August 26, 2000
volume 11, no. 151

NEWS for Friday, August 26, 2000

from a Catholic Viewpoint

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Minnesota missionary priest shot to death in Kenya

        Father John Kaiser, 68, a Mill Hill Missionary originally from Minnesota, became the most recent martyr when he was found dead with a single bullet wound to the head outside of the town of Naivasha 80 kilometers (50 miles) from the capital Nairobi. Father Kaiser had accused two government ministers of orchestrating tribal fighting and was then ordered to leave the country last year. The decision was later revoked after protests. He had told close friends that he feared for his life, knowing the government would retaliate. more

    Another hurdle cleared in canonization cause of Blessed Juan Diego
        The Center of Guadalupe Studies has just presented the book "The Virgin's Messenger," written by a team of archaeologists and anthropologists, which proves the historical existence of Blessed Juan Diego, the Indian visionary of the Virgin of Guadalupe's apparitions. This documentation will be presented to the Holy Father. Juan Diego's cause of canonization, following his beatification by this Pope, is already quite advanced. These new discoveries reinforce his postulation.more

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