August 16-17, 2000
volume 11, no. 142

NEWS for Wednesday-Thursday, August 16-17, 2000

ROME, 14 (NE)

    A significant sign of love for the Church and Christian humility has been made by Cardinal Bernardin Gantin, Dean of the Cardenalice College, by removing a prologue written by him from a recently published book in Italy. In a letter recently made public, Cardinal Gantin deeply regretted having prefaced a book titled "Vaticanerie" which contains deplorable opinions and comments about the Holy See when commenting many aspects of the life of the Church.

    "My bitterness cannot stay in silence. And I am forced, above all in the context of the Great Jubilee which is taking place, and which invites us all to conversion and to give example of an attitude of clarity and edification, to ask for forgiveness to all those whom my ingenuous implication in this matter could surprise, scandalize or disenlighten", pointed out with exemplary frankness the well respected Cardinal. Regretting his having written the mentioned prologue, the Prelate made clear as well that he wrote the preface in good faith. He revealed that it was requested by the publishers who presented a sequence of hand written sheets of paper to him which he verified, trusting that the rest of the book would be of the same edifying nature.

    "I also have the duty, he affirms then in his letter, of removing my words and my name, that seem to have given a certain value of solidarity to an initiative of so little respect toward the Holy See, toward the Vatican, and especially toward the person of the Supreme Pontiff."

    Expressing his complete adhesion and love for the Church, as well as his fidelity to Peter's Successor, Cardinal Gantin also manifested in the letter his deep discontent for the use that had been given to his words, which have been used in ways that do not agree with my permanent convictions. "To a good listener, few words," said the Cardinal concluding his missive, affirming that he hopes the letter be circulated in order to clarify the error and manipulation to which his words have been subjected.

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