July 24-25, 2000
Month of the
Precious Blood
volume 11, no. 125
July 24-25, 2000
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Tuesday is the Feast of the Apostle Saint James the Greater, who greatly loved Our Lord and in return was most dear to Jesus. The brother of Saint John the Evangelist, he died a martyr's death in 44 A.D., the earliest Apostle to offer his life for another. All but John, the Beloved Disciple, followed him in martyrdom for Jesus and the One, True Faith.

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It didn't take long for the Holy Father to swing back into action as he intervened in the crucial mideast Peace Talks at Camp David, calling for a unilateral agreement where the UN would govern Jerusalem, allowing all faiths to practice their religion freely. This way it would be open not only to Jew and Palestinian, but Muslim, Catholic and other faiths.

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Beneath the Grotto at Lourdes

Cyndi Cain in her touching SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING column, continues to share with the reader the effects of the healing waters of Lourdes and how God works in His time to heal us where we need it most. Sometimes it is physical, sometimes it is in our own psyche but always it is in our spiritual formation that healing helps the most as she explains in Healing by God's Timetable

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Saint Christopher

Tuesday is the 1,749th anniversary of the death of the saintly Offero, a Palestinian who aided travelers in fording the unpredictable streams of the Jordan. Legend has it that after being baptized by Jesus, he was given the name Saint Christopher - "Christ bearer." Even after being de-emphasized after Vatican II, he is still considered by many as the Patron of Travelers.

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Jesus asks us to come apart into a desert place and rest awhile
    "Come to Me all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11: 28

    "Come apart into a desert place and rest a while." Mark 6: 31

The Lord is calling us to rest a while and because of that, we desperately need a webmaster for the DAILY CATHOLIC

The DAILY CATHOLIC needs a full-time webmaster    In this issue's commentary, we break the sad news that the editor can no longer continue the pace he had become accustomed to for so many years. It also means that until the DAILY CATHOLIC can secure a reliable, generous and Heaven-sent webmaster, we will have to abandon plans to publish in Russian and Spanish as planned for mid-August. We ask all to pray and discern if you know someone who would be willing to undertake a great responsibility that would be rewarded in great graces from above. We officially are in search of a willing webmaster to take over the DAILY CATHOLIC, a growing publication and site that has accrued over twelve million hits over the past two and a half years and is currently averaging three quarters of a million visits a month. The decision for the current editor and webmaster to step down comes from inspiration of the Holy Spirit for the condition of his health cannot permit him to continue the pace he had kept over the last several years. It is time to rest awhile as Our Lord recommends in Matthew 11 and Mark 6. We pray a willing webmaster will emerge, prompted to contribute his time and talents to fostering the essence and vitality of what the DAILY CATHOLIC has always stood for in promoting the truths of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. For the editorial, Willing Webmaster Wanted! see CATHOLIC PewPOINT


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