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  • Pope leary over intent of many nations' intentions for One-World Economy goals
  • Swiss Guards to mark anniversary with induction of 37 new Guards
  • Brazilian Indians in peril as Amazon floods from torrential rains
  • Bush answers pro-aborts by naming strong pro-lifer to platform committee
  • Odd man out or three makes a crowd as pro-life candidate throws hat in NY Senate ring
  • First Vermont falls to gays, could New Hampshire be next?
  • Strange bedfellows celebrate May Day in Rome as Pope celebrates Holy Mass before rockers take over arena
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        VATICAN ( -- As he received union leaders and corporate executives in an audience on May 2, Pope John Paul II said that he is "ambivalent" about the globalization of the economy.

        The Pope met with 200 labor and management leaders on the day after the Vatican's Jubilee for Workers. Most of the participants in the audience were Italians who had remained in Rome after that celebration.

        The globalization of the financial world, the Holy Father said, "is a new phenomenon," which should be studied carefully. "Globalization could be a benefit for mankind," he said, "but it could also turn out to be a form of prejudice, with consequences that should not be overlooked." An unhealthy form of globalization, he explained, would establish a bias against the poor, and in favor of commercialization and consumption at the cost of human solidarity.

        Which route will globalization actually take? The Pontiff said that the answer to that question would "all depend on the consequences of certain basic choices." Specifically, he said, the question would hinge on whether "globalization is put in the service of mankind-- of all men-- or whether it is concerned exclusively with the pursuit of profit."

        The globalization of the marketplace, the Pope continued, could help to create "a global culture of solidarity, attentive to the needs of the neediest." But that can happen, he said, only if the "new culture" of the world economy pays careful attention to the principle of subsidiarity, and avoids the temptation toward monolithic and monopolistic forms of financial control.

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      Thirty-five new Guards to join ranks of exalted Swiss Guard

         The ranks of the Swiss Guards will be filled on their traditional day of May 6th in the presence of the president of Swiss Federation Adolf Ogi who will travel to Rome for the event commemorating the memory of the 147 Guards who gave their lives for Pope Clement VII during the sacking of Rome by Charles V during the bloody years of the Protestant Revolt. Thirty-five new members of various languages, but with Swiss birthrights, will be installed during special ceremonies for new candidates who pledge their life to protect the Vicar of Christ. The Guard will also honor their fallen comrade Alois Estermann along with his wife who were murdered in their Vatican residence two years ago by a jealous Cedric Tornay. Their burial anniversary is May 6, 1998. continued inside.


        VATICAN ( -- Adolf Ogi, the President of the Swiss Federation, will be received at the Vatican on May 6, in conjunction with the annual ceremonies in which new recruits are welcomed to the ranks of the Swiss Guard.

        May 6 is traditionally the day when the Vatican swears in new members of the Swiss Guard, and pays tribute to the 147 members of the unit who gave their lives in defense of Pope Clement VII, during the sacking of Rome in 1527.

        Some 35 new members of the Guard (30 of whom will be native German speakers, 12 French, 2 Italian, and 1 Romany) will be sworn in on May 6 in the St. Damasus court, in the traditional ceremony under the windows of the papal apartment. President Ogi will be among many Swiss and Italian political figures on hand for the occasion.

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      Torrential rains cause floods along Amazon River to rise, leaving 20,000 homeless in Brazil

         While the world media has centered on the celebrations in Brazil for the 500th Anniversary of the country, unprecedented rains have caused massive flooding of the mighty Amazon River and its tributaries. The devastation has left more than 20,000 homeless with five reported dead thus far. The native Indians of the jungle areas have shown remarkable charity in helping their fellow man as all strive to remain alive amidst the torrential rains and floods. continued inside.


        ROME ( - Flooding on the Amazon River in Brazil has left 20,000 homeless and five people, including a four-year-old boy, dead following months of unprecedented rains. Aid workers in the Brazilian town of Laranjal do Jari, at the mouth of the Amazon River have issued a desperate plea for help.

        As world media concentrated on Brazil's celebrations marking the 500th anniversary since its discovery by Europeans and discussions about past violence against the native Indians, little attention has been paid to the gravity of the disaster which struck right in the Amazon region, the Indians' homeland.

        Laranjal do Jari (Amapa) has a population of about 50,000, half living in riverside dwellings along the Amazon, which because of torrential rainfall rose by over 2 meters, flooding the poor homesteads and destroying the caboclos (homes of Indians who move to towns). The flooding began before Easter and the water level still continues to rise.

        Father Aleandro Castrese, PIME, who has served in Brazil for the past five years, said he has no idea what to do: "Thousands have lost everything, they have no food. Our churches, at some distance from the waterfront, are now havens for hundreds of flood victims." Father Castrese spent Holy Week celebrating the various rites in the different churches and using his jeep to carry people to safety on higher ground. He himself is convalescing from a road accident in which he fractured a leg.

        Because of the high water level, roads are flooded and even the jeep cannot pass. People are moved using fragile boats. Homes, churches, shops, and discos are used as night time refuges.

        "The most edifying thing is the generous hospitality among the people," the missionary said. "Those with a safe home readily take in others, the poor help the poor. And all this while the political leaders discuss matters of responsibility, thinking of the electoral gains assistance may bring."

        Meanwhile Father Castrese and another priest are nailing wooden planks to the floor to raise it: the water is ankle-level but could rise. "In the future, homes and churches must be built much higher, and of more resistant wood: most of our chapels rot in the water. But at the moment food and clothing are the priority: these people have lost everything," he said.

        Fides, the news service of the Vatican's Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith, has set up a mail drop for charitable donations to assist the afflicted. Aid or funds, marked "Amazon Floods," can be sent to: Fides International Agency
    Via di Propaganda l/c
    00187 Rome

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      Bush appoints strong pro-life governor from Wisconsin for GOP Platform Committee

         Though he hails from the dairy state of Wisconsin, there is nothing cheesy about the selection of Governor Tommy Thompson by presidential candidate Texas Governor George W. Bush to the GOP Platform Committee. In doing so, Bush sends a message to those trying to undermine the pro-life plank for Thompson is a staunch pro-lifer and will help articulate to all Republicans and hopefully the nation that all life is sacred. All Christians, especially all Catholics should rally around this pro-life platform for without it the world will descend into the abyss of death, for it is fast becoming a soul-less society. continued inside.


        WASHINGTON, DC ( - Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush on Monday appointed Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, a staunch pro-lifer, to head the platform committee for the Republican National Convention this summer.

        The pro-life plank of the party's policy platform has been in place since 1980 and was a cause of dissension in 1996 when pro-abortion Republicans wanted it removed or water down. The plank states the party principle and objective that all human life is sacred and abortion should be banned in all cases. Bush has said he opposed abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or danger to life of the mother.

        Thompson, first elected governor in 1986, said he looked forward to "serving ... to articulate our party's most innovative ideas, the principles that bind us together and our vision for the future."

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      Staunch pro-life conservative throws hat into the ring in high-profile New York Senate race

         More good news on the pro-life front is word that Hillary Clinton may have a decidedly pro-life candidate running against her no matter what Mayor Rudolph Giuliani decides to do. On Monday, Joseph DioGuardi, a staunch pro-lifer and conservative, announced his candidacy for the Senate seat. If Guiliani decides to continue his campaign, then there could be a split of votes that might favor Clinton, but if he would opt out because of prostate cancer or enough can rally behind a true candidate who upholds the culture of life, there could be an interesting race in New York come November. continued inside.


        NEW YORK ( - A former Republican US representative entered the New York Senate race on Monday, saying he would seek the nomination from the Conservative, Right to Life, and Independence parties on the November ballot.

        Joseph DioGuardi's announcement puts him in direct conflict with New York City mayor Rudolph Guiliani who would also need those parties' nominations, in addition to the Republican party nomination, to fend off Hillary Rodham Clinton, the presumptive candidate for the Democratic Party. Conservative Party leader Michael Long has already refused to back Giuliani because of the mayor's support for abortion.

        DioGuardi said he entered the race because Guiliani doesn't uphold conservative principles. "It's not that Giuliani isn't conservative enough; he's not conservative at all," DioGuardi said. He also said he wasn't worried about the other two candidates' lead in raising funds. "They need a lot more money than me," DioGuardi said. "They have to disguise who they are. She has to disguise that she comes from Arkansas, he has to disguise that he believes in 'partial-birth' abortions."

        "Right now, they're popping the champagne corks at Clinton campaign headquarters," said GOP consultant and television commentator Jay Severin told Associated Press. "You could almost run a dead body on the Conservative line and attract enough votes to defeat the Republican candidate." The Guiliani-Clinton race is a statistical tie in recent polls and the small-party endorsements could mean the margin of victory.

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      That hissing sound you hear is satan slithering from Vermont to New Hampshire as the gay-rights organizers coil in preparation to pass laws that would condone the sin of sodomy

         Heaping more shame on the northeast, the liberal state of New Hampshire may join Vermont in approving gay unions. That is the bent of Democratic Senator Burt Cohen who has hinted at this. Yet he's playing it coy, not showing his hand until he sees who wins in the fall. In other words, if Al Gore were to get in you can bet the homosexuals would overrun the country because of the legislation that would be forced through, totally ignoring the Laws of God and the natural law of procreation - the reason He created man and woman...not man with man, or woman with woman. They've disguised their campaign with such spins as "gender equality" and trying to drum up memories and emotions of the Black movement with Martin Luther King but that's a totally different scenario. Anyway you draw it up, sodomy is sodomy and, in God's book sodomy is a sin! No Catholic can condone sin, but every Catholic should love the sinner in their heart and pray those afflicted with homosexual tendencies will be healed of their abnormalities that satan preys on and lead a celibate life. continued inside.


        CONCORD, New Hampshire ( - A Democratic New Hampshire state senator said last Friday he is considering proposing a same-sex civil union bill -- similar to the one just signed into law in neighboring Vermont -- next year, according to Conservative News Service.

        Senator Burt Cohen said he will decide whether to file the bill "depending on who wins" in the state's general election this fall. "I hear wind of it," Cohen said. "Some people are encouraged by what happened in Vermont." Democrats control the state senate and the governor's office, but Republicans still hold a majority in the House of Representatives.

        Meanwhile, Democratic Gov. Jeanne Shaheen has apparently backed off from her earlier statement that she disagreed with the Vermont law which grants same-sex couples the same legal benefits as married couples. Last Thursday, her press secretary said the governor had not yet read the Vermont law and had no opinion on it. In addition, she said the governor opposed homosexual marriage, but did not know whether the governor considered civil unions the same as marriage.

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      Site of World Youth Days gets dress rehearsal with Mass, then rock concert with over half a million in attendance to help ease Third World Debt

         The Holy Father celebrated Mass at the sight that will host the vast throngs of youth who will convene here in August for the Jubilee World Youth Day celebrations. Monday, in honor of May Day, the Mass was held outdoors earlier in the day while later in the day the stage gave way to rockers with the goal of reducing the debt of all Third World countries. Though many of the rock musicians have shown disregard for the Church and her values and morals, the Church feels the means justifies the end since the rockers used their talents for a worthy cause. The Holy See has always approved of the cause, not necessarily the lifestyles of many of the musicians involved.continued inside.


        ROME ( - A rock concert in Rome this past Monday featured Pope John Paul II, Lou Reed, and Alanis Morissette as the headliners -- although they weren't on stage at the same time.

        The Vatican had given its approval to the concert promoting the Jubilee Year theme of debt relief for Third World Nations and the Holy Father celebrated a Mass before the concert for the more than 600,000 people in attendance. Afterward, he left before the slate of musicians -- most of whom are not known for their Christian moral values -- took the stage. Reed was best known in the early 1970s for his crossdressing and drug use, while Morissette recently starred as God in the film Dogma, which was panned by many Catholics as blasphemous.

        Vatican officials said the May Day concert should not surprise observers. Bishop Fernando Charrier, the organizer of the Vatican May Day celebrations, said: "Do not be astonished. Rock is an expression of today's world, particularly dear to the young. All (forms of) human expressions, when they have dignity, command respect. I do not believe that there has ever existed a (form of) rock that is diabolical."

        He added, "At most I think that there can be some diabolical personalities, because real human beings can do good, but also bad. The concert is not a way to consecrate rock, but a chance to to give space to a form of expression widely shared."

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