July 3-5, 2000

volume 11, no. 116
July 3-5, 2000
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   In honor of the 4th of July we are presenting an Independence Holiday Issue that will cover the first three days of the week. This week only we will have another issue on Thursday and then again on Friday for the weekend. We wish everyone a safe and festive Independence Day.
Saint Thomas

On Monday we commemorate the Feast of SAINT THOMAS, the Doubting Apostle who serves as a reminder to our humanness for he, like us, sought tangible proof to something that we should take on Faith. Too often our Faith is not strong enough and we seek signs and wonders to verify what we already believe. When will we learn we can move mountains if only our Faith was stronger?!

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The line of demarcation between Republicans and Democrats is becoming clearer everyday with the GOP promoting a pro-life platform and the Dems supporting the culture of death. Because of that it is no surprise the Republican National Committee is paying special attention to securing the Catholic vote and tweaking the Catholic conscience of their duty before God. See our editorial below for more.

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Just as we have abandoned the Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel so also we have abandoned our consciences and many have rationalized their way around morality. Pat Ludwa shows how clever the evil one is in convincing God's children that God wouldn't dare punish them. Pat clearly shows how this process has evolved and what we can do to reverse the trend.

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Pope Saint Leo II

On Monday we observe the 1,317th anniversary of the death of the 80th successor of Peter - the Sovereign Pontiff Pope Saint Leo II who ruled the Church from August 17, 682 until July 3, 683. Though his pontificate was short, he was able to promote a greater reverence for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and introduce the aspergillum for sprinkling the people with Holy Water

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"What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?"
    Those words from Our Lord, recorded in Mark 8: 36 are words to live by and Catholic Democrats would be wise to heed them by abandoning the Party that has abandoned them, forsaken the innocent pre-born, and tried to silence those who promote the Sanctity of Life!
    In our editorial in this issue, we present the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE FROM THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY as we appeal to Catholic Democrats to abdicate in favor of the Party of Abraham Lincoln, the only Party that stands for the Sanctity of Life and will assure that pro-life judges are appointed to overturn the last thirty-plus year nightmare that has seen the worst holocaust of victims in the history of mankind. We pattern the Declaration on the very same Declaration drafted by Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the God-fearing Founding Fathers. If it was good enough for the 56 signers of the Declaration, then this should be enough proof that Catholics have a moral obligation to abandon the Party of the Culture of Death and embrace life full-heartedly as a solid voting block which American Catholics can provide. It takes hard work and sacrifice, but with all working together we can forge an alliance that will ring the liberty bell for the pre-born in November. For the commentary, Standing by our beliefs is the best way to declare our independence! , see, CATHOLIC PewPOINT


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