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Bishops urge Catholics to observe "Grandparents Day" in honoring their stability and the virtues of the ultimate grandparents: Saint Anne and Saint Joachim
Saint Anne and her daughter the Virgin Mary    Since Grandparents play such a very important part in society and the Church, the United States Bishops want to highlight this truth. Therefore the U.S. Church has called on the faithful to celebrate July 26, the feast of Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary and grandparents of the Child Jesus as "Grandparents Day." The Bishops' statement cited that we need to acknowledge stability and values in a society today when those "old-fashioned values" are forgotten so quickly. continued inside.

Murder of Jesuit Priest in India was not an accident as coroner discovers bullet wound in the brain, raises numerous questions
   Initially many thought Father Remis Kerketta, S.J., who was working in eastern Bihar state, was killed in a road accident when his motorbike went off the road. But upon further examination by the coroner, a bullet was found in his brain. The strange thing is that he was wearing his helmet when he was discovered along the road. Church officials and authorities are concerned whether the priest fell victim to highway robbers or Hindu extremist groups active in the region. continued inside.

Priestly vocations on the rise in Russia
Russia    During a meeting held in "Aid to the Church in Need's" International Secretariat, Fr. Anatoliy Gey expressed his satisfaction with the steady growth in priestly vocations in the Catholic Church in Russia. In 1995, when the seminary moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg to acquire more space, there were 30 seminarians. At present, there are 75 candidates for the priesthood, from the four apostolic administrations established after the fall of the Soviet Union. continued inside.

More murders in Moluccas as Muslim Militants seek to eliminate Christians
Indonesia Archipelago   Eight more were killed in the Moluccan Islands, mostly around the Bay of Ambon where vital food supplies for the Christian inhabitants of the isle are being held hostage. Though the Indonesian president and government have denounced the action by the Muslims in the Indonesia Archipelago, they are virtually helpless to prevent the violence. Many fear, unless the United Nations sends in troops as soon as possible, this could turn into another East Timor trajedy. continued inside.

Taiwan's president expresses hope for eventual Papal Visit
Cardinal Paul Shan Kuo-hsi, S.J.    Despite threats and intimidation by Communist China in Beijing, Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian, in a meeting with Taiwan's Cardinal Shan Kuo-hsi, has expressed a strong desire for Pope John Paul II to eventually visit his country which has its own autonomy and is in the center of the consternation between Beijing and Rome. China has demanded that the Vatican cut off all relations with Taiwan if they are to have diplomatic ties with Beijing and Rome will not abandon the faithful people of this continued inside.

San Juan Capistrano Mission proclaimed a Basilica by the Holy Father
  His Holiness John Paul II has officially elevated the thirteen-year-old chapel built inside the 200 year-old San Juan Capistrano Mission to minor Basilica status. Minor refers to capacity and this small mission chapel only holds 850 people. It is the 46th to be given Basilica status in the United States and sixth in California. The Mission, famous for the swallows returning every year on Saint Joseph's Day, was founded by Blessed Junipero Serra in 1776 continued inside.

Saint Louis Archbishop warns Health Care industry about providing proper nutrients to dehydrated patients in treating them with the utmost mercy
   Archbishop Justin Rigali of St. Louis recently made public a statement regarding the principles for health care decisions concerning assisted nutrition and hydration and related issues. Among other things, the statement emphasizes that while there are limited and very extraordinary circumstances in which medical personnel may discontinue providing nutrition and hydration to those who are ill, there "should be a presumption in favor of providing nutrition and hydration to all patients." continued inside.

Canadian Bishops warn government of the grave dangers of the morning after pill
Canada   In a letter written to the Canadian Health Minister, Bishop Gerald Wiesner of Prince George, president of the Canadian Episcopal Conference, denounced the Canadian government's decision to permit clinical tests with RU-486, the "morning after" pill. In the letter, Bishop Wiesner reiterated that Canadian bishops "have consistently and strongly opposed the introduction of RU-486 into Canada because this pill destroys the unborn child and has serious health risks for women." continued inside.

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