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900-year old bibles go on display at Benedictine Monastery of Monte Cassino
Saint Benedict    An exposition of 100 bibles dating back to the eleventh and twelfth centuries and preserved by the Benedictines went on exhibit on the feast of their founder Saint Benedict. The exhibit will remain open for the public to visit throughout July and August and will end on September 10. During the opening ceremony it was noted that the exhibition, showing the most impressive "Atlas" Bibles from a collection of approximately 100 Bibles, has been prepared in collaboration with the Vatican Apostolic Library and forms part of activities in the frame of Jubilee 2000. continued inside.

Catholics outraged by DC City Council who deny conscience clause in demanding Catholics also pay for cost of contraceptives to the rest
Washington D.C.   From the White House to the Outhouse amorality and condoning immorality is contagious in Washington D.C. And we're not talking only of the White House but the District of Columbia City Council who unanimously voted on Tuesday to require that all employers include coverage of contraception in health insurance plans, and refused to allow a conscience clause for Catholics. "I think it was a very sad day for religious liberty in the District of Columbia," said Bishop William Lori, auxiliary bishop of Washington. Bishop Lori called the measure "the long arm of the government reaching into our parishes." Under the bill, health insurance plans that cover prescription drugs would be required to pay for birth control pills, implants, and other prescription contraceptives. The whole measure belongs in the outhouse! continued inside.

Demons of acid rock and roll influenced accused killers of nun's death in Como region of Italy last month
   A disturbing factor has emerged from the investigation into the death of a Catholic nun in Chiavenna, Italy last month on June 6th. The diaries of the girls who stabbed Sister Mary Laura to death were filled with satanic symbols and pictures of rock star Marilyn Manson, who has described himself as the "great adorer of Satan." The two youths who carried out the shooting spree at Columbine High School in Colorado were also inspired by Marilyn Manson. The current murder was thought out and organized in the context of a cultural climate that points to the Catholic Church as the worst threat to satan's kingdom. continued inside.

President-elect Vicente Fox pledges religious freedom and strong pro-life presence in Mexico,
Vladimir PutinMexico    Newly elected Mexican President Vicente Fox is presently forming his cabinet for when he takes charge on December 1st this year. When he does he promises to lift all restrictions on religious freedom and work closely with the Church in matters of morals. He also will implement strong pro-life measures into Mexico's society. In an interview with Fides, the director for the Mexican Institute of Christian Social Doctrine outlined the measures Fox will promote in granting full freedom to and cooperation with the Church. continued inside.

Pope will lead World Rosary Day on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary as plans call for participation by videoconferencing in many areas of the world
   For the organizers of the World Rosary initiative, this Jubilee Year will be special for the Rosary will be led by the Holy Father himself in Rome. This event will be the realization of a dream of a group of young Mexican laymen who, 5 years ago, began this "World Rosary" initiative, in which numerous groups throughout the world pray the Rosary on the same day. In previous years, the World Rosary has been held in sports stadiums, squares, parks, churches, and offices in over 100 countries. On this occasion, the groups will be able to join the Holy Father, whose recitation of the Rosary will be televised. continued inside.

Vatican publishes statement insisting that the process of eliminating embryos definitely falls under the sin of abortion
   In response to numerous consultations, and after referring the matter to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Pontifical Council for the Family, presided over by Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo, published a statement today, reiterating that the human being has full dignity from the first moment of conception; hence, the elimination of embryos is a form of willful abortion. continued inside.

Food supplies stalled at docks as Muslims block vital rations from starving Christians in the Moluccan Islands
Muslims pirating food suppliesIndonesia    Containers of food and other basic necessities are being blocked in a Muslim quarter of Ambon, while rice rations for tens of thousands of refugees dwindle, as fighting rages all over the island in this region torn by fighting between Muslim jihad warriors and Christians. Because of the fighting (and navy control of sea routes) no other cargo ships have docked here since June 17. The governor has promised to try to "free" the containers and distribute the contents "for the benefit of the citizens and refugees." continued inside.

"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned" repeated often at Vatican during first half of the Jubilee Year as confessions double
Sacrament of ReconciliationConfessions double at St. Peter's    It has to be encouraging that over the first 6 months of the Jubilee of the Year 2000, the number of pilgrims going to Confession in Rome's Basilicas has doubled. This information was confirmed a few days ago by officials of the Jubilee Basilicas, where the sacrament of Reconciliation has been entrusted to various religious orders and congregations. In order to respond to the extraordinary number of penitents during the Holy Year, the schedule of Confessions has been extended, beginning at 7 a.m. and ending at 7 p.m., with a brief pause for lunch. continued inside.

African Vigilance Group accuses US and Russia of fueling insurrection in the Congo with guns for diamonds
Republic of Congo   The Kivu Vigilance Group (KVG)--a coalition of over 60 organizations operating among the people in East Congo occupied by troops from Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi - have accused the United States and Russia of fueling insurrection and a planned implosion of the Congo by outside interests through supplying guns in exchange for diamonds. The weaponry have been supplied to Ugandan and Rwandan military troops who have commandeered the cobalt, diamonds and other precious mineral mines and are dealing from strength with companies from the US and Russia. The KVG asserts that, "Strategic interests of major powers are kindling local conflicts. The United States is directly or indirectly using neighboring countries (Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa) in the name of the unleashed liberalism they want to impose on a world scale." continued inside.

Excommunicated Frances Kissling just doesn't get it as she dares Vatican to excommunicate her. Guess what, Ms. Kissling? You've excommunicated yourself! Good riddance!
ugly reality of selling her soul to satan hasn't struck home with Frances Kissling yet    Some people are pretty dense. When it comes to "Catholics" for a free choice ring leader Frances Kissling is dumber than we thought. Fighting a losing cause to evict the Holy See from the Church's status as Permanent Observer at the UN, now she has turned to attacking the Church itself and daring the Vatican to excommunicate her, claiming she's done nothing to excommunicate herself. In actuality she has and she has greatly overexaggerated her own importance as most liberals are wont to do. We doubt the Church is going to blink but go through proper channels to notify her that she's done herself in with no help from the Catholic Church just by her actions and disobedience. continued inside.

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