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    In this time when so many assume they're going to Heaven, they might be surprised to realize that isn't necessarily the case. Sunday's gospel of St. Matthew 16: 1-9 wherein the Supreme Judge will call each one of us to task for how we accounted for our stewardship. This means whatever talents and treasures God has blessed each soul with, how did that person utilize it to the best of their ability? That is one reason holy Mother Church puts such an emphasis on the Corporal and Spiritual Acts of Mercy. The sad fact is that since Vatican 2, the counterfeit church that eclipsed the true Church has put all their marbles in the corporal side of things while ignoring the spiritual. This is so obvious today with Marxist-bred Mr. Jorge Bergoglio pushing for temporal things with his horrendous ecocyclical Laudato Sii that totally ignores the spiritual and places emphasis on the world, the flesh, and, yes, the devil.

    Of all sources verifying this, NovusOrdoWatch provides the best play-by-play of the implosion of the counterfeit CONciLIAR church and the schemes toward a One World Order which is intent on erasing all true spirituality from this planet. Others worth checking on daily are Christorchaos.com for articles and links, as well as these blogs we heartily recommend Introibo Ad Altare Dei, Fr. Anthony Cekada's Quidlibet, Bishop Donald Sanborn's In Veritate, and the satirical, but on-point Call Me Jorge. We also point you to Traditio which, although the Father Moderators will not admit the term "sedevacantism", 95% of what they provide reinforces this position. Note, we provide here those sites that carry almost daily coverage and in no way demean other sites that update more infreqently. For those sites, please see Traditional Catholic Resource Port.

    The only obstacle to totally dominating as a totalitarian society is the Roman Catholic Church. Always has been. Since the death of His Holiness Pope Pius XII on October 9, 1958 that wall of resistance has been steadily crumbling thanks to those with a worldly Marxist bent to accept the world and please man rather than God as is so evident today. Oh, the devil is laughing, but he seems to forget Genesis 3:15 where the Blessed Virgin Mary will crush his head with her heel. Oh, we can't wait! Until then, it's important to expose the wolves just as the holy Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales advises for the sake of informing souls of the dangers these charlatans pose.

    It's also important that Protestants of every fabric, as well as those wedded to the dead-end Novus Ordo and its apparatchiks, realize Jesus founded only ONE Church upon the Rock of Peter and "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (St. Matthew 16: 18). Just the fact the fortifications are crumbling is evidence the church since the 60's is not the true Church for if it were, then the conclusion would have to be Jesus was wrong. That is blasphemy. Ergo, we need only revert to the Act of Faith we say every day wherein we pray "We believe these and all the truths of the holy Catholic Church because Thou hast revealed them, Who canst neither deceive nor be deceived." Just the fact so many souls have been deceived proves it is not from God, but of His adversary lucifer and his legions. Also the fact that all other religions formed over the last two millennia Anno Domini were founded by men who thought they had a better idea than God give credence that they were all founded upon error. Thus Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodist, Baptist, Mormons, etc. may call themselves Christians, but considering they subscribe to a sect that broke from the true Church, and thus have abandoned their stewardship as God expects, this should have them quaking in their boots for unbeknownst to them, most have embraced Mammon. We say that not to denigrate those born into or taking up a false religion, but to "Preach the word: be instant in season, out of season: reprove, entreat, rebuke in all patience and doctrine" as St. Paul urges in 2 Timothy 4: 2. For the Apostle of the Gentiles was given to know as he warned in the next two verses: "For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables."

    The vast majority of Protestants and Novus Ordinarians do not realize this and it is left to true Catholics to inform them, to reprove, entreat, rebuke in all patience and doctrine. Basically it means upsetting their comfort zone. They may not like it, they may put up their defenses or do as so many do, change the subject and get away as fast as they can. But if we, as true faithful Catholics who abide by the infallible, perennial Magisterium of nearly 2000 years, do not do as Paul instructs in verse five to be vigilant, labor in all things, and do the work of an evangelist to fulfill our ministry while keeping sober, then we will be held accountable for our stewardship and face bad news at our Particular Judgment. We may not win friends with our persistence to proclaim the truth, but if we can convert souls, that's all that counts with God. Man has a free will. That is something to remember and when rebuked, then shake the sandals and move on. After all, all Our Lord asks is that we try. He'll do the rest. We conclude with the reminder of what Christ says in St. Luke 18: 7-8, "And will not God revenge His elect who cry to Him day and night: and will He have patience in their regard?I say to you, that He will quickly revenge them. But yet the Son of man, when He cometh, shall He find, think you, faith on earth?" The truth is there is little faith left and it is dwindling by the day. It all makes sense today and it makes sense to take our stewardship seriously.

    John Gregory provides the Haydock Commentary for the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost accompanied by an audio sermon from Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI warning us that if we live according to the flesh, we will die that way as he entreats all to Live the Life of Virtue. Father also provides a sermon for the feast of St. James the Greater on Saturday. The saints celebrated this week epitomize what Jesus expects for few saints were as committed to acts of mercy as St. Vincent de Paul whose feast we celebrate on Sunday and whose body remains incorrupt behind the main altar of the church in his name in Paris just a few blocks from Rue du Bac. His Excellency Bishop Daniel Dolan provides an audio sermon on St. Vincent as well as the feasts of St. Mary Magdalen, St. Apollinaris, and St. Christina Monday we acknowledge St. Jerome Emiliani who gave his all for the salvation of orphans and when he died a sweet perfume emanated from his tomb as proof of his holiness. On Wednesday we celebrate the feast of the Magdalen where Sacred Scripture verifies the divine mercy granted this holy penitent and how she reciprocated, Saturday we celebrate the feast of the first martyred Apostle St. James the Greater to whom the Mother of God appeared to in Spain as Our Lady of Pilar to beckon him back to Jerusalem. On the same day we recognize the traditional feast of the holy martyr St. Christopher. A century before the invasion of the imposters in Rome today, the renowned Benedictine Abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger honored The Christ-Bearer who has been lost in the shuffle since St. Christopher was eliminated in the CONciLIAR church by Giovanni Montini aka Paul the Sick in 1970. We continue the steps of Catholicism Made Simple so that all may better understand the true Faith as we begin the Commandments this week with the first Three Commandments as given to Moses. They are commandments, not suggestions, folks.

    While we see the edifications of the saints, we also must be aware of their adversaries who work tirelessly to dissuade souls from pursing holiness. This is not something that has just happened, but was percolating for centuries and only came to the surface over the past 50 plus years with the cabal that corrals Catholics today with the notion that doctrine evolves and that everyone goes to Heaven. To alert souls to this deception, what we all must do is...

We urge you to join the 15-week Rosary Crusade organized several years ago by Bishop Robert McKenna, O.P. to do our part for the salvation of souls by bringing souls to the true Catholic Faith and Sacraments, for the welfare of our country, and for our own special intentions as we all strive for holiness in our role as members of the Church Militant. Besides always wearing the Scapular, we all need to continue to pray the Holy Rosary as often as our states in life permit. The Rosary is the most powerful weapon we have. Connect those beads. Let's use it as well as taking advantage of the Fifth Saturday of Rosary Crusade focusing on the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple as we conclude the Joyful Mysteries one third of the way through the Novena.

    We continue throughout this week the nine-day Novena to St. Anne, the holy Mother of the Blessed Mother on the traditional observance of honoring the Humility of the Blessed Virgin Mary for she is the ultimate of pure humility. To see the full size of the thumbnail painting of Our Lady and her divine Son by devout traditional Catholic artist Michelle R. Maher, we invite you to see the detail of her magnificent work here.

    As the gospel this week notes, almsgiving is part and parcel part of salvation for we cannot take it with us and how we distribute our treasure and talents on this earth goes a long, long way toward what the verdict will be when we stand before the Supreme Judge at our Particular Judgment. The more who realize this, the more peace of mind they will have. We are not a church. Yet we have been a traditional apostolate professing, proclaiming and promoting the infrangible truths of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church for a quarter of a century. During this period we have always depended upon the mercy of our readers and benefactors and God has always provided, with the Holy Ghost prompting souls to donate. As much as I hate to ask, there is no other choice. . As you know, this long-running publication has always used that analogy for this publication in inviting all to "set sail with DailyCatholic.org" We can confidently say, without a shadow of a doubt for all the years we've been publishing on-line, that we've never steered one soul wrong in all we've published. For our content has been in 100% accord with the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church firmly aboard the true Barque of Peter. Speaking of vessels, over the last year we've been taking on water even in a drought year, no less, due to a bilge of bills. To stay afloat we need to turn to you our readers. It has been over a year since this editor made a plea for funds. Prior to that my beloved late bride Cyndi would write a heartfelt plea and benefactors would respond generously. With her gone, I'm not too good at asking for money, but purveyors need to be paid so necessity is the mother of invention and I have to ask. Speaking of mothers and Cyndi, it was Henry Ward Beecher who said "The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." I can confidently say before God I loved their mother dearly and dearly hope that what we imparted as parents will sustain them in this chaotic world where the secular demons of the world, the flesh and the devil have eclipsed Christ's holy Church, chasing the faithful remnant into the catacombs of sedevacantist churches and chapels. That is where we are today, isolated, if you will, from the vast majority because of our belief in the true Faith. But belief alone, as strong as it is, isn't, unfortunantely, strong enough to move mountains or meet expenditures that continue to increase as the economy teeters. Therefore, I need to raise $5,000.00 for this apostolate to continue as it has been. I set that amount for we have always budgeted $25,000. a year in donations and to date since January the total is $7,000. and we're almost half-way through the year. Hopefully you can more readily see the deficit and why the DailyCatholic's plight is nearing a crisis point. I would hope and pray you will see in your heart the compassion to help and we remind you with the graphic below, repeated each day. We remind you we are a bonafide 501c3 non-profit so any and all contributions are tax-deductible. I also remind you that this editor does not take one penny in salary. It remains a labor of love. Now I just ask for a little love from our readers by clicking the graphic below to take you to our Donation page. Thank you in advance.

Michael Cain, editor, DailyCatholic

The theme of the Eighth Sunday is to account for your stewardship before God and then man. In the Epistle we are reminded of our divine filiation, and Our Lord tells us in a parable in today's Gospel of the duties thereby entailed. We are the children of God, since we may say in all truth: Our Father (Epistle). God has given us life, "wherefore we must life according to His will" (Collect). Just as this rich landowner who, before giving his son his share of the heritage, wishes to test his administrative capability, by entrusting to him things of ...More

Today is also the feast of the holy confessor and religious founder St. Vincent de Paul. He was born of a peasant family at Pouy in Gascony, France, in 1580. Though some authorities have said it was 1576. He made his humanities studies at Dax with the Cordeliers, and his theological studies, interrupted by a short stay at Saragossa, were made at Toulouse where he graduated in theology. Ordained in 1600 he remained at Toulouse or in its vicinity acting as tutor while continuing his own studies. Brought to Marseilles for an inheritance, he was returning by sea in 1605 when Turkish pirates captured him and took him to Tunis. He was sold as a slave, but escaped in 1607 with his master, a renegade whom he converted. On returning to France he ...More


Day Three

To enhance each Sunday's Epistle and Gospel we present this special feature provided by John Gregory with the Haydock Commentary found at the bottom of each page of the Douay-Rheims Bible. For the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost, the theme is giving an account of one's responsibilities, one's stewardship over those things God has entrusted each with. This means abiding by His laws and not being slaves to the world, the flesh and the devil for to give in to that triumverate of trouble will punch one's almost sure ticket to accommodations with Mammon who is so cunning, especially in the midst of those children of the light who are not on their guard, not tending to their duties and not vigilant to the Holy Ghost's promptings. "Give an account of thy stewardship"

Thanks to Traditional Catholic Sermons we are able to bring you a fourteen-minute sermon given last year by Father Benedict Hughes, CMRI, Rector of St. Joseph Seminary at the City of Mary in Rathdrum, Idaho. Father reminds us of the epistle of St. Paul today how living according to the flesh, we shall die and today we are in greater danger than ever because of the culture that leans toward the world, the flesh and the devil. To combat this we must avoid the occasions of sin and control our eyes and thoughts. Especially during the summer months. The best defense is the receiving the sacraments of Penance and the Holy Eucharist as often as we can. Invocations will help us throughout the day in keeping our eye on the Prize through living a life of virtue, beginning with humility and sincere contrition to go and sin no more. Do not allow yourself to be sucked in by society and the world for the only result of sin is guilt and punishment, eternal punishment. That's why it's called mortal sin! Father explains in Live The Life of Virtue

Thanks to Traditional Catholic Sermons we are able to bring you an eight-minute sermon given eight years ago for the feast of the holy confessor St. Vincent de Paul by Bishop Daniel Dolan, pastor of St. Gertrude the Great in Cincinnati, Ohio. St. Vincent, whose body remains incorrupt today, was born during reign of Pope St. Pius V. He was captured by the Turks in northern Africa and then released, and that implanted in him the desire to convert the Mohammedans as well as bring comfort to poor Christians, and, like St. Camillus, he put the welfare of the poor person's soul first and foremost. He believed in the axiom that you teach a man to fish, he'll eat for the rest of his life and so he organized classes for poor people to better themselves, but as a holy priest, it was their eternal salvation that was most important. But, as the Bishop says, no man is an island, we must all show charity to our neighbor as he shows the example of the holy St. Vincent de Paul

In the Sixteenth Century God raised up a number of saints who by prayer, teaching and good works combated the influence of the pagan Renaissance. Among these was St. Jerome Emiliani, who spent himself in the care of orphans and the poor. He instituted homes for orphan children, and founded the Congregation ...More


Day Four

With this thirty-second lesson we begin on the Commandments -- the benchmark of discipline for all civilization. God definitely had a motive to His madness with Moses and the rest, as they say, is history. Yet sadly so many have forgotten such history and have even tried to revise it to suit their own sinful tendencies toward tolerance of sin. There are consequences for such attitudes and they don't involve altitude but rather the subterranean regions known as hell as we can see from the Bible and human history. If we do not learn from history, we are destined to repeat it and that is tragically what we are doing today. Want to stay out of that neferious nether world? Then God has provided the perfect platform to follow and which every Catholic must observe regardless of circumstance. These are not suggestions, they are commandments and the sooner all realize that, the better chance Heaven will be more populated and that is, after all, the goal of every Catholic per Christ's command in the Gospels to keep His Commandments and go out into the world and spread this truth. The Ten Commandments

The theme of the Eighth Sunday is to account for your stewardship before God and then man. In the Epistle we are reminded of our divine filiation, and Our Lord tells us in a parable in today's Gospel of the duties thereby entailed. We are the children of God, since we may say in all truth: Our Father (Epistle). God has given us life, "wherefore we must life according to His will" ...More

There is a commemoration today of the Feast of St. Praxedes. who was a sister of St. Pudentiana,amd whose feast is celebrated, on May 19th. Praxedes was the daughter of the Roman Senator Pudens, and after consecrating her virginity to God, she gave up all her wealth to to the poor. Pope Paschal I transferred the bodies of many saints from the catacombs and placed their relics in the Church of ...More


Day Five

In an article published in The Four Marks in 2012 and what we ran here on this date last year we felt it's important to repeat it because Griff Ruby answered a frank question first asked by author Frank Sheed. Perhaps you might have thought it was about Frank aka Jorge Bergoglio? The above headline reminds us of words of the saint we celebrate tomorrow St. Mary Magdalen, when at the tomb in the Gospel of St. John 20: 13, she basically asked where they had taken Him. As the Magdalen gloriously discovered when she turned around, Christ was there in her midst. He is also still very much here today, but His Church remains hidden, in an eclipse, if you will, while a Judas, or should we say the satanic church of the Apocalypse mimics Him. Jesus has not withdrawn the protection of His Spirit from His Own Church, now eclipsed, but the protection of His Spirit is obviously not given to Jorge's "church" for that is not His Church. That should be all the more evident ever since Frank Sheed asked that question back in the late 60's. Griff breaks it down, even equating it to the film Changeling where the son was never found, but we know the Son is not lost, those who remain with Modernist Rome are the ones lost as Griff pointed out in No, Frank, It's Not the Same Church

In part one of the First Commandment we debunk the Protestant notion that we worship Mary or the Saints and show that worship alone belongs to the Holy Trinity, three Persons in One God - the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Yet it is vital to realize that Jews and Muslims do not worship the same God as CONciLIAR 'popes' have heretically professed. Though we are all descendents of Abraham, the Old Testament was fulfilled with the Coming of Christ and because Jews did not and will not accept Christ as the Son of God and Muslims have no time for the Son or the Holy Ghost, going so far as to demean the Son as merely a prophet on the same level as the mad maniac Mohammed who apostasized from the Church in the 600's with his own set of laws and rituals that are the very antithesis of all God stands for, they fall into the category our Lord spoke of in St. Mark 16: 16, "He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned." This is explained in The First Commandment

Saint Mary Magdalen was so called either from Magdala near Tiberias, on the west shore of Galilee, or possibly from a Talmudic expression meaning "curling women's hair," which the Talmud explains as of an adulteress. In the New Testament she is mentioned among the women who accompanied Christ and ministered to Him (Luke 8:2-3), where it is also said that seven devils had been cast out of her (Mark 16:9). She is next named as standing at the foot of the cross (Mark 15:40; Matthew 27:56; John 19:25; Luke 23:49). She saw Christ laid in the tomb, and she was the first recorded witness of the Resurrection. Though the Greeks distinguish the three persons, most of the Latins hold that these three were one and the same. Protestant critics, however, believe there were two, if not three, distinct persons. It is impossible to demonstrate the identity of the three; but those commentators undoubtedly go too far who assert, as does Westcott (on John 11:1), "that the identity of Mary with ...More


Day Six

Thanks to Traditional Catholic Sermons we are able to bring you a sermon by Bishop Daniel Dolan, pastor of St. Gertrude the Great in the Ohio's Queen City of Cincinnati, on the holy servant of Jesus St. Mary Magdalen. His Excellency shares how world wars are punishments recalling how his dad joined so many of that great generation to fight in World War II. He reminds that we are all soldiers of Christ as he imparts to young men the consequences of sin and necessity to stay in state of sanctifying grace at all times. The Magdalen was a sinner who converted when she met Jesus and would do anything for Him. We know that she loved Jesus so much that she was chaste from that moment on and remained faithful to Him until her death. It was Mary Magdalen to whom Our Lord first appeared after His Resurrection because of her fidelity to the Son of God as the Bishop explains in sharing a sermon on St. Mary Magdalen

While we may realize that we can have no false gods other than the Holy Trinity -- three Persons in One God -- we may not realize that there are many ways to sin against the First Commandment and most of them are most grievous. Such sins often are sins agains the faith such as infidelity, apostasy, heresy and indifferentism or lukewarmness. Then there are sins against religion that encompass everything from witchcraft to sacrilege to idolatry which can come in many forms and which the devil so deviously inserts in our path that we must be aware 7-24 to avoid the pitfalls the evil one lays out before us dressed in such a tantalizing way. Beware. For one needs to be aware of how we can commit sins against Faith, Hope and Charity that can be devastating to our chances of gaining eternal life if we are not fully repentant with an amendment to change our ways. Once one begins to fall, it is hard to stop the plunge and that is why it is so important to either stay away from the ledge or equip one's spiritual life with a strong harness to pull ourselves away from the abyss. In all things avoidance and abstinence are the best course to follow for the safety of our souls and to always remember, Christ's words in St. Matthew 12: 30, "He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters". See The First Commandment part two

St. Apollinaris was the disciple of St. Peter, who preached the Gospel at Ravenna. He was one of the first great martyrs of the church. He was made Bishop of Ravenna by the Apostle himself. The miracles he wrought there soon attracted official attention, for they and his preaching won many converts to the Faith, while at the same time bringing upon him the fury of the idolaters, who beat him cruelly and drove him from the city. He was found half dead on the seashore, and kept in concealment by the Christians, but was captured again and compelled to walk on burning coals and a second time expelled. But he remained in the vicinity, and ...More


Day Seven

Thanks to Traditional Catholic Sermons we are able to bring you an eleven-minute sermon given eight years ago during a boys' retreat for the feast of the holy bishop and martyr St. Apollinaris who was sent by St. Peter to the pagan side of Italy where he was persecuted for 28 years as he strove to build God's Church. Just as food is nourishing to our body, so also prayer and knowing about the saints is nourishing to our souls. The bishop relates about how animals work together, so also the Church Militant and Church Triumphant need to work together to help not only souls on earth, but the Church Suffering. We need to be humble enough to be shown and then be humble enough to work together for the glory of God through cooperating with His graces. We need the true Church to guide us toward our heavenly goal as St. Apollinaris preached nearly 2000 years ago. St. Apollinaris

we continue our series in the search to uncover the wonderful treasures of the Church contained in the great Deposit of Faith. The Ten Commandments are the foundation of our moral code set down by God and the Second Commandment - "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord Thy God in vain" commands us to always speak with reverence of God, of the saints, and of holy things...to honor His Holy Name. The Second Commandment "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain" entreats us to always be truthful in taking oaths and faithful to our promises and vows. We are reminded of the seriousness of breaking a vow or committing perjury - lying under oath. We cannot help but think of the Papal Oath, the vow before God to not change any of the constituted Evangelic traditions which has been gravely violated and abused since the death of Pope Pius XII by imposters who collectively and individually have been guilty by commission or omission of violating every one of the Ten Commandments. The present posing potentate in Rome being the most egregious of a pretty vile bunch. See The Second Commandment

The theme of the Eighth Sunday is to account for your stewardship before God and then man. In the Epistle we are reminded of our divine filiation, and Our Lord tells us in a parable in today's Gospel of the duties thereby entailed. We are the children of God, since we may say in all truth: Our Father (Epistle). God has given us life, "wherefore we must life according to His will" ...More

There is a Commemoration today of St. Christina, a Tuscan virgin, who when ten years old had taken and destroyed the silver idols in her father's house, was in consequence tied to a post and pierced with arrows. Her tomb was discovered in 1880; an examination of her relics showed that she was scarcely more than fourteen years ...More


Day Eight

Thanks to Traditional Catholic Sermons we are able to bring you an eight-minute sermon given six years ago on the commemoration of the holy virgin and martyr St. Christina. He talks about how the catacomb and shrine of St. Christina was discovered in the middle of a lake, silencing the Masons who tried to debunk she even existed. His Excellency relates that she came back to life from Purgatory and could not bear the stench of sin. She is known as St. Christina the Astonishing who wanted to warn many of what lay ahead, yet so many dismissed her as crazy. The bishop also talks about tomorrow's saint St. James the Greater on how Our Lady's discretion where, to avoid jealousy and division among the apostles, she always prudently and privately spoke with the brother of St. John. Each person should ask Mary to be her favorite child as was St. James and St. Christina

Today we focus on the Third Commandment, this is the last of the three Commandments for how we are to treat God. The other seven are intended for how we are to treat our fellow man. The Third Commandment is the tether to our staying in open communication with God through divine worship that can only be accomplished through assisting at the Immemorial Apostolic Mass of All Time, the Traditional Latin Mass in which the alter Christus - a true priest offers to the Father on our behalf the Son in an unbloody manner. Only a truly ordained priest, ordained in the divinely ordained rite not the new rite of Vatican II, can confect the bread and wine into the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. Through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass we fulfill the Third Commandment and by observing the safeguards that go with it, keep before us the importance of the Sabbath. as we can see in step 36: The Third Commanment

Saint James the Greater was the son of Zebedee and Salome (Cf. Matthew 27:56; Mark 15:40; 16:1). Zahn asserts that Salome was the daughter of a priest. James is styled "the Greater" to distinguish him from the Apostle James "the Less", who was probably shorter of stature. We know nothing of St. James's early life. He was the brother of Saint John, the beloved disciple, and probably the elder of the two. His parents seem to have been people of means as appears from the following facts. Zebedee was a fisherman of the Lake of Galilee, who probably lived in or near Bethsaida (John 1:44), perhaps in Capharnaum; and had some boatmen or hired men as his usual attendants (Mark 1:20). Salome was one of the pious women who afterwards followed Christ and "ministered unto him of their substance" (cf. Matthew 27:55, sq.; Mark 15:40; 16:1; Luke 8:2 sq.; 23:55-24:1). St. John was personally known to the high-priest (John 18:16); and must have had wherewithal to provide for Mary, the Mother of Jesus (John 19:27). It is probable, according to Acts 4:13, that John (and consequently his brother James) had not received the technical training of the rabbinical schools; in this sense they were unlearned and without any official position among the Jews. But, according to the social rank of their parents, they must have been men of ordinary education, in the common walks of Jewish life. They ...More


Day Nine

Thanks to Traditional Catholic Sermons we are able to bring you a nine-minute for the feast of St. James the Greater by Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI. Father shares how the Church places the Apostles on a higher level among the saints, for Christ set them to sit on twelve thrones to judge the twelve tribes of Israel, yet they also suffered from what we suffer from: a fallen human nature. In fact, St. James and his brother St. John were even so bold as to go to Jesus to ask to sit on His right hand and left. It was St. James to whom Our Lady appeared at the Pilar and asked him to return to Jerusalem. He was the first to be martyred and in Heaven when Mary ascended into Heaven. His tomb became a major pilgrimage shrine in Spain because of so many miracles performed by his intercession as Father reminds us because so few accepted his preaching while he was alive and killed him. We can learn from James loyalty to Our Lord and perseverance, a grace we can all seek in keeping pure our souls through the true Faith as Father explains in his sermon on St. James the Greater

You can't keep a good saint down! While today we celebrate the Double of the Second Class Feast of Saint James the Greater, lost in the shuffle is poor Saint Christopher whom the Vatican 2 Modernists didn't particularly take a hankering to and, with the feeble excuse that "there wasn't enough historical proof of his existence", eliminated him from the liturgical calendar just as he did dear Saint Philomena. In a way they weren't offended. After all, what else would you expect from impostors intent on destroying the holy faith? In an effort to keep St. Christopher visible for Catholics and to show his connection with St. James, we present here a brief summation of his virtues by the renowned Abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger from The Liturgical Year The Christ-Bearer

We urge you to click the Rosary banner above for the Fifth Saturday in the Fifteen Saturdays Rosary Crusade organized by Bishop Robert McKenna, O.P. to do our part for the salvation of souls by bringing souls to the true Catholic Faith and Sacraments, for the welfare of our country, and for our own special intentions as we all strive for holiness in our role as members of the Church Militant. On this fifth Saturday of the Fifteen we focus on the gift of true wisdom which so few express today and pray for this gift so that those deceived in the CONciLIAR church will find Jesus is not there and look to the temple of the True Church to find Him for only there will He be, present in the Blessed Sacrament. Fourth Saturday

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To fortify why the CONciLIAR church is the false church, see key Papal Decrees that preceded it in pre-Vatican Two times by true Popes who solidly condemned the V2 false 'popes' who have spit in Heaven's Face. God will not be mocked. See for yourself what the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church has decreed:

  • Papal Coronation Oath Pope Agatho
  • Unam Sanctam Pope Boniface VIII
  • Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio Pope Paul IV
  • Quo Primum Pope St. Pius V
  • De Defectibus Pope St. Pius V
  • Satis Cognitum Pope Leo XIII
  • Apostolicae Curae Pope Leo XIII
  • Lamentabili Sane Pope St. Pius X
  • Pascendi Dominici Gregis Pope St. Pius X
  • Oath Against Modernism Pope St. Pius X
  • Mortalium Animos Pope Pius XI
  • Humani Generis Pope Pius XII
  • Sacramentum Ordinis Pope Pius XII

    If the above Papal Decrees have not convinced you, then for more evidence that the Chair is VACANT and that Vatican Two and all that has followed is Anathema sit as St. Paul asserts in Galatians 1: 8-9, see these on-line books and sources:

  • Answering Objections of the Sedevacantist Position
  • John 23 - Anathema sit Fr. Louis Villa
  • NikitaRoncalli Franco Bellegrandi
  • The Robber Church Patrick Henry Omlor
  • Is the Pope Catholic? Hutton Gibson
  • Paul VI...Beatified? Fr. Louis Villa
  • The Enemy is Here - Vol. I Hutton Gibson
  • The Enemy is Still Here - Vol. II Hutton Gibson
  • The Enemy is Still Here - Vol. III
  • John Paul 2 - Anathema sit Fr. Luis Villa
  • Heresies of John Paul 2 Documented by previous True Popes & Scriptures
  • Fr. Sylvester Berry in 1921: "Satan will Persecute the Papacy" Novus Ordo Watch
  • Fr. Sylvester Berry warned in 1927: "Satan will set up a False Church Novus Ordo Watch
  • Syllogism of Sedevacantism Michael Cain
  • The Chair is Still Empty Gregorius
  • Sedevacantism: A Quick Primer Fr. Anthony Cekada
  • Msgr. Fulton J. Sheen in 1948: "Satan will set up a Counter-Church which will be the Ape of the Catholic Church" Novus Ordo Watch
  • Why Sedevacantism? Fr. Anthony Cekada and a plethora of other evidence provided by NovusOrdoWatch.org
  • What You Need To Know About Jorge Mario Bergoglio Novus Ordo Watch
  • Conspiracy! Meet Six High-Profile Traditional Catholic Conspiracy Nuts Novus Ordo Watch
  • Continuously Denying The Catholic Faith Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey
  • Trying to Put Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey
  • Compare and Contrast Plethora of links by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey
  • Freemasons and the Conciliar church by John Kenneth Weiskittel
  • Papacy and Freemasonry Msgr. Jouin
  • Francis' Heresy regarding the Jews Novus Ordo Watch
  • Francis' Heresy about Faith without Works Novus Ordo Watch
  • The "Bad Popes" Argument fails everytime Novus Ordo Watch
  • Pope Leo XIII Quashes Popular "Recognize-and-Resist" Position Novus Ordo Watch
  • Numerous Popes before V2 warned of the Freemason Plot against the Church Novus Ordo Watch
  • Is the question of the pope: "Just an opinion"? Bishop Donald Sanborn
  • Null and Void: Why "Pope" Francis is Not a Valid Priest and Not a Valid Bishop Novus Ordo Watch
  • The "Canonization" of John Paul II: Decision Time for Traditionalists Novus Ordo Watch

    by Mario Derksen

  • Secrets of LaSalette
  • Bishop Mark Pivarunas,CMRI on a true vocation
  • Bishop Donald Sanborn on The Pendulating Papacy
  • Fr. Julian Larrabee on Missions of Nigeria
  • Fr. Michael Oswalt on why he left the V2 to become a true priest
  • Bishop Donald Sanborn's 2013 London Conference on the SSPX
  • Fr. Anthony Cekada on invalidity of 1968 Episcopal Consecrations
  • Fr. Julian Larrabee with Mass for Immaculate Conception
  • Bishop Daniel Dolan's Sermon for the Immaculate Conception
  • End of Mass Recession as it should be
  • Benediction of the Most Blessed SAcrament
  • Bishop Williamson on Globalism in 2010
  • Bishop Williamson's 2009 interview - Part I
  • Bishop Williamson's 2009 interview - Part II
  • Bishop Williamson 2013 talk on division in the Church
  • Mass in the Vatican with Pope Pius XII (Italian)
  • Pastor Angelicus Pius XII (Italian)
  • Life of Pius XII (Italian)
  • Last Years of Pius XII (Italian)
  • The SSPX, "Resistance," and Sedevacantism Bishop Donald Sanborn
  • 'Pope' Francis and Sedevacantism Bishop Mark Pivarunas, CMRI

    The links above and below provide almost daily updates. The two above can be trusted totally, while we urge a mild caution on the two below because of their refusal to admit Francis is a false pope.

    For other sites that provide the tenets of the Faith but are not daily, we refer you to

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    When One Cannot physically assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass we provide additional prayers that can be supplemented with the ORDINARY OF THE HOLY MASS and the PROPER OF THE DAY to enable you to better prepare yourself at home. Of course, this never replaces actually being there, but it is much better than attending the Novus Ordo services. Therefore we have gleaned from The Key of Heaven prayers to say at home. It is very comforting to know that the Holy Mass is offered for us even when we are not actually present. But to enjoy the benefits which it procures, we must by a SPIRITUAL COMMUNION become partakers of the altar from which we are temporarily banished. Here we provide prayers in preparation for fulfilling assistance in absentia in addition to the ORDINARY OF THE HOLY MASS and PROPER OF THE DAY. PRAYERS IN ABSENTIA

    Prayer Before the Crucifix

    Behold, O kind and most sweet Jesus, I cast myself upon my knees in Thy sight, and with the most fervent desire of my soul I pray and beseech Thee that Thou wouldst fix deep within my heart lively sentiments of Faith, Hope and Charity, with true repentance for my sins, and a firm purpose of amendment, whilst with deep affection and grief of soul I ponder within myself and mentally contemplate Thy five most precious Wounds; having before my eyes the words which David in prophesy spoke concerning Thee, O Good Jesus: "They have pierced My hands and My feet; they have numbered all My bones."

    Plenary Indulgence, Condition:
    • Confession
    • Communion
    • One Our Father
    • One Hail Mary
    • One Glory be...
    Pope Pius IX, July 31, 1858

  • The Fatima Prayers

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; and I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust, and do not love Thee.
    (repeat the above 3 times then bow your head in reciting the following:)

        O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee the most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in tabernacles throughout the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He is offended. By the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in unison with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

        O Most Holy Trinity, I adore Thee! My God, my God, I love Thee in the Most Blessed Sacrament!

        O my Jesus, it is for love of Thee, in reparation for the offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for the conversion of poor sinners.

    Pray for the Sick

    Pray for the Dearly Departed Souls
    Click image above

    The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary. And she conceived of the Holy Ghost.

    Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

    Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

    Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to Thy word.

    Hail Mary...

    And the Word was made flesh. And dwelt among us.

    Hail Mary...

    Pray for us, O holy Mother of God. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

    Let us pray.
    Pour forth, we beseech Thee, O Lord, Thy grace into our hearts, that we to whom the Incarnation of Christ, Thy Son, was made known by the message of an angel, may by His Passion and Cross be brought to the glory of His resurrection. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

    Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariae. Et concepit de Spiritu Sancto.

    Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus fructis ventris tui, Jesus.

    Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen.

    Ecce ancilla Domini. Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.

    Ave Maria...

    Et Verbum caro factum est. Et habitavit in nobis.

    Ave Maria...

    Ora pro nobis, sancta Dei Genitrix. Ut digni efficiamur promissionibus Christi.

    Gratiam tuam, quaesumus Domine, mentibus nostris infunde: ut qui, Angelo nuntiante, Christi Filii tui incarnationem cognovimus, per passionem ejus et crucem ad resurrectionis gloriam perducamur. Per eumdem Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.