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    Archbishop-elect Edward M. Egan of New York CityNOTE: We were hoping to have some information out of the Bishops' June Plenary Assembly or Summer Conference going on in Milwaukee this week but the news wires have been surprisingly silent. Be assured as soon as any news breaks we will bring it to you as well as more on the installation of Archbishop-elect Edward M. Egan on Sunday and Monday. Stay tuned.

Great News out of Rwanda! After 13 plus months of incarceration, Bishop Agustin Misago is a free man as court rules him innocent of genocide complexity
  Great news out of Rwanda! A Rwandan court has acquitted Bishop Augustin Misago of genocide charges, ruling that he played no part in the killings of 1994. The prosecutors were pushing for the death penalty, and the aging bishop has spent many months in a severely overcrowded prison awaiting this trial. continued inside.

Pope shares special meal with Rome's most downtrodden in moving moments at the Vatican
         A smiling John Paul II welcomed 200 of Rome's homeless of all faiths with affection shortly after 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon "I wanted to meet you and share my table with you to tell you that you are in the Pope's heart. I embrace each one of you with great affection, friends whom I so love. Although I cannot spend much time with you, I assure you that I follow you daily with prayer and affection." continued inside.

Chicago's Cardinal George makes it clear to AMA that the Church can't and won't abide by abortion proposal for Medicare/Medicaid requirements
Cardinal Francis George, OMI    Cardinal Francis George, OMI of Chicago warned the American Medical Association this week that a proposal to require sterilization services at hospitals could end Catholic health care in the US. The AMA is holding its annual meeting this week and will consider supporting a proposal by some California doctors to require hospitals that receive Medicare and Medicaid funds to offer contraception and sterilization services for women. Some AMA delegates offered a compromise that would require the hospitals to, at a minimum, direct patients to facilities that provide such services. Cardinal George called the compromise unacceptable. "Just as you can't rob a bank, you also can't drive a get-away car. I am deeply troubled by this resolution. The AMA is being asked to abolish Catholic health care," he said. continued inside.

Bishop of Scranton stops Al Gore in his tracks as he upholds Sanctity of Life by denying the pro-abort presidential candidate to speak in a Catholic hospital
Al Gore    The presidential campaign of Vice President Al Gore suffered an embarrassment on Wednesday when the candidate was forced to make a last-minute switch in the site of a key speech because of pro-life protests. Vice President Gore had been scheduled to deliver a major address on health-care policy at Mercy Hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania. But when local pro-life activists informed him of the event, Scranton's Bishop James Timlin denied him access to the Medical Center. No way would he use the Catholic hospital as a platform. Now if only more bishops will stand up the same way. continued inside.

Brazil Cardinal seeks to lessen damage control of Bishops' pro-condom AIDS statement by issuing emphatic 'no!'
Cardinal Eugenio de Araujo Sales    A debate flared within the Catholic hierarchy in Brazil sparked this week when Cardinal Eugenio de Araujo Sales of Rio de Janeiro issued a public statement rebutting a statement by Bishop Eugenio Rixen, of Goias, president of the AIDS Commission of the Brazilian episcopate, who had implied that the Catholic Church could condone the use of condoms. continued inside.

Church sees great hope in reunification efforts for the Koreas
  The Catholic Church has consistently supported the reunification of Korea. For years Catholics in South Korea (who number more than 3 million and constitute 7% of the population), and in North Korea (where they number around 3,000), have been in the front line promoting reunification. Therefore, it is in no way accidental that Kim Dae Jung, South Korea's first Catholic President, has tenaciously pursued this objective since coming to power. continued inside.

Pope very pleased with Italy's decision to grant clemency to Ali Agca during Jubilee Year for this is what the Holy Father has been encouraging: forgiveness
   Yesterday, in an official statement, Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls said that the Pontiff's satisfaction with the clemency to his would-be assassin nearly twenty years ago Mehmet Ali Agca was "even more intense" because the indult was granted in the Jubilee Year, a year the Pope himself has dedicated very especially to forgiveness and reconciliation. continued inside.

Special events to be hosted by "Jubilatio" volunteers that will incorporate music, art and theatre for World Youth Day
   "Jubilatio," a group of 700 young volunteers, will welcome thousands of youth on August 16, 17, and 18 who will participate in World Youth Day, and attend thematic "cafés," under an open sky, in different parts of Rome. At these different meeting places there will be music and theater performances, exhibitions, and guided tours for pilgrims, all marked by a spirit of joy and friendship. continued inside.

Hatred of Catholics suspected as motive for fires in Northern Ireland
Ireland    Fires set at two Catholic primary schools during the night could be part of an anti-Catholic campaign, a Northern Ireland Assembly minister said on June 15. Fires were discovered St Joseph's Primary School in Aghoghill and at St Mary's Primary School on the Larne Road in Ballymena in the early hours of the morning on June 15. The fires occurred less than three days after a fire was started in a Catholic Church in Cushendall. continued inside.

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