May 4-7, 2000
volume 11, no. 87
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CATHOLIC PewPOINT editorial for Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun, May 4-7, 2000

God works in mysterious and wondrous ways

        This will be our last editorial until our May 30th issue, volume 11, no. 100 on Tuesday after the Memorial Weekend Issue. During the three weeks we are on pilgrimage to Rome, Assisi, Siena, Florence, Milan, Lourdes, Rue de Bac and Lisieux, we will be going into what we call the "May Mode" with abbreviated issues. Therefore, the schedule will be the following.

        We will continue to publish a daily edition of the DailyCATHOLIC but in shortened form, reducing it from five to four issues a week. Since we will not be here to field the daily news wires/e-mails from our three Roman Catholic news organization sources, we will suspend our regular NEWS & VIEWS with a CATHOLIC slant until our return. In the meantime we will continue to provide the convenient ticker provided by Catholic World News as well as links to ZENIT and Church News from Noticias Eclesiales. In addition, we will not be carrying our daily feature APPRECIATING THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF OUR FAITH. It will be on hiatus while we're on pilgrimage as will Pat Ludwa's excellent column VIEW FROM THE PEW, though we will feature his column in this Monday's issue. He will then return with more thought-provoking columns in early June. We had wanted to bring you the Holy Father's Regina Coeli address from Divine Mercy Sunday provided by ZENIT, but unfortunately that has been delayed and we will not be able to at this time. But we will continue to feature Dr. Frank Joseph's revealing Pro-Life Prescriptions LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! column each Wednesday this month as well as Sister Mary Lucy Astuto's loving words in her column GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER each Thursday which will take the place of the Friday issue during this "May Mode." We will also bring you daily the column by Father Robert J. Fox with all his articles centering on Fatima, focusing on Jacinta and Francisco Marto, the two young shepherds to be beatified on May 13th by the Holy Father in Fatima. Unfortunately we won't be able to bring you the particulars of the beatification since we'll be in Assisi at the time, but we encourage you to go to the news sources listed in each issue and tune in to EWTN who might possibly televise the ceremonies. If anyone would, it would be EWTN. After May 13th, Fr. Fox's articles will highlight Russia and the revolution for the Blessed Virgin Mary - one that has been going on since the fall of the iron curtain in the early nineties. It is also part of our tribute to the Russian people who are now able to read the DailyCATHOLIC through the kindness of our translator in England Paul and Solveiga Knight.

        Paul has graciously accepted the responsibility of putting the issue on line each day which we have prepared ahead of time and are still working on as we write this. You'll be able to check each day on our homeport page by clicking on the date. During this "May Mode" time we will be bringing you four issues a week, with the Thursday issue representing the weekend issue. On May 11th we will present our special FATIMA WEEKEND ISSUE highlighting the Apparitions of Fatima; and on May 18th we will have a special issue CELEBRATING JOHN PAUL THE GREAT'S 80TH BIRTHDAY. If anyone has a problem with that title for this holy Pontiff, we'll be glad to take it up with them personally for they have not been following this great Polish Pope over the past twenty-plus years! On May 25th we will bring you our MEMORIAL WEEKEND ISSUE that will run from Thursday through Memorial Day on Monday, May 29th. We will return with our regular mode on Tuesday, May 30th. In the meantime, if there are some links that are not updated, please be patient for we will correct them when we return.

        While we'll be away, we hope to remain in touch through the wonders of the web. If we can secure internet access in Italy and France, not an easy task considering technology in Europe is light years behind the United States, we will provide updates - if possible a daily diary of our "Jubilee Journey of Joy for Jesus" with photos if we can FTP them into the appropriate directories. It will be an adventure just trying to hook up and upload photos but we are optimistic things will work out so we can keep you abreast and share our spiritual pilgrimage. Be assured we will take all of you in our hearts on our journey to the great basilicas, holy sites and shrines we will visit, especially at Lourdes where we will arrive on Thursday, the day of the week the Blessed Virgin Mary first appeared to Saint Bernadette Soubirous on February 11, 1858.

        So that's the scenario here as we feverishly work on getting the next three weeks' worth of issues in both English and Russian ready for uploading as well as take care of all the necessities like packing and looking for someone to stay in our home and take care of the one member of the family not able to go on the pilgrimage - our precious Shih-tzu Sir Smidgens who doesn't know he's a dog. In reality, he's pure love. A member of our parish has agreed to allow her daughter, a college student to housesit and be a companion for little Smidge so we are very thankful for that. And we are eternally thankful for all your prayers and God's goodness and graces that allows this humble, poor family to be able to go on such a wonderful spiritual pilgrimage and be reunited with our former pastor at St. Pius X parish in Dallas Monsignor Thomas Weinzapfel, who we've been able to recruit for the tour group's chaplain. It looked for a while that we wouldn't have a chaplain when Regina Tours contacted us that the original chaplain couldn't make it, but prayers can move mountains and that's what we did as well as getting on the phone and calling him. He agreed and the tour is assured of a great spiritual chaplain.

        It's interesting to note that a month ago we had no idea we'd not only be publishing the DailyCATHOLIC in Russian, but also that we'd be able to spend nearly three weeks on a wonderful pilgrimage of healing spiritually, physically and emotionally. But then, why should we be surprised? For ten years we've lived solely by trusting in God's providence while we strive to fulfill our fiat to Him. Guess what - it works! That's because God works in mysterious and wondrous ways.

Michael Cain, editor

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May 4-7, 2000
volume 11, no. 87

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