July 31-August 1, 2000
Month of the
Precious Blood

volume 11, no. 128
July 31 - August 1, 2000

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Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Monday is the Feast of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the holy priest who helped form the Society of Jesus as a Company that would always defend Holy Mother Church. It was founded to counteract the fallout of the Protestant Reformation. In the long storied history of the Jesuits, they have become known as the "intellectuals" of academics and, sadly, many Jesuits have veered from the path of loyalty in America's Catholic Colleges by not following the ideals of their founder or the Apostolic Constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae.

For more, see INSPIRATION.
US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright Vatican's representative for the Secretary of State Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran


If at first you don't succeed, send in the Vatican or, rather, in this case, call in the Holy See. That is what the United States is doing as Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will meet Tuesday in Rome with Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran, Vatican Secretary for Relations with States, in an effort to come up with acceptable solutions to Israel and Palestine regarding Jerusalem after the collapse of the delicate Mid-East Peace Talks last week at Camp David.

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Pat Ludwa's column this issue, deals with the inaccuracies of those who promote the insidious "spirit of Vatican II" by constantly referring to the Council Document Spes et Gaudium, but conveniently fail to consider the heart and soul of what the true spirit of Vatican II conveyed and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit by ignoring Lumen Gentium, a brilliant masterpiece with contributions from a future great Pontiff Bishop Karol Wojtyla, a key contributor to what was truly intended at this landmark council.

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Death of St. Peter

Tuesday is widely considered the 1,933rd anniversary of the death of the first Pope Saint Peter the Apostle in 67 A.D. on Vatican Hill in Rome. After denying Our Lord thrice, and later seeking to leave Rome before Christ, as a stranger on the via leading out of Rome, requested he return with the simple words "Quo vadis", Peter felt unworthy to be crucified in the same manner as his Master and chose to be crucified upside down as his martyrdom. The Church was built where the Rock was buried.

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It's a Wonderful Life!

Jimmy Stewart, as the character George Bailey in the American classic "It's a Wonderful Life!", would love the series of Pro-Life ads introduced over the weekend by the Pro-Life Center Reclaiming America. Targeted in the Philadelphia area this week, these ads are meant to pique the conscience as the spots depict various scenarios of what might have happened to one woman if she had not chosen to have an abortion. It's an interesting technique as we all work together in striving to educate America on the Sanctity of Life.

For more, see DEFEND LIFE.

Holy Father tells pilgrims at last Wednesday's Papal Audience that to better understand God's Mysteries and to be alert to the signs "requires pure eyes and ears ready to listen"
       In his July 26th Wednesday General Papal Audience, His Holiness Pope John Paul II focused on attitude, the attitude we must adopt in our attempt to grow closer to God. To do this, the Holy Father emphasized there are "three imperatives that articulate this attitude." He proceeded to outline these three steps: "Pay attention, stay awake, watch!" which is difficult in our multi-faceted, very distracting fast-paced society today and calls for persistence and patience as he pointed out, " Our technological culture, and even more so, excessive immersion in material realities, often impede us from grasping the hidden face of things. In reality, for those who know how to read profoundly, each thing, each event carries a message that, in the final analysis, leads to God. The revealed signs of God's presence, therefore, are multiple. But, in order not to miss them, we must be pure and simple like children (cf. Matthew 18,3-4), capable of admiring, being astonished, of marvelling, and being enchanted by the divine gestures of love and closeness we witness." For the entire text provided by ZENIT, see THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS

Monday and Tuesday mark DAY 99 and 98 in the Countdown to Election Day 2000!

   Following our weekend premier of our new DEFEND LIFE section on Pro-Life, which we will carry through Election Day 2000 on November 7th, we continue with the latest information carrying stories that involve pro-life issues, under the heading of "PRO-LIFE-LINES." Most of these stories have been provided by Pro-Life Infonet along with ZENIT, CWN, NE and other sources. We refer you to our HOMEPORT ENTRY PAGE where you will find a typograph of a chalice, a chalice overflowing with the innocent blood of the aborted babies nearing 40 to 50 million. Enough is enough! The story and our purpose is outlined in this typograph and for more information and why we will not give up, see DEFEND LIFE


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