaning of "No Salvation outside the Church" Doctrine in Dominus Jesus

        Tuesday, September 5th Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith will release a 25-page document entitled Dominus Jesus which will clarify the Church doctrine of "No Salvation Outside the Church." The document will illustrate how the teaching has not changed, only the interpretation of it on both the left and right extremes. It will also admit that the Holy Spirit is indeed present in other faiths and those not Catholic can be saved if they believe in Christ Jesus, but it also reaffirms that the Roman Catholic Church is the only one with the fullness of the Holy Spirit and the four marks, not present in other religions and that the Church founded by Our Lord is the sure way to eternal life through the sacramental nature of the Church. more

Abomination of the desolation of the temple very near as radical left rules Millennium World Peace Summit
Ted Turner   The Vatican document could not have come at a better time considering the heresy that is spewing forth from the United Nations' trumped-up Millennium World Peace Summit of supposed religious leaders just concluded in New York in which the heavily loaded radical left arm voted to accept that all religions are equal. With avowed anti-Catholic Ted Turner pulling the strings, the puppets of the One-World Order will all sign it, save for Cardinal Francis Arinze representing the Vatican who will refuse to sign such heresy. What this aberration does is legitimize any and all abuses against Christianity and unfortunately pave the way for the "abomination of the desolation of the temple." more
Gridlock in peace talks over Jerusalem could be solved by turning Holy City over to God
    Following with the scriptural prophesy of what is happening, an interesting development is unfolding in a quiet, but promising referendum that would allow all sides to turn over sovereignty of Jerusalem to God. This way the Holy City would remain intact as the eternal, undivided capital. This would also take the heat off of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and allow them to compromise without losing face with their people. It is ironic considering the Millennium World Peace Summit aberrations. more
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