WEDNESDAY     vol. 11, no. 53     March 15, 2000

March 15, 2000


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Lenten Weekday

First Reading:
 Jonah 3: 1-10
  Psalm 51: 3-4, 12-13, 18-19
  Luke 11: 29-32

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"This generation is an evil generation: it demands a sign, and no sign shall be given it but the sign of Jonas. For even as Jonas was a sign to the Ninevites, so will also the Son of Man be to this generation."
Luke 11: 29-30

The Gospa's message for February
February 25th Medjugorje Monthly Message

NOTE: We respectfully recognize and accept the final authority regarding apparitions, locutions and prophecies presently being reported around the world rests with the Holy See of Rome and the Magisterium of Holy Mother Church to whose judjment we humbly and obediently submit.

"Dear children! Wake up from the sleep of unbelief and sin, because this is a time of grace which God gives you. Use this time and seek the grace of healing of your heart from God, so that you may see God and man with the heart. Pray in a special way for those who have not come to know God's love, and witness with your life so that they also can come to know God and His immeasurable love. Thank you for having responded to my call."

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  • Et tu, Mundi!

    Our Lord was sacrificed by the world through His own sacrifice for the worldEt tu, BruteJulius Caesar met a similar fate on this day in the Roman Senate

    CATHOLIC PewPOINT    Because today is the "Ides of March" and Friday is Saint Patrick's Day, we are juggling our regular series some. The 40th installment of the 2000 YEAR VOYAGE OF PETER will run tomorrow instead of today in place of Pat Ludwa's column which will be carried in the Friday issue replacing Sister Mary Lucy Astuto's column, for she is in the Holy Land on pilgrimage. Thus her column will be on hiatus for two weeks. In today's editorial, we take a page from Shakespeare in bringing home the significance of this day in March, looking at it from a Catholic point of view in remembering the lessons to be learned. For today's editorial Beware the Ides of March! , click on CATHOLIC PewPOINT

    Pro-Life Prescriptions:

    Pro-abort politicians can sugarcoat abortion and women's rights all they want, but it's still: MURDER!
    Abortion is Murder
      Today Dr. Frank Joseph pulls no punches in telling it like it truly is. Abortion, partial-birth abortion, third trimester abortions all fall into one category not covered or protected by Roe vs. Wade: Murder. He is appalled how few Catholics recognize this as a direct contradiction to the teachings and doctrines of the Church and by their silence, tacit approval or opposition to pro-life causes, are contributing to satan's agenda. Dr. Joseph points out that few of the politicians today are bold enough to speak out against the atrocities of the procedures used in abortuaries and equates this with America's rapid slide into depravity for it is all talk and no one's willing to walk on behalf of the innocent unborn who are treated with less regard than laboratory animals. For part two of his stark, frank column There's no other term for it: Abortion IS Murder! , see Pro-Life Prescriptions: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

    Appreciation of God's gift of Christ's Redemption and His Church to guide us in trying to avoid Venial Sin
        Today we continue with our new series in the search to uncover the wonderful treasures of the Church contained in the great Deposit of Faith. Today we present the first part of the catechesis on Venial sin, one that weakens us and eats away at sanctifying grace, making us sad and prey for satan to pounce in trying to drag us into mortal sin. This sin, while somewhat grievous still allows us to partake in the Sacraments and is pardonable through absolution, a good Act of Contrition, true penitence and good works. For part one in the 131st installment, see APPRECIATING THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF OUR FAITH

    Events that happened today in Church History
    Cardinal John McCloskey    On this day in 1875 Pope Pius IX named Cardinal John McCloskey, the Archbishop of New York, as the very first American-born cardinal from the United States. Of Irish descent, Cardinal McCloskey was born during the pontificate of Pope Pius VII and ordained during the papacy of Pope Gregory XVI and created the first Bishop of Buffalo by Pius IX. He died on May 5, 1902 in New York City. Since then every Archbishop of New York has been declared a cardinal and that is why many believe Pope John Paul II will name Cardinal John O'Connor's successor Bishop Sean Patrick O'Malley to the Sacred Conclave during the next consistory expected some time this year. Cardinal O'Connor, now ineligible for the College of Cardinals, is the sixth consecutive archbishop of New York to be created a cardinal since Cardinal McCloskey on this day 125 years ago. For other time capsule events that happened in Church history on this date, see MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES

    Our Lord's question: What have you done lately?
    Famous quotes of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the words of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen have been known to launch a thousand images in one's mind, one of the ways this late luminary did so much to evangelize the faith. Because of the urgency of the times and because few there are today who possess the wisdom, simplicity and insight than the late Archbishop who touched millions, we are bringing you daily gems from his writings. The good bishop makes it so simple that we have dubbed this daily series: "SIMPLY SHEEN".

    "No man is living who is resting on his own lauresl, as no one is happy who says that he lives on his memories. Past laurels must be put aside as man must press forward to that supernal vocation to which he is called, forgetting the things that are behind. The bird must forget its nest, the seed its husk, the flower its bud, and unless these are forgotten we can never reach the goal. Both brooding and boasting are alike to be discouraged, for the happiness of life is in the prospect of the best and the holiest."

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  • The 40th installment of THE 2000 YEAR VOYAGE ON THE BARQUE OF PETER

  • The Holy Father's Sunday Angelus in THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS

  • The 132nd installment on the treasures of the great Deposit of Faith in our daily series APPRECIATING THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF OUR FAITH

  • Lenten Reflections for March 16th and the Way of the Cross Meditations

  • Time Capsules in Church History focusing on March 16th

  • Another gem from SIMPLY SHEEN

  • Daily LITURGY for the Lenten Weekdays on Thursday and Friday and Friday's Feast of Saint Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland.

  • ...and much more in our 54th issue for 2000!
    with a Catholic slant

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      EDITOR'S NOTE: This week will see a decrease in News regarding events from the Vatican since the majority of the Papal Staff and Roman Curia are on retreat. News announcements are expected to be brief during this time, so we join our prayers and hearts with those on retreat, and take this time to reflect upon the state of our own souls as we share together this season of preparation and reconciliation.

    More documents offered in verifying Pope Pius XII was not a Nazi sympathizer as accusers insist, but a great friend to the people of the Covenant
    poor Pope Pius XII has been so badly maligned    On the heels of a revealing diary by Nazi buthcer Adolf Eichmann that showed without a shadow of a doubt that Pius was one of the Third Reich's greatest enemies and greatest friend to those afflicted, especially the Jews, another document has been released by a reputable Russian historian which testifies to the true stand the beleaguered Pontiff took against Nazism and the help he gave to rescue the greatest number of Jews from Hitler's forces. If only the liberal media would swallow their pride and publish these facts, maybe it would calm the unquiet voices of radical Jews and the rest of world who have been so misinformed. continued inside

    Latin Patriarch reinforces to the world the Holy Father's intent during his "Jubilee Journey" - strictly spiritual!
       Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah has spoken out to world leaders, as well as local governments and extremist groups, stating once again the Pope's visit is profoundly spiritual in nature and not motivated by politics. The arguments remind us of the Pharisees who denounced Christ, fearing Him, and declaring to the Roman governor that His "kingdom" would overthrow that of Caesar. It would seem little has changed in 2000 years! continued inside.

    King of Jordan looks to Pope as bridgebuilder of Peace for opening dialogue with numerous mideast cultures
    Jordan    The Vicar of Christ is truly deserving of the title "Apostle of Peace," and the King of Jordan has expressed hope that during the Holy Father's visit there, his words and deeds will open a dialogue between differing factions, bridging cultural and religious gaps in a land that should be filled with the peace of the Lord. continued inside.

    Pope to placate both Palestine and Israel by visiting both sites claimed to be site of Our Lord's Baptism
       With great skill and strategy, arrangements have been made for the Pope to visit both places that lay claim to the Baptism of Our Lord, one on the Palestinian side of the River Jordan, the other on the West Bank claimed by Israel. The Holy Father has requested this be a private moment, not televised and though we won't see it, we'll pray God will look down on him with the endorsement: "This is My Beloved Pope-son, in whom I am well pleased." continued inside.

    If not a sign from above, then a sign of recognition in Bethlehem for John Paul II
       Hollywood has its "Walk of Fame" where mortal feet may tred, but in Bethlehem where Jesus Christ the Son of Man was born, a new street will be named after Pope John Paul II, whose footsteps will retrace Our Lord's. While the concrete/metal stars on Hollywood Blvd. will crack and corrode, the imprints of Christ's footsteps are eternal. continued inside.

    Holy Father will welcome the Chaldean and Syro-Malabar Churches this weekend for their special Jubilee celebration
       When the Holy Father emerges from his week-long retreat this Saturday he will welcome leaders and members of the Syro-Malabar Church and the Chaldean Catholic Church, largely from Iraq. No doubt the latter will celebrate with the Pope his spiritual journey to Ur that took place two weeks ago in Paul VI Hall because of political complications that prevented His Holiness from fulfilling his desire to actually walk in Abraham's footsteps. Both Churches have their roots in the Assyrian Church with Syro-Malabar's largest population located in India and the mid-east. continued inside.

    Catholic pro-lifers dig in to thwart un-Catholic group's effort to oust Vatican from UN
    Fight to save Vatican in UN goes through the House and Senate   While the un-Catholic faction Catholics for a free choice continue their insidious campaign to oust the Vatican from its role as UN Permanent Observer, more than 800 pro-life groups, spearheaded by the Catholic Family & Human Rights , along with other faiths including the Muslims, are launching a counter attack, flooding the House and Senate with requests and many congressmen are warning that any downgrading of the Holy See's status would greatly damage relations between the UN and the United States. continued inside.

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