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Wood that more would love Him

        Cyndi Cain

        To our loyal readers and beloved benefactors,

            In all sincerity, I think many of our readers didn't think I'd still be among the living for this Christmas. I know my doctor didn't, and, in a way, I didn't, especially considering all that's happened. But God is in charge and I thank Him for whatever extra time He has given me to amend my own ways and make reparation for my own sins and others, and to have precious time with my loving husband.

            Death is so final, and even during this most joyful time of Christmastide, we still need to be focused on the last four things that should consume our consciences: death, judgment, Heaven and hell. That became abundantly clear last week when Mike's younger brother died after the cancer, which he had been undergoing chemo for, spread throughout his body and took its toll quickly after he was admitted to the hospital in Phoenix on December 9. Too quickly, for he passed away two days later. Mike is chagrinned that he could not get a true priest to him in time to administer Extreme Unction. Though his brother was baptized a Catholic, he fell away after Vatican Two and never returned. We were hoping he might on his death bed, but Michael was unable to receive permission from his brother's wife or reach Fr. Ephrem Cordova, CMRI in Arizona.

            So we are left to pray for the repose of his soul and leave it to the Mercy of God just as we pray daily for the repose of all souls for eternal life must be everyone's goal. I know I am closer to that time since I am totally bed-bound, except for these few minutes at the computer when I feel strong enough...and in all honesty, I am not strong enough. That can be humiliating, and yet so purifying in ridding myself of so much pride. I've always prided myself on waiting and taking care of others, and now I'm on the receiving end and it's difficult getting used to.

            Some have written asking what is wrong with me. Maybe the better question is what isn't wrong? Seriously though, I have hemorrhaged because of my bladder with severe blood clots. No one knows why, and I do not ask. Only that it was a trifle scary for several days, especially as our priest Fr. Gerard McKee, CMRI has been in South America for some weeks in bringing the Sacraments to the faithful below the Equator.

            I think one of my greatest concerns is the toll my being laid up has taken on Mike. He waits on me hand and foot, and if I get antsy and want to get up for long, he's there to put a rein on me. I feel badly that he cannot do as much as he used to for the DailyCatholic because he's tending to me, but he keeps telling me "charity begins at home" and I'm his main concern. Father agrees and has given him a dispensation from assisting at Mass since I cannot be left alone and our son has the car most of the time and working full time, even on weekends so he can save enough money to eventually move out and live on his own. These times are tough financially for everyone and we laud him for his determination and how he has responded in working so hard despite his history of epilepsy.

            Into everyone's life God gives us crosses to bear. After all, did not Jesus say, "Unless you take up your cross daily and follow Me, you cannot be My disciple"? Yes, for each one of us it is our duty to Him to carry whatever crosses He deems fit for us with joy and gratitude.

            And on that I want to express my deepest gratitude to those who have heard our plea and showed what charity they have in helping us overcome the debt I have incurred with my illness. I want to assure all of you that you are in our prayers every day. We try to remember by name those who have been able to help with donations, even those who give of their widow's mite. Unfortunately, that list has been shorter than we had hoped, mostly comprised our same loyal benefactors who have always been there.

            It may be difficult, I know, to realize you are prayed for every single day, but we do that, because we are like that, Michael and I, and besides, we have devoted our lives to Christ, to Our Savior and His Most Blessed Mother for the last twenty-three years. They would expect no less from us.

            In that same vein, what we expect is to always follow His holy Will and leave it in His hands on how our readers respond with their charity. I don't think it's necessary to go into detail here on how much we need your assistance financially. This is a short Christmas message and I'll leave it at that and Mike will drop in a donate button at the end of this letter.

            It is a mission we will embrace until our dying breath for Jesus said in Sacred Scripture, "You are either with Me or against Me. No man can serve two masters". He meant that literally, and he expects no less from us because the conciliar church poses as Catholic and is not. No matter how small the remnant Church may dwindle to as the world embraces the new 'pope' and his heretical ways, we can take comfort in knowing Christ is still present among us, helping us, and the Holy Ghost will bless our endeavors to hasten the moment when the Conciliar church is swept from this earth, and the True Church shall rise again in all its former glory, with added glory at this time for few may have held onto the True Faith, but by so doing, they will have worked a miracle by their faithfulness, and in so doing, they will draw countless souls from the edge of the abyss to be saved.

            While I doubt none of us will live to see it, we will see it from Heaven if we continue to live as true Catholics. Think of what miracles we might be able to wrought by our faithfulness to the True Faith. That should prod us on to do all in our power to make that happen...all in God's time. Yes, it takes sacrifice, but remember the many parables Our Lord taught and strive to imitate Him. Also, remember the ultimate sacrifice He gave for us, to conquer death from the wood of the cross that began in the wood of the manger. It is from the simplicity and humility of that theme that I might phrase it thusly, wood that more would love Him. That's all He asks: to Love God with our whole heart, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

            If God permits that I am still here on earth in 2014, I will write you as best I can. This letter has taken several days to write, and I hope it has been coherent. This will be a quiet Christmas this year where, for the first time, I will miss assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Oh, cherish the true Mass, dear friends, cherish it. Realize Christmas is not about presents, but about His Presence. Knowing this, I wish each and everyone of you a most Blessed Christmas. May our dear Lord and His Immaculate Mother Mary ever be your guide in the coming year and always.

        Yours in Jesus through Mary,


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