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Michael Cain, editor

Fr. Robert J. Fox

Pat Ludwa

Sr. Mary Lucy Astuto

Dr. Frank Joseph

Cyndi Cain



July 26-27, 2000
vol. 11, no. 126



Are we the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church or the Church of Anything Goes and Come As You Are? Though many hearts prove the former, the manner of dress and loss of reverance of many Catholics suggests the latter. That's not ecumenism, that's disrespect for God!

   Pat Ludwa returns from vacation with his excellent, insightful and thought-provoking columns. In this issue, even though it's the summer, he asks if several Catholics have taken leave of their senses in the way many dress and act in church because many have forgotten Whose house they're in. Pat asks if there wouldn't be outrage if we donned jeans or cut-offs and sandals for a wedding, or for a reception for a head of state. We'd get kicked out as was the man in the gospel who came without a 'wedding garment' in Matthew 22: 12-13. Why then, Pat questions astonished, do we get the idea that we can show such irreverance and disrespect for the King of Kings present in the Tabernacle and at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? Pat reemphasizes that it is a sacrificial ceremony, not a meal where all can partake as they like or come and go when they want. When we return to a total respect for our Faith and the Founder of that Faith, then we'll return to reverence. Until then, it's anything goes and come as you are! Not a very encouraging statement of what Catholics are supposed to be, but then the "spirit of Vatican II" has brainwashed so many that we need to compromise our Faith for the sake of ecumenism. Pat challenges anyone to show where that was decreed by Vatican II. For his column Mind over matter? More like manners and reverence do matter!, see VIEW FROM THE PEW

Pro-Life Prescriptions:

With the Vice President's logic, the pre-born innocents will get Gored to death!

Do you trust this man with future generations?  If he even allows them to be born!

  In this issue Dr. Frank Joseph gets to the heart of what has been wrong with this present administration for lo this past decade: They've been caught in their own lies so many times that they are out of touch with the truth and reality. Yet they blindly continue and picking up where Clinton leaves off is Al Gore, himself a master of the lie, who is in a continuous state of denial. Well, it's time all Christians, especially Catholics deny him the position where he would wield the power that he would, pardon the pun, Gore to death millions of God's innocent little ones still in the womb through further tightening of the vice of abortion through appointment of pro-death judges on the Supreme Court. For proof of this, just read Dr. Frank's column. They're not his words, but Gore's own words as time after time the Democratic candidate gets caught in his own web of lies. For Dr. Joseph's column More Gore Lies!, see Pro-Life Prescriptions: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

Appreciation of the Works of Mercy
    Today we continue our series in the search to uncover the wonderful treasures of the Church contained in the great Deposit of Faith. We present the first of a two part catechesis on the Works of Mercy as explained in My Catholic Faith and a reinforcement of what Jesus asks us to do in living the Gospel by emulating Him and fulfilling the two great commandments through the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. In this issue we will feature the Corporal works of mercy. For part one in the 189th installment, see APPRECIATING THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF OUR FAITH

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