TUESDAY     vol. 11, no. 7     January 11, 2000

January 11, 2000
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First Tuesday of Ordinary Time


First Reading:
 1 Samuel 1: 9-20
  1 Samuel 2: 1, 4-8
  Mark 1: 21-28

    Today is the second day of Ordinary Time in the Church Year while tomorrow is the First Wednesday in Ordinary Time. For the readings, liturgies, and meditations, see DAILY LITURGY.


    "Now in their synagogue there was a man with an unclean spirit, and he cried out, saying, 'What have we to do with Thee, Jesus of Nazareth? Hast Thou come to destroy us? I know Who Thou art, the Holy One of God.' And Jesus rebuked him, saying, 'Hold thy peace, and go out of the man.' And the unclean spirit, convulsing him and crying out with a loud voice, went out of him."
Mark 1: 23-26

The Gospa's message for December
December 25th Medjugorje Monthly Message

    Dear children! This is the time of grace. Little children, today in a special way with little Jesus, Whom I hold in my embrace, I am giving you the possibility to decide for peace.Through your 'yes' for peace and your decision for God, a new possibility for peace is opened. Only in this way, little children, this century will be for you a time of peace and well-being. Therefore, put little newborn Jesus in the first place in your life and He will lead you on the way of salvation. Thank you for having responded to my call.
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  • It's time to ignite hearts with our prayers and put the torch to the dissidents' movement in bidding adieu to the bonfire of the Vatican II vanities!
    CATHOLIC PewPOINT     In today's editorial, we ask the Bishops of the United States why we can't have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as Vatican II intended - the Latin Novus Ordo with parts of it in the vernacular, not all of it! The sorry state our liturgy has fallen into today can be blamed on the bad fruits of the "spirit of Vatican II," not the Council itself. As we point out it will take both prayer and a re-education of Catholic Doctrine to touch hearts and souls and bring them back to a realization of Who the Holy Eucharist truly is - Jesus Christ, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity! It's a long process that must begin in our homes through prayer and through that for all of us to bloom where we are planted in our own parishes to institute Eucharistic Adoration and for all to reassess the value and necessity of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. For today's editorial Are we ready for the bonfire! , click on CATHOLIC PewPOINT
    Appreciation of the
    Epistle of Saint Paul to the Romans
        Today we continue with our new series in the search to uncover the wonderful treasures of the Church contained in the great Deposit of Faith, concentrating on the Books of the New Testament with today's introduction to Paul's Epistle to the Romans. For the eighty-fifth installment, click on APPRECIATING THE PRECIOUS GIFT OF OUR FAITH

    New Weekly Feature
    "Life is Beautiful" is the best video to rent, one that will touch the heart like no other!
    Oscar winning Roberto Benigni     We introduce a new feature today that we will bring you every Tuesday which parallels our Friday feature MOVIES & MORALS. Since more Catholics rent movies nowadays, and we've had e-mails requesting we carry reviews of rentals as well as first-run movies we've decided to bring you reviews of the major films being released in video stores every Tuesday. Hopefully this will help somewhat in choosing a video or passing on it no matter the hype. Like the movies, we bring you the Bishops' review on the video release. This week we highlight our favorite pic of the week (if not the year and decade) - "Life is Beautiful" by the Catholic Italian star Roberto Benigni who won an Academy Award for Best Actor who so powerfully portrayed a loving husband and father trying desperately to protect his wife and son from the horrors of a Nazi concentration camp. For new releases this week, see VIDEOS & VIRTUES

    Events that happened
    today in Church History

    Pope Saint Miltiades     On this day 1,686 years ago in 314, Pope Saint Miltiades, the 32nd successor of Peter, passed on to his Heavenly reward. It was this Pope who enjoyed the end of the persecutions with the great Roman Emperor Constantine whose edict made Christianity the state religion and opened up new vistas and opportunities for the Church that hitherto had been closed. Miltiades is also credited, with the funding and approval of Constantine, in building the first Basilica of Saint John Lateran, given to the Holy Father by the Lateran family of Rome. It's amazing all that he accomplished since his pontificate lasted only three years. For other time capsule events that happened in Church history on this date, click on MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES

    You can't take it with you!
    Famous quotes of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen     They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the words of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen have been known to launch a thousand images in one's mind, one of the ways this late luminary did so much to evangelize the faith. Because of the urgency of the times and because few there are today who possess the wisdom, simplicity and insight than the late Archbishop who touched millions, we are bringing you daily gems from his writings. The good bishop makes it so simple that we have dubbed this daily series: "SIMPLY SHEEN". "A dollar bill in our pocket, if it could speak, might scandalize us in telling us the things for which it was spent, the transactions in which it had taken part, and the sinful pleasures it had bought. Our Lord tells us that there is a time when it fails, for the man who has money is only a steward. Death says to every man: 'Give an account of your stewardship for you can be steward no longer' (Luke 16: 2). Money simply cannot be transferred to the world beyond."

    Was German bishop misquoted by media in calling for resignation of the Holy Father?
        Mainz, Germany's Bishop Karl Lehmann is backpedaling in the aftermath of statements he made during an interview on German television in which he claims the reporter twisted his words to convey that the Pope step down once he reaches 80 years of age on May 18 this year. His comments and the fallout have caused tremendous consternation and controversy from the Rhine to the Tiber and beyond. continued inside

    Christians of all denominations will come together at St. Paul's in Rome a week from today
    Basilica of St. Paul's Outside-the-Walls     Virtually every major Christian denomination will be represented at a Vatican ecumenical service on January 18, when Pope John Paul II will open the Holy Door at the basilica of St. Paul Outside the Wall, at the beginning of the annual week of prayer for Christian unity. continued inside.

    Leaders from all Faiths amass at the River Jordan to inaugurate site of Our Lord's Baptism

    Jordan     Ecumenism is in vogue during this Jubilee Year as was illustrated over the weekend at the River Jordan for an ecumenical prayer meeting held on January 7, in the very place where Jesus was most probably baptized in the Jordan, not far from Amman. This was the first time the Church in Jordan has organized an event of such proportions. It was supported by Bishops of all rites and creeds and by Muslim civil authorities, who realized that appreciation for the place of Jesus' Baptism could be an added motive for development of the country's tourism. continued inside.

    Holy See enjoys diplomatic with a record 173 countries around the world     The Holy Father addressed the diplomats to the Holy See from all over the world - representing a diversified group that numbers 170 countries plus Russia, Switzerland, Palestine and Malta. Evident by their absence were the communist countries of China, Vietnam, North Korea as well as the Islamic power Saudi Arabia. continued inside.

    Israeli's security intensifies for pilgrimage sites
    Israel    Additional surveillance cameras have been installed at every pilgrimage site so Israeli authorities can monitor crowds and prevent any violence or suspicious behavior in trying to assure pilgrims to the Holy Land, especially in Jerusalem, a safe journey. The measures were put in place as millions of pilgrims are expected to descend on the Holy Land during 2000 as part of Jubilee Year celebrations and a visit by Pope John Paul II in March. continued inside.

    Clinton up to his old culture of death tricks by trying to increase contraceptive spending by $35 billion dollars
        Many can't wait until this pro-death president is out of office. But Bill Clinton is intent in going down in flames by taking as many unborn babies with him, evident from his announcement that he wants to increase contraceptive spending by $35 billion and make a devious end-run around Congress' edict that monies for abortion not be earmarked for the International Population Control groups promoting abortion. Clinton is under the false assumption that contraception will prevent abortions. In truth, he doesn't want to give millions of possible children even a chance at life. continued inside.

    Global journey of the pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Nazareth completes its nearly two-year world pilgrimage, returns to Nazareth.
        The pilgrimage of the statue of Our Lady of Nazareth ended in the Holy Land yesterday. Her long journey began in Nazareth on March 8, 1998, on the occasion of International Woman's Day. The remarkable statue, which represents a very young pregnant Mary, was sculptured by Gregory Misner and crowned by John Paul II. Over the past two years, the statue was venerated in 35 countries around the world, by millions of faithful in preparation for the Great Jubilee of the year 2000. continued inside.

    Official Vatican web-site finally freed of imposters
        For almost a year, the web page www.vaticano.org has unashamedly tried to copy the official Vatican page www.vatican.va. The confusion created was especially strong given that the format used was also a copy of the Vatican's site. Among papal messages, encyclicals and activities, irreverent pagan texts were introduced in a subtle way. continued inside.

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