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Showdown looming between churches and IRS over issues in 2000 campaign
   If anyone believes the Clinton administration is not behind the latest IRS warning to churches and non-profits to desist from speaking out on issues, they've just fell off the turnip truck. Fearing a large Catholic and Christian bloc could easily oust the culture of death from the White House, they are attempting to intimidate by using the IRS to prevent bishops and church leaders and others from publishing issues that are crucial for this 2000 campaign for President and other important offices. Despite the pro-aborts' desperation, the bottom line is we can easily get around the whole thing through the loophole the Clinton administration has used ad nauseum for eight years - nomenclature and definition. Therefore, without mentioning names, just remember the three-word name for a donkey as the Democratic standard, and never forget that the elephant - the Republican or Grand Old Party symbol - will fight for the Sanctity of Life. continued inside.

Vatican cracks down on those Catholics living outside of recognized marriages by saying no to receiving Holy Communion
   More than a few divorced Catholics are going to be upset with the most recent document released by the Holy See on Thursday, but obedience will bear the greatest fruit and the Vatican had to make a statement to guide the bishops and pastors as to the course they need to take in respect to divorced Catholics and those who have remarried outside of the Church. The bottom line is they cannot receive the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist while living in sin. Rome has stressed that practicing homosexuality is a sin; in the same manner they point out that heterosexual sex outside the Sacrament of Matrimony in the Church is also considered a sin and therefore negates Sanctifying Grace. continued inside.

Polish spirit permeates Vatican as Polish Jubilee begins with Holy Father giving warm welcome to his countrymen
   Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass in St. Peter's Square for nearly 30,000 Polish Catholics, as he led his countrymen in the celebration of their Jubilee pilgrimage. The Polish pilgrimage to Rome, a three-day event organized by the nation's episcopal conference, began with the Mass on July 6. The pilgrims-- including some from the United States, Ukraine, and Russia, who joined the majority coming from Poland itself-- gathered in St. Peter's Square early in the morning for a session of prayers and hymns before the Mass. continued inside.

Putin puts priority on bringing Catholic and Orthodox together in order to clear the way for Papal visit and improve relations among East and West
Vladimir Putin   Russia's new President Vladimir Putin understands very well the necessity of reconciliation between the Church of Rome and the Orthodox Church, espcially the Russian Orthodox Church. Though he has personally invited the Holy Father to Moscow, he realizes the political situation and why the Pope will wait until the climate is right. He also elaborated on his audience with John Paul II, who he greatly admired and respected, and they discussed treatments of Catholics by Muslim nations where Russia can exert an influence. continued inside.

Pope will leave heat of Rome behind next week as he heads for Italian Alps for brief vacation
Pope to vacation in northern Italy again    For the eighth time in his pontificate Pope John Paul II will relax and refresh in the cool climbs of the Italian Alps in the quiet mountain village of Introd where he will be housed in a new home being built especially for him replete with elevator to take him to the second floor where he will have a magnificent panoramic view of Mt. Blanc and Monta Rosa, the highest peaks in Europe. While there the only public appearances scheduled are his Sunday Angelus next week. Villagers, however, are looking forward to catching him walking among them for even at his age, he is an avid hiker who also enjoys the common people. Shortly after his twelve-day vacation he will head for his summer home in the cooler hills above Rome at Castelgandolfo where he'll remain for the duration of the summer months. continued inside.

Ambon Bishop and other religious leaders taking their plea to Geneva in hopes of ending horrible plight of Mollucan Islands
Mollucan Islands in the Indonesian Archipelago    After consulting with the residents of the violence-torn island of Ambon, a Catholic bishop is flying to Geneva to ask for immediate UN intervention to end the fighting there, the Vatican news service FIDES has revealed. Bishop Petrus Canisius Mandagi of the Amboina diocese will ask for international assistance to end the fighting in the Mollucan islands, where Ambon is located. He will be accompanied on his trip to Rome by two Protestant leaders from the region: the chairmen of the Molluccan Protestant and Evangelical church bodies. continued inside.

Gore's reply to Catholic League proves he is no friend of Catholics and Catholic Democrats need to abandon him as soon as possible
Al GoreWilliam Donohue of the Catholic League    Head of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights William Donohue released the contents of a letter received from Vice President Al Gore in response to a letter sent him by Donohue regarding the World Pride Gay Days in Rome. Gore's spin shows without a doubt that he is promoting support for sexual deviation while turning his back on any and all Catholic bashing that is going on. In true Clinton administration form, Gore preaches tolerance but only when it fits his agenda and, like the rest of the pro-abort Democrats, comes across as the hypocrite he is and a strong statement to all Catholic Democrats to run the other way as fast as you can. Gore has abandoned you; it's time to abandon him! continued inside.

Vatican officials monitoring situation in Rome as temperature heats up and heat of satan's breath can be felt from stench of gay pride demonstrations
The sin of sodomy strikes at the heart of the Church with World Pride DaysThe Vatican is the main target of the gays    Though there have been no confrontations yet, Church officials and pilgrims are holding their collective breath in anticipation of ugly incidents with those gays and lesbians who have marshalled in Rome for World Pride Gay Days with the specific intent to embarass the Church and clash with fervent pilgrims, who have come to Rome for noble reasons, unlike the homosexual steamroller that seeks to intimidate all into legitimizing sodomy. The Church won't buy it and neither should anyone else who seeks to obey God's commandments. continued inside.

Falwell files class-action lawsuit on behalf of Bishops, Christian groups and pro-life organizations against White House and FBI for illegal snooping and misusing personal files
   The Christian Coalition is fighting mad and fighting back after news leaked that the FBI and White House have secretly been monitoring the U.S. Catholic Bishops and other religious and pro-life groups including Dr. Jerry Falwell's organization. If indeed it it true that the Clinton administration has been spying illegally, and there's no reason not to believe it considering the Democrats' dismal track record, it is a gross violation of the Privacy Act. "This Administration has a sordid history of misusing government files against its perceived political opponents," said Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. This also ties in with the first story today on the IRS intimidation. continued inside.

No peace in Northern Ireland as violence and tensions intensify after four days of unrest
   Rioting loyalists continued the fourth night of violence in Northern Ireland on Wednesday and early Thursday, despite stepped army patrols. British army headquarters reported Wednesday that security forces had contained 61 riots in Northern Ireland in the previous 24 hours -- more, the army communique said, than in all of 1999. continued inside.

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