July 6, 2000
Month of the
Precious Blood
volume 11, no. 119
July 10-11, 2000
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The Benedictines

Tuesday is the Feast of of Saint Benedict, considered the father of western monasticism. Long before Saint Francis, Saint Dominic, Saint Ignatius Loyola and many other founders of religious orders came along, Benedict founded the Benedictines, the monastic order that is largely responsible for keeping the Faith alive during the dark ages.

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Jubilee Pilgrims are nearly five million ahead of forecasts at the half-way point of the Jubilee Year 2000. This tremendous increase however has been lost on the world media that has spent more time focusing on the "Gay Pride" fiasco in Rome. Yet attendance for that has been well below prognostications while those arriving in Rome for spiritual reasons has greatly exceeded expectations.

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With Pat Ludwa on vacation, we provide a special treat as Cyndi Cain returns for the first time in months with her Symphony of Suffering column that pinpoints a mother's love and what she goes through for her family just as the Blessed Mother Mary exemplified with the Holy Family. Cyndi begins a multi-parter of her perspective on the family's long-anticipated and blessed pilgrimage to Europe.

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Pope Saint Pius I Pope Benedict VII

Monday and Tuesday we commemorate the 1,017th and 1,845th anniversary respectively of Pope Benedict VII and Pope Saint Pius I. The latter was the tenth in the line of Peter and remembered for his rules on conversion of Jews and establishing the Sunday for the Feast of the Resurrection; the former was the 135th successor and known for his great virtue and reforming monastic life.

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Christ's words "I was a prisoner and you visited Me" touch Pope's heart deeply in aftermath of prison visit as Holy Father shares his Angelus Address this past Sunday. He also expresses prayerful hope for Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue and great sorrow over gay debacle that greatly offends decency
His Holiness reads his Wednesday Message    In his final Angelus Address before leaving on vacation to the Italian Alps for twelve days, Pope John Paul II shared his experience at Regina Coeli Prison earlier that day as well as calling again for clemency during this Jubilee Year. He expressed optimism and his prayers for the dialogue underway in Emmitsburg, Maryland with the Orthodox Church and finally, sadly alluded to the disgraceful debacle staged by the gays in Rome on Saturday. Rather than elaborating he quoted the Catechism which reminds all that we must love the sinner, but hate the sin and never condone actions that are sinful. For the full text of the Holy Father's Address, see THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS

Rome has spoken:
For those married in the Church the Sacraments are their greatest gift; for those living together outside of a valid marriage the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist must be withheld
   On Thursday last week the Holy See released an official document that sets in cement just where divorced Catholics stand. By this is meant those who are not leading celibate lives and those Catholics who have remarried without the proper annulment process. Where they stand is on the outside looking in as Rome has made it clear they cannot receive Holy Communion simply because they are not in the state of grace. This does not include divorced Catholics who are living celibate lives for oftentimes situations occur where it is not possible to continue the marriage. But since matrimony is a solemn vow, they must abide by their promise and resist temptation to find another without going through the lengthy, but healing process of an annulment by the Church if circumstances warrant it. For the full text of the Document, see MITERS THAT MATTER: ROME RESPONDS


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