August 16-17, 2000
volume 11, no. 142

NEWS for Wednesday-Thursday, August 16-17, 2000

BAGHDAD, Aug, 14 (

    American and British planes carried out a series of bombing raids on targets in Iraq on August 11 and 12, according to the Iraqi news agency.

    US officials confirmed that the air strikes had taken place, explaining that they the bombing missions were ordered in response to Iraqi violations of the "no-fly zone" in the country's southern region.

    The Iraqi government said that the bombing raids had killed several civilians, ruined homes, and damaged a railroad station. American officials countered that all of the targets had been military installations-- specifically, anti-aircraft equipment. The Iraqi government has threatened to use anti-air artillery to shoot down American and British bombers in Iraqi air space.

    American and British officials argue that the Iraqi air force is threatening the neighboring countries of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait by sending missions into the "no-fly zone." Baghdad says that Iraqi planes have the right to fly over Iraqi territory, and that the real threats to peace in the region come from the American and British forces sheltered on Saudi soil.

    The Vatican has repeatedly called for an end to the air strikes against Iraqi targets, saying that the campaign has exacted a heavy toll on the country's civilian population.

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