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Republicans out to reap harvest of loyal Catholics who cannot vote for a Democratic ticket that promotes the culture of death
   The Republican Party is making an expanded effort to reach out to Catholic voters, the party's chairman announced on Friday. Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson said, "We're shifting into high gear in our efforts to engage Catholic voters. We believe, based on solid research, that Catholic voters are especially inclined this year to support Republican candidates, and we intend to do everything we can to realize this potential." continued inside.

Holy Father approves canonization of five more saints, two blesseds and twelve more venerable more persons during presentation by Congregation for the Causes of Saints
   The theme, as Pope John Paul II stressed, is that there are no boundaries to sanctity regardless of age or nationality as His Holiness accepted the final decrees of two Italians, a Lebonese, a Sicilian and a Spaniard for sainthood. Among the blesseds approved were an Italian and a German while among the twelve venerables were two Mexicans and a priest from Belarus. Many of those honored will be elevated in the near future but it is unsure whether it will be this year or next. No dates were released. Several were religious or founders of religious orders. continued inside.

One of the those promoted to venerable status was considered the "Apostle of Mexico" during the early 20th Century Persecutions
   The day before the ceremonies, the Holy Father elevated to venerable status a French priest who dedicated his life to the people of Mexico. Granted the Decree of heroism in Christian virtues was Pere Felix de Jesús Rougier, the great Mexican apostle of the years 1914-1938. Fr. Rougier arrived in Mexico in response to an official request made to Pius X, by a group of Mexican bishops led by Archbishop Ramon Ibarra y Gonzalez of Puebla, who wanted the Holy Spirit Missionaries to begin a foundation, which was established on December 25, 1914, in the Mexican capital. This was a Providential response to the scarcity of priests in the country, and the need for their formation. continued inside.

Vicente Fox new Mexican president as Bishops' plea to people to refrain from violence and vote their conscience pays dividends for the people of Mexico
Vicente Fox gives the victory sign Sunday night as Mexico celebrates his election    With Vicente Fox's stunning victory in the Mexican elections the PRI is out of office for the first time in 70 years. Fortunately, the Bishops' plea to the people to refrain from violence and to political leaders to tamper with the votes was heard and the people have spoken loud and clear! They had expressed concern because there were rumors that the desperate PRI would prompt violence to distract many and tamper with the ballot box. The bishops urged all to pray and use prudence at all levels and stay clear of any violence whatsoever as well as invoking political leaders and organizers to curtail any idea of cheating. Both have been prevalent in past elections when the PRI, which has ruled for nearly 70 years, has been accused of "strong-arming" votes and stuffing the ballot box, or conveniently losing others in precints where the vote for them would not be favorable. True to what pollsters predicted, a fair-election did oust the ruling party and put into office some fresh air with Fox, a former Coca Cola executive who was the candidate of the conservative National Action Party. In their pre-electoral statement they had written, "The Church has the fundamental duty to promote a democratic transition...and we denounce any act or condition that fosters an unjust electoral process, or attempts against a free, secret, and reasoned vote." continued inside.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is man's compass to find direction in his life the Holy Father stresses in his Sunday Angelus Address
His Holiness reads his Angelus Address    The Heart of Jesus is the compass of love for man, who runs the risk of losing the center of his own life, John Paul II said at noon today under a burning sun, during his traditional Angelus message to pilgrims congregated in St. Peter's in the Vatican. "In a society, where technology and information science develop at a growing pace, where we are prey to a thousand often conflicting interests, we risk losing our center, the center of ourselves," the Pontiff said. The full text will be published in The Vicar of Christ Speaks in the next issue.continued inside.

San Antonio Archbishop relates day-long hostage ordeal in incident in which prelate was held as "bait"
Archbishop Patrick Flores    After enduring nine hours during a touch and go hostage situation in his offices last week, the Archbishop of San Antonio met with the press and related some of the details of the ordeal and some background on the distraught Salvadoran kidnapper. The latter was eventually talked out of it by the Archbishop who appealed to the man's faith in God to abandon his suicidal crusade. It turned out the handgrenade was a dud but no one knew it at the time. Therefore everyone took the crisis very, very seriously. The Archbishop has not forgotten the man and will endeavor to seek help for him in the true spirit of Christ and a good shepherd. continued inside.

Fatima Message opens a window of hope for this century according to Fatima Bishop
   In a recent interview with the Bishop of Leiria-Fatima he gave his take on the Third "Secret" revealed on June 26th to the world. He was a key witness to all the proceedings and is close friends with Sister Lucia. On the significance of the message and whether it brings closure to Fatima, the bishop remarked, "Rather than closures, I would say that a window of hope has opened in this century, the hope of the personal conversion of each one of us, so that humanity may finally find peace." continued inside.

Avowed abortionist chosen by UN to head pro-abort US committee as culture of death with the Clinton stamp on it makes its mark in the UN
   The culture of death cast a giant shadow over the UN on Friday when the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) chose an avowed abortionist to head the newly appointed United States Committee molded by the pro-abort Clinton Administration. Their puppet is the same man Clinton tried to forge on the American people as Surgeon General among his other disasters. Thankfully his documented abortions prevented him from this post, but not the UN as Clinton, like satan, doesn't give up. But neither will CFAM - the Catholic Family and Health Institute who have protested vehemently over this most recent appointment. continued inside.

Pope greatly saddened by tragedies in the Molukas as he calls for quelling of the storm of violence in order to restore peace
   The latest tragedy in the Moluccas when a boat carrying fleeing Christian away from the island capsized in a storm has left the Holy Father grieving. Only ten survived as 492 perished in the perilous waters. Normally the type of boat they were on would only hold 250, but because of compassion for the people who were in such fear if they stayed on land, the captain relented and the overcrowded boat caused the sinking of the vessel. Ultimately the blame belongs with the militant militia Jihad who forced them to flee. continued inside.

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