February 14, 2000
volume 11, no. 31
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Travertine Marble Regains its Original Color

    ROME, FEB 13 (ZENIT).- Rome has gotten a face-lift. The old city once again shines on the restored facades on numerous monuments and buildings. Thanks to funds raised on occasion of the Jubilee, the Eternal City wears a brighter and happier face.

    According to the experts, the brilliant white of travertine marble is the city's original color. Rome has gone from a dingy black to a gleaming white in only a matter of months -- fifty years of pollution has been wiped away.

    "Rome has recovered the bright and luminous color tones that were abandoned at the beginning of the last century", stated by Patrizia Marchetti, who is responsible for the restoration of the Monastery of Saint Cecilia in the Trastevere district.

    Bright white colors are in vogue today for government building facades. "Red brick," according to Francesco De Tomasso, "imposed by the Piedmonts when they declared Rome Italy's capital, is disappearing." De Tomasso is vice superintendent for Rome's Architectural Treasures; with others he coordinates more than 70 restoration projects, including churches and historic palaces.

    St. Peter's is not the only church whose facade has recovered it original color. All the most important churches in the heart of Rome once again gleam in their original state, notably Santa Maria della Pace, St. Gregory in Celio, St. Agnes at Piazza Navona, Santa Maria in Campitelli, St. Sebastian Outside the Walls, Santa Maria in Traspontina, St. Charles at the Four Fountains, the church of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem, Santa Maria in Montesanto, and Santa Maria dei Miracoli.

    Not only churches have been restored. All manner of building has been shielded by scaffolding over the past months. As the scaffolding comes down, many people are, in effect, seeing these monuments for the first time in their brilliant original state. ZE00021302

    CWN also reported that Rome's city government on Friday ordered an adult sex shop near the Vatican to close because it had violated zoning laws.

    A city council spokesman said zoning laws forbid sex shops near the Vatican. Italian newspapers had reported the shop was targeted because of a regulation barring sex shops along routes used by pilgrims coming to Rome for Holy Year celebrations.

    Officials said the shop would either have to close or revert to its previous business of selling musical instruments.


February 14, 2000
volume 11, no. 31

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