June 24-25, 2000
    vol. 11, no. 125



Events that happened during this time in Church History

Saint Christopher    Tuesday, besides being the 1,956th anniversary of the death of the Apostle Saint James the Greater who was close to Our Lord, it is also believed to be the 1,749th anniversary of the death of the man we consider Saint Christopher who also was close to Jesus. He died in 251. Though he has been largely de-emphasized in modern times since Vatican II, St. Christopher is said to have been in reality a holy man named Offero, a Palestinian who aided travelers across a dangerous stream in the . During this time he met a hermit who instructed him on the Faith and Offero began taking the opportunity to share these stories of Jesus with others as he helped them cross. Legend has it that one day as he was carrying a child across the rushing stream, he remarked to the Child, "I feel as if I were carrying the whole world upon my shoulders." The Child Jesus soothingly said to him. "You are carrying more than the world; you are carrying Him Who created Heaven and earth." After reaching the shore, it is believed Jesus baptized him and from that moment he became Christopher which means "Christ bearer." Because this could not be documented, the Council Fathers sought to downgrade Christopher who still is popular with motorists. They continue to carry St. Christopher medals in their cars and he is still considered the Patron Saint of Travelers. For other time capsule events that happened during this period in Church history, see MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES

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