August 16-17, 2000
volume 11, no. 142

NEWS for Wednesday-Thursday, August 16-17, 2000

ROME, 14 (NE)

    A Chinese Catholic Youth Group has recently sent a message to Pope John Paul II and to all the participants of the World Youth Meeting. The agency Fides, which also received the message, indicated that many of the youths that sent it won't be able to attend the World Youth Meeting for "bureaucratic or political reasons."

    The Chinese youths say that although they can not go massively to Rome in this Holy Year, "the Great Jubilee has lit in us a light of hope, and filled with it we will face the new millennium, illuminated by this shining light. With courage we want to overcome the evils of the past and live our Christian lives under the light of the faith."

    The youths also denounce the systematic intents of the Chinese government and the "Patriotic Association" to constitute a "national church" separated from Rome. They say they are praying "so that God the Father continues protecting the Catholic Church in China and making it be more and more in communion with the universal Church. We cannot accept the existence of another 'Catholic Church' in China", they declared then.

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