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The Holy Father intervenes in Jerusalem controversy, calls for respect for sacred nature of the Holy City
Pope prays at walling wall, hopes all can pray freely in Jerusalem    It didn't take long for the Holy Father to get back in action after a 12-day vacation. His Holiness Pope John Paul II once again called for Jerusalem to be granted special international status while Israeli and Palestinian negotiators continue to grapple over its fate at Camp David in Maryland. Addressing pilgrims at his summer residence outside Rome Sunday, the Pope urged negotiators to respect the sacred nature of the city in their attempts to reach a final peace. The Vatican steadfastly maintains that only a special statute, which must be internationally guaranteed, can effectively preserve the most sacred areas of the Holy City of Jerusalem. The Holy Father also reiterated that this is the only way to guarantee religious freedom in the Holy City. continued inside.

Pope John Paul II bases benefits of vacations on the Gospel as he encourages all to take time to rest
  The Holy Father reinforced Sunday at Castel Gandolfo the necessity of taking time off. Holidays must be used wisely, because "they are beneficial to the individual and family, thanks to contact with nature, tranquility, the greater opportunity to cultivate family harmony, good reading, and healthy recreational activity; and, above all, thanks to the possibility to dedicate yourself primarily to prayer, contemplation, and listening to God." He cited Our Lord's Own recommendations in the Scriptures to get away and rest a while. continued inside.

Congress set to block botched abortions with bill that would protect the innocent
Congress out to protect innocents despite Supreme Court decision    The House of Representatives is set to dig in and pass a bill that will protect any child born alive. This is to protect those innocent fetuses who somehow come out alive after a botched abortion, something that has happened more than a few times by abortionists who have no respect for life. The bill has been introduced by Republican Congressman Charles Canady of Florida who asserts the measure is necessary in light of the recent Supreme Court blunder on allowing partial birth abortions. continued inside.

Major countries respond to Pope's plea to forgive debts of third world nations during summit in Japan
Summit in Japan    The leaders of the world's seven leading industrialized nations gathering in Japan on Friday renewed their pledge to offer debt relief up to $100 billion to the world's poorest countries.The move had come as a response to Pope John Paul II's call in the year's leading up the Jubilee Year 2000 to provide a new start for developing nations weighed down with debt. In recent months, critics said the G7 was dragging its feet on living up to the promise made. continued inside.

Final preparations being made for a million people coming to Jubilee's World Youth Days in mid-August
Site of World Youth Days    One million youth are expected to descend on Rome in the hottest month of the year in mid-August for the World Youth Days and final preparations are being made for this monstrous and meaningful event. 600,000 are expected outside of Italy with 400,000 from Italy itself. Organizers are holding their collective breath that the weather will cool some and that facilities will be available with no breakdowns to accommodate so many young pilgrims in the Eternal City for the Jubilee Year festivities that will begin on the Solemnity of the Assumption and continue through August 20th. continued inside.

Church and community ransom remaining hostages in Philippines standoff that had a bloody history of martyrdom
   Two Catholic schoolteachers abducted by Muslim rebels in March were released on Friday and four Malaysians were released separately. The Abu Sayyaf Muslim separatist group from a school on Basilan island along with dozens of students, other teachers, and a priest. Father Ruel Gallardo, two other female teachers, and a male teacher were killed in May when rebels clashed with the military, and two other men were beheaded in April by the rebels. Academia and Manuel were the last two hostages being held after the others were released over the past few months. continued inside.

Trial of Bishop's murder being sandbagged by Guatemalan government and military
   Meanwhile in Guatamala the trial for the murder of Bishop Juan Jose Gerardi the justice system continues to be bogged down despite the president's promise it would be completed by now. Bishop Gerardi was killed in 1998, a day after he presented a report that accused the army of a large part of the atrocities committed during the civil war that lacerated this Central American country for 36 years. For reasons that belie credibility, the judicial authorities say it probably won't be even tried until next year. That is a sad commentary to the memory of Bishop Gerardi and the Church and human rights community are disappointed and very suspicious of the corruption going on at the highest levels in trying to sabotage the trial. continued inside.

Italian nun, martyred in East Timor last year, posthumously receives prestigious "Servant of Peace" award
   A beloved Italian missionary nun, martyred in East Timor, was posthumously presented the "Servant of Peace" award for her dauntless efforts by the "Path of Peace" Foundation, the Christian and humanitarian entity carrying out the Vatican Mission at the United Nations. She was killed last year on October 26 during the terrible slaughters in East Timor by Muslim militias. She was enroute to a group of refugees with food and provisions in carrying out the works of mercy, something she had done in East Timor for 40 years, when she was brutally murdered. continued inside.

Capuchins crack down on organizations profiting from Padre Pio products
Padre Pio    The Capuchin Fathers of San Giovanni Rotondo and the religious province in which Padre Pio lived have asked that the picture of the religious beatified by John Paul II not be used for commercial purposes. Some important Italian consumer associations have presented a denunciation for fraud. The friars consider the consumer associations' action useful; they took the initiative without first consulting the friars because, as they explain in an official statement, for years they have been trying to "stop an indecent situation that, regretfully, through a series of mistakes, has implicated and damaged the good name of the religious province." continued inside.

Cardinal George to return favor, travel to Mexico City for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in December
Cardinal Francis George, OMI   Cardinal Francis George, OMI, Archbishop of Chicago, will visit Mexico City in December, returning a visit made last year to the Windy City by Cardinal Norberto Rivera, Archbishop of Mexico City. The agreement between the two red-hats has allowed for Cardinal George to provide Mexican priests for many of the parishes of Chicago where there are one million Hispanics. continued inside.

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