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Dissident Catholics trying to derail beatification of Pope Pius IX with smear campaign
Pope Pius IX   With the beatification of Pope Pius IX less than two months away, dissidents within the Church are trying to stir up controversy and sway others to pressure the Church into canceling his beatification because of false charges brought up by John Cornwell, the malcontent Catholic author of the infamous book "Hitler's Pope". Joining the chorus in trying to muscle the Holy See is another disoriented group - "we Are church." Through their commotions and trumped up charges that Pius IX was anti-Semitic, they are trying to influence the Union of Italian Jewish Communities. With rabble rousers like Cornwell and "we Are church" opposing his beatification, maybe the Church should just go ahead and canonize him as well when the Holy Father confers blessed on Pius IX and Pope John XXIII on the Feast of another great Pope, Pope Saint Gregory the Great. continued inside.

Documents show Catholic priests in Germany tried to harbor those who were being exploited by the Nazis
Germany    It has come to light that several churches in Germany, mostly Lutheran, served as fronts for the Nazis to force workers to work without compensation. The German Bishops Conference has urged all dioceses to investigate their archives thoroughly. If the investigations reveal that Catholic institutions used this type of labor, the Catholic Church will study the way it will compensate the persons in question or their families. However, for the most part from the reports, the Church stood strong in protesting the Nazi measures and came under heavy criticism by the SS for the Church's resistance from the diocesan level to the parish priests. continued inside.

Special card being prepared for Holy Father's "firstday" anniversary and you can sign it!
   Maryland's chapter of "Youth for Life" is planning a special surprise for the Holy Father on August 18. The young activists point out that this day, nine months before his birth, was his "firstday," which they believe should be celebrated, building upon his encyclical, "Evangelium Vitae," in which Pope John Paul II called for a new culture of life, a new civilization of love. These youth took the call seriously, and they are working to add a new celebration to family calendars, marking the day that each person's life began, about nine months before birth. You can sign the card at their site. continued inside.

Issue of Uniatism stalls accord talks between Catholic and Orthodox in Emmitsburg
Cardinal Edward Idris Cassidy    Principals Cardinal Edward Idris Cassidy, head of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, and his Australian counterpart for the Orthodox Church Archbishop Stylianos could help but express disappointment that the much hoped-for talks between the two major Faiths broke down over the issue of Eastern Rite Churches that had reunited with Rome going back to the Orthodox rites. This is called Uniatism and is a major sticking point in the former Soviet Union. continued inside.

Meanwhile Putin must answer why foreign missionaries are being evicted from Russia
Vladimir PutinRussia    All those, besides the Russian Orthodox Patriarch, who are willing to cooperate with bringing the Holy Father to Russia, step forward. Not so fast, Mr. Putin. That is the deduction after testimonies have been released that many non-Russian missionaries have been evicted from their assignments in Russia with no specific explanation. Meanwhile, more missionaries are being deterred in their work or being hassled in hopes they will abandon their posts. It is all a move of nationalistic tendencies to rid the new Russia of outside influences, both politically and religiously; another reason why Orthodox-Catholic talks broke down in Maryland this past week. continued inside.

Founder of Priests for Life announces launch of major push to highlight pro-life issues for upcoming presidential campaign
   Taking the bull by the horns, as well as the donkey and the elephant is Father Frank Pavone, the founder of Priests for Life who announced the launch of an intensive informative campaign this fall to educate the public on the pro-life issues for they are moral and spiritual issues. The one million dollar ad campaign will urge all to vote for pro-life candidates and constantly remind people that to vote for a pro-abortion candidate goes against the Gospel of Christ. Now if only the U.S. Bishops would follow suit and educate the masses during the Masses on Sundays. continued inside.

Cardinal Keeler will lead Procession to Planned Parenthood Praying all the way
Cardinal William Keeler    On Saturday, August 12, the Archbishop of Baltimore Cardinal William Henry Keeler will personally lead a Rosary Procession after Mass downtown to prayerfully protest in front of the Planned Parenthood facilities there. The organized but reverent procession will begin after the Cardinal has celebrated a Respect Life Mass in the Cathedral. Look for many more such demonstrations and pray all bishops follow Cardinal Keeler's lead and lead processions and speak out for the unborn and the ultimate and sacred Sanctity of Life. continued inside.

Pope applauds Romanian Catholic Church for fidelity to Rome on occasion of 300th Anniversary
Romania    Speaking of Uniates, the Holy Father publicly applauded Romania on the tricentennial anniversary of the Romanian Catholic Church returning to Rome. A year after he traveled to this Eastern European country, his first in a majority Orthodox country and first of the former Soviet Union satellites, the Pope praised the Church there for its perseverance and loyalty even in the face of martyrdom. What began as a grass roots movement in Transylvania over three centuries ago has suffered much but persevered through it all. The Romanian Church is a mix between the Latin Rite and Orthodox in liturgy and rubrics including married priests for some areas. continued inside.

Fourteen kidnapped from Catholic mission in Angola as tensions and questions mount
Angola  Two priests, a nun, and 11 other mission workers at the Swiss mission of Our Lady of La Salette in the town of Dunde were kidnapped on Tuesday, according to the Portuguese news agency Lusa. The abductors also took 20 women, children, and elderly people who were at the mission. No group had taken credit for the attack by press time. continued inside.

First time in almost 600 years that a Roman Catholic Cardinal celebrates Mass in the famed Winchester Cathedral
Cardinal Silvano Piovanelli    Celebrating the cooperative agreement between the Archdiocese of Florence, Italy and the Anglican Diocese of Winchester, England, the Church of England invited the Archbishop of Firenze Cardinal Silvano Piovanelli to do something no Roman Catholic red-hat had done since the early fifteenth century. That was to say Mass on the Feast of Saint Bonaventure in the famed Winchester Cathedral, made famous throughout the centuries. It is a great sign of ecumenism between Rome and England and promises many fruits for the future as both work to reconcile at the Pope's urging. continued inside.

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