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House unanimously backs Sanctity of Life for pregnant prisoners and encourages promotion of motto "In God We Trust"
In God We Trust   By a vote of 417-0, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill prohibiting the execution of a woman who "carries a child in utero" in any of the states or the U.S. military. (A similar ban is already on the books for federal prisons.) This unanimous passage contradicts the ideas expressed by Al Gore last week after his "Meet the Press" interview. See Dr. Frank Joseph' column "More Gore Lies!" for Gore's backtracking. He said that the issue was one of the choice of the woman, who should be able to decide whether the unborn child should be executed with her or not. continued inside.

Pope's main chief protagonist in Israel Rabbi Meir Lau criticizes Pope yet again for Holy Father's plea for religious freedoms on Sunday
Rabbi Lau confers with Pope during meeting in March in Jerusalem    Maybe the following is as good a reason as any why the mideast Peace Talks broke down this week. Rabbi Meir Lau, one of Israel's chief rabbis and one of the constant protagonists against the Pope despite their meeting in March when the Holy Father visited Jerusalem during his historic "Jubilee Journey," has once again gone after the Sovereign Pontiff. This time he criticized the Pope for his intervention on Sunday in pleading for unilateral access to all of Jerusalem for all and that UN security would be necessary to assure religious freedoms. The rabbi shot back that Jerusalem was the one jewel in the Jewish crown and they weren't going to give it away, so to speak. continued inside.

Pope mourns death of loyal German Archbishop who was such a staunch advocate of the Sanctity of Life
Germany    In a telegram of sympathy Pope John Paul II publicly expressed his "profound sorrow" over the death of Archbishop Johannes Dyba, a strong pro-life prelate, who led the German diocese of Fulda for 17 years. He died Sunday of heart failure at the age of 70 in Berlin. He was greatly loved by the German people and one of the staunchest supporters the Pope's edict for the Church in Germany to cease participation in a government-run abortion counseling program. He made headlines last week when he warned that a proposal to legalize same-sex "civil unions" or marriages was a license for homosexuals to run riot in Germany. continued inside.

New Mexico President-elect Vicente Fox Mexico's Bishops meet with president-elect Vicente Fox, ask only for religious freedoms
Mexico   The Bishops Conference of Mexico met this week with President-elect Vicente Fox, the first candidate to openly declare he was a practicing Catholic, and came away impressed. Though Fox is Catholic, the Catholic Church in Mexico is not asking for privileges or concessions, only that its rights be respected, related the president of the Mexican Episcopal Conference, Archbishop Luis Morales. continued inside.

Vatican had its own zoo back in the early 1500's excavators discover
Pope Leo XElephants were gifts to the Vatican in the early 16th century    The elephant, long before it roamed under the big top, at the zoo or was used as the symbol for the Republican Party, was at home at the Vatican as a gift from Portugal's King Emmanuel I to Pope Leo X in 1513. It is said many animals were kept at the Holy See and were used as models for the great masters Raphael and Bramante and perhaps, even Michelangelo himself. The bones of the pachyderm were discovered during the Second Vatican Council and an 83 year-old Italian historian decided to do more digging into the background of that find.continued inside.

California Board of Education has gone too far in forcing acceptance of abhorence and abnormality of sodomy on state's youth with mandatory homosexual curriculum that they will try to enforce in both public and private schools
Sodomy strikes at the core of decency    In a move that can only be described as "sour grapes" homosexual sympathizers are trying to pass legislation in the California school system that would punish anyone who won't accept gay lifestyle acceptance in their curriculums. This horrific concept is couched in fear that gays would be harassed if this weren't passed, but the truth is they are out to spread acceptance of the abhorrent and degenerate sin of sodomy. In a revengeful mode against the Boy Scouts, they have infiltrated the ranks of United Way and are striving to prevent donations from going to the Scouts, nitpicking at everything as they strive to make the abnormal normal and those who promote God's laws as outcasts as satan has his last hurrah. continued inside.

Former Indonesian dictator Suharto and his Defense Minister General Wiranto behind step up of Jihad violence in Moluccas.
   "Behind the screen of interreligious violence there are the powerful business and military lobbies of Suharto and Wiranto; President Wahid has his hands tied," said Professor George Aditjondro, an Indonesian Catholic and professor of sociology and anthropology at the University of Newcastle, Australia, in a note sent to Fides and also published by the Sydney Morning Herald. The professor said, "The old establishment of dictator Suharto and General Wiranto are fanning the flames in the Moluccas." Suharto was dictator of the Southeast Asian archipelago nation for 35 years and was ousted in 1998. continued inside.

Saint Edith Stein honored as "godmother" of special Loreto conference on Immigration
Saint Edith Stein    The 3rd Meeting on Immigration and Integration, which this year is entitled "Europe, Past and Future," is being held in Loreto from July 23-29. Over 70 government ministers, politicians, and social agents are taking part in more than 60 hours of conferences, round tables, and events. An estimated 15,000 persons are participating. Edith Stein is the "godmother" of this event. This Jewish philosopher studied with Edmund Husserl, becoming one of the greatest philosophers of the first half of the 20th century. She is now both a saint, and one of six co-patrons of Europe. She has thus become a new reason for hope among those who, like her, are forced to leave their homes. continued inside.

Pope hears a mother's cry and responds, asks Virginia governor to stay the execution of convicted 34-year-old killer
Virginia    The Italian mother of a convicted convict on death row in Virginia has pleaded for the Holy Father to ask for clemency for her son. In response the Pope, in accordance with his call this Jubilee Year for clemency and his strong stand on the Sanctity of Life in all aspects, has directly appealed to the governor of Virginia through the papal nuncio to the United States. continued inside.

Another martyred priest in India raises concerns
   Add Father Victor Crasta to the list of martyrs this year after the 48 year-old priest was shot to death by separatist rebels in northeastern India. It was just another in the long line of persecutions against clergy in this area where the National Liberation Front of Tripura is fighting those groups who are against the minorities. Caught in the cross fire was Fr. Crasta from the Diocese of Agartala. continued inside.

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