August 30, 2000
volume 11, no. 155

NEWS for Wednesday, August 30, 2000

from a Catholic Viewpoint

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Cardinal Francis Arinze Vatican sends Cardinal Arinze into valley of the culture of death

        Some find it strange that a Cardinal of the Catholic Church would be in the company of Swamis, Buddhist monks, Inca Indians with woollen tunics and hats with bells, ministers of all the religions of the planet, at a meeting sponsored by the United Nations in New York. To make matters worse, the Millennium Summit on World Peace is partially bankrolled by Ted Turner's U.N. Foundation, "Better World Fund." Turner, who once said that Christianity was "for losers," will give the keynote address. more

    Did you know Brazil is now part of New York? According to Hillary Clinton it is!
    New YorkBrazil    Should anyone be surprised that the "Queen mother of the culture of death" Hillary Clinton, who is supposed to be just running for the senate in New York, is now aiming her venomous intentions to the far reaches of Brazil in promising to kill more innocent unborns. This modern-day Herodias, who demands the heads of the unborn on a platter by pushing for legalized abortion in Brazil, will get stiff competition from the Church if she makes good on her promise to join feminist organizations in this sprawling Portuguese-spoken land, the largest country in South America. more

    Another Priest arrested by Chinese communists as religious persecution continues behind the bamboo curtain
    China    According to the Cardinal Kung Foundation, another Roman Catholic priest was arrested in Communist China for saying Holy Mass in a private home. Despite the denials of religious persecution by the Beijing regime, the harassment of Catholics and clergy who are not part of the state-run Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association is deplorable. China has been speaking lies and yet at the UN this week they've bought it, caving to Beijing's request that the Dalai Llama not be invited to the pseudo religious conference of world religions. Both China and the UN plotters are a sham. more

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