THURSDAY     vol. 11, no. 59     March 23, 2000

March 23, 2000

Day Three news of the Holy Father's historic JUBILEE JOURNEY

A thorough review of

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Lenten Weekday
Optional Feast of
Saint Turibius de Mogrovejo

First Reading:
  Jeremiah 17: 5-10
 Psalm 1: 1-4, 6
  Luke 16: 19-31


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 Today's and tomorrow's liturgy are both Lenten Weekdays plus today's optional feast of Saint Toribio de Mogrovejo, Bishop. For the readings, liturgies, meditations, and his profile, see DAILY LITURGY.


"If they do no hearken to Moses and the Prophets, they will not believe even if someone rises from the dead."
Luke 16: 31

Our hearts are dulled to danger!

Famous quotes of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen
   They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the words of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen have been known to launch a thousand images in one's mind, one of the ways this late luminary did so much to evangelize the faith. Because of the urgency of the times and because few there are today who possess the wisdom, simplicity and insight than the late Archbishop who touched millions, we are bringing you daily gems from his writings. The good bishop makes it so simple that we have dubbed this daily series: "SIMPLY SHEEN".

"Modern man has become passive in the face of evil. He has so long preached a doctrine of false tolerance; has so long believed that right and wrong were only differences in a point of view, that now when evil works itself out in practice he is paralyzed to do anything against it."

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  • February 25th Medjugorje Message

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    Events that happened today in Church History
    Pope Julius III    On this day two 445 years ago, Pope Julius III, the 221st successor of Peter, passed away after a five year pontificate in which he reopened the landmark Council of Trent, first convened by his predecessor Pope Paul III in order to counter the Protestant Reformation. Julius also sought to reestablish the Church in England with Mary Tudor though that was thwarted by Elizabeth. For other time capsule events that happened in Church history on this date, see MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES
    As the Star in Bethlehem, Pope John Paul II venerates The Star of Bethlehem at the Grotto of the Nativity

    Bethlehem is where it all began with the birth of Jesus Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat embraces Pope
    Pope inspects Christ's Baptism site near Jordan River and Sea of GalileeTight security checks for pilgrims entering Manger SquareBasilica of the Nativity of Our Lord in Bethlehem
    Holy Father celebrates Mass in Manger Square framed by Palestinian flagPope touches Holy Land soil presented by children from Jordan, Israel and Palestine
    Midpoint of "Jubilee Journey" brings Pope to the "heart of his pilgrimage" in Bethlehem where he prays and endorses sovereignty for Palestine
       Today we bring you events of the Holy Father's third day in the Holy Land yesterday which was focused totally on Palestine where Bethlehem lies. The Pope began the day with his Papal Mass in Manger Square outside the Basilica of the Nativity , then a private prayerful visit to the Grotto of the Nativity before a moving experience while visiting the poor refugees at Dehyishe. He met with Palestinian National Authority President Yasser Arafat at his presidential palace in Bethlehem before departing in the evening to return to Jerusalem. For accounts of these and other events during the Holy Father's third day in the Holy Land provided by ZENIT and CWN News, see JOHN PAUL II's "JUBILEE JOURNEY" - DAY THREE
      EDITOR'S NOTE: Because of the importance of the Holy Father's historic "Jubilee Journey" this week, we will forego all columns and our editorial in the weekend issue in order to bring you more complete coverage of the Papal Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Stories on this will be updated daily through Sunday as we expand the issue to give the reader as comprehensive coverage as we can. All columns, features and editorials will return in their regular rotation next week.

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    Holy Father strongly endorses sovereignty for the State of Palestine and stresses peace, freedom, and understanding and to be the objectives of all peoples
       Today we bring you the Holy Father's speech on his arrival in Bethlehem where he emphasized that, "The promise of peace made at Bethlehem will become a reality for the world only when the dignity and rights of all human beings made in the image of God (cf. Gen 1:26) are acknowledged and respected." We also bring you his homily from his Mass at Manger Square where he equated the link between the wood of the manger and the wood of the cross, "The Crib of Jesus lies always in the shadow of the Cross." Finally we bring you his speech in the Palestine Refugee Camp where he commiserates with the people and offers hope through the Church and other organizations by bringing their plight to the forefront. These were all provided by ZENIT. See THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS

    Are the bells tolling the death of Marriage? For whom do the bells toll?
    They toll for the Sanctity of Marriage! We need to defuse the same-sex union timebomb before it's too late!
       In his column today, Pat Ludwa illustrates so clearly why same-sex unions are wrong. He doesn't use the emotional approach as so many are wont to do with this controversy; no name calling, only a logistic approach based on both the truths of Catholic teaching, Sacred Scripture, and common sense in respect to the overall sensitivity of balancing the scales of sanity or insanity, morality or immorality. societal laws or anarchy, normal or abnormal, protection of the family structure or a dysfunctional miasma of individuals. By this argument he points out how the advocation of the homosexual lifestyle is systematically destroying the foundation of marriage as both an institution and a sacrament. For his column today, The Death Knell of Marriage? , see VIEW FROM THE PEW

    Appreciation of the Church guiding us in avoiding the Deadly Sins of Anger and Gluttony
        Today we continue with our new series in the search to uncover the wonderful treasures of the Church contained in the great Deposit of Faith. Today we present the catechesis on the Seven Deadly or Capital Sins with today's fourth and fifth sins of Anger and Gluttony as explained in My Catholic Faith. These two sins deal strongly with the need for self control for Anger especially contributes greatly to misunderstanding and tension in society today. For the 137th installment, see APPRECIATING THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF OUR FAITH
    with a Catholic slant

    News Ticker from Catholic World News For more from CWN and other Catholic wire services, see stories below

      Pope will celebrate a private Mass in the Cenacle room where Our Lord is believed to have held the Last Supper
      Pope will consecrate Blessed Sacrament where it was first established
    Today in the Holy Land:
        Today the Holy Father remains in Jerusalem, beginning with a private Mass in the Chapel of the Cenacle - the site of the Last Supper. He will visit chief Rabbis, then President Weizman before going to the Hall of Remembrance at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial where he will give a much anticipated speech and finish the day with an interreligious meeting of leaders at Notre Dame Institute of Jerusalem. For more coverage of Day Four, see tomorrow's issue.

    In the Jubilee Year 2000, 2000 youth make their First Holy Communion at Papal Mass in Jordan
    Pope distributes First Holy Communion to 2000 youths    On March 21st the Pope received 2,000 young boys to their First Communion at his Papal Mass in Amman Stadium. The Holy Father spoke of the personal relationship one must have with Christ and called himself a pilgrim in the land blessed by the presence of Moses and Elijah, and where Jesus walked, performed miracles and taught all men the Infinite Mercy of God. continued inside

      Arafat's wife signal's Holy Father's remarks as a significant political statement
        While the Vatican tried to warn the media and politicians not to make the leap that the Pope's remarks yesterday mean total recognition of Palestinian statehood, Shua Tawii, wife of Yasser Arafat, saw great political significance in his remarks that veered from the spiritual to the political because they are both so intricately intertwined and inherent in the message of the angels "Peace on earth to men of good will". continued inside.

      Israeli police doing double-time protecting Pope under Operation "Old Friend"
      Security cameras have been positioned everywhere    Though there have been several outbreaks of ugly protests against the Pope, including a death threat from one Meir Baranes, a radical with a criminal record, overall the Israeli police are handling security extremely well. In addition, the cooperation of Muslims has been commendable including yesterday's call to prayer by the muezzin that was held up and shortened until after the Holy Father had finished his homily so as not to disturb the Pope. Those in attendance applauded the Islamic gesture when the prayer call went out. continued inside.

      Pope balances sentiments of both Jordan and Palestine by following up visit to Jordanian east shore site by giving equal time to west bank site.
      Pope privately visits one of the two sites that claim Baptism of Jesus - photo by Evelyn Hockstein    The Vicar of Christ made a quiet, untelevised stop at a spot near Jericho that is traditionally believed to be the site of Our Lord's baptism by Saint John the Baptist. The day before he had visited a site in Jordan at Wadi-al-Khammer that claims to also be the site. The Holy Father's quiet celebration and meditation at both denied the possibility of either side making a political issue out of the pilgrimage to the various sites in the Holy Land. continued inside.

    New Archbishop of Westminster installed after long vacancy created by death of Cardinal Hume last year
    Archbishop Cormac Murphy O'Connorthe late Cardinal Basil Hume, OSB    Archbishop Cormac Murphy O'Connor was officially installed yesterday as the tenth successor of Westminster in England. In a simple ceremony, O'Connor received his crozier from Bishop Vincent Nichols who had been locum tenens for the See since Cardinal George Basil Hume, OSB's death last year. continued inside.

    Priest who led suicide mission in Uganda had been excommunicated by retired bishop
    Uganda    After the shocking news of the mass suicide in Uganda, retired Bishop John Baptist Kakube of Mbarara said he had earlier excommunicated the former priest who was the leader of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments who committed mass suicide similar to the Jim Jones tradgedy in Guyana several decades ago. There were two other priests who followed leader Joseph Kibwetere but they had not been excommunicated. A deep grief hangs over the people of Uganda and that sadness is magnified in knowing that the Church, by law, cannot hold Masses for the diseased members who took their own lives. continued inside.

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