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Amnesty International targets Vatican as war of words break out at UN
   Sparks are beginning to fly at the UN as Amnesty International is now igniting friction by accusing the Holy See. A debate on the role of the Vatican in international politics started from the very beginning of the special session of the U.N. General Assembly, "Beijing+5." Amnesty International has accused the Vatican of "a hybrid alliance" with Iran, Algeria, Nicaragua, Syria, Libya, Morocco, and Pakistan, to create obstacles in the preparation of this summit. of undermining the Beijing 5 Conference results. continued inside.

Vatican approves final guidelines for Ex Corde Ecclesiae as U.S. Bishops concur
   The National Council of Catholic Bishops announced today that the Vatican has approved their proposed implementation plan for new guidelines for Catholic colleges and universities ( ). With only minor changes, the guidelines will go into effect on May 3, 2001, one year after the official Vatican approval date. The guidelines implement Pope John Paul II's 1990 apostolic constitution, "Ex Corde Ecclesiae." continued inside.

Italian nun lured into a trap and murdered while trying to be a good Samaritan
   Italian nun Sister Mary Laura Manetti, 61, Superior of the Sisters of the Cross of St. Andrew in Chiavenna, met her death when responding to a cry for help from a pregnant girl. She gave her life in fidelity to the charism of the religious family to which she belonged, which is dedicated to the poor. A girl called, begging Sister desperately to come and see her, and said she had just been raped. She was alone in a park at 10 p.m., and insisted the nun come by herself. Sister Mary Laura was brutally murdered on the way, her body disfigured by stab wounds. Authorities are looking into the girl's role in the dastardly deed. continued inside.

After Seven Year impasse, Dialogue between Catholics and Eastern Orthodox will resume next month in Maryland
   The Seven-Year Itch? No, it's a resumption of dialogue between East and West with the announcement that a joint commission of Catholic and Orthodox theologians will meet in Baltimore in July, to resume a process of dialogue that has been interrupted since 1993. The meeting comes at a particularly interesting time, amid heavy speculation about the possibility that the Russian Orthodox Church will invite Pope John Paul II to visit Moscow. continued inside.

Bomb blasts rock churches in India as terrorism increases
   Three churches were damaged or destroyed in the southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka today, police said. Two bombs exploded outside a Catholic church in the town of Wadi in Karnataka. "The first of the two low intensity explosions occurred outside St. Anne's church around 6:15 am and the other a few hours later," a senior official at the state's police headquarters said. No one was reported injured. continued inside.

Ford definitely does not have a better idea even though they're muscling up "Ford-tough" by dumping money into non-approved "Catholic-in-name-only" pro-abortion groups
       The Ford Foundation, a major US philanthropy group, has become a major source of funding for pro-abortion groups, including several pro-abortion "Catholic" organizations, according to a report on, an online Christian web site. continued inside.

Many afraid demonstrations in Rome are only the "tip of the iceberg" for gays to flaunt sinful lifesytle as more officials resent events to be staged in early July
   Opponents of the World Gay Pride event scheduled for Rome in July said the festival was just the "tip of the iceberg" in the attempt by homosexual activists to impose their alternative lifestyles as a natural part of Italian society.continued inside.

Attack on Kisangani Cathedral in Congo shelled as Papal Nuncio strongly objects target
   The papal nuncio in Democratic Congo criticized the artillery attack by warring armies on a cathedral in the city of Kisangani as a continuation of a systematic attack on Christians. "The situation is dramatic and unjustified. Besides this last attack on Kisangani Cathedral, shelled yesterday, for some time now Rwandans and Ugandans have targeted church institutions, members of the hierarchy, priests, and seminarians. This is an explosion of unjustified folly," said Archbishop Francisco Javier Lozano. continued inside.

Huge exposition of mission activity to go on display in Rome on Saturday near site of Saint Paul's martyrdom
         A huge exposition emphasizing the missionary activity of the Catholic Church will open in Rome on June 10 at Tre Fontane Abbey on the outskirts of Rome at the site where it is believed Saint Paul was martyred. In a press briefing on June 8, Cardinal Roger Etchegaray and Jozef Tomko-- the prefects, respectively, of the Jubilee Committee and the Congregation for Evangelization-- introduced reporters to the multimedia displays that will be featured at the exposition. continued inside.

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