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The Bitter Fruits of Vatican II
The biggest problem with Vatican II is that Catholics ever recognized it in the first place. Previous Popes and Councils had already ruled that what Vatican II did could not be done nor ever be legitimately enforced. Yet, under cover of the devil himself, slowly but surely his evil enshrouded all of Rome and what was Eternal Rome became Modernist Rome with heresy galore in this time of The Great Apostasy. It has become the most tragic time in the annals of Church History. It is a time of oxymorons for all the false church of Vatican II can offer is cruel kindness. And that is...

    There's more to the meaning of oxymoron than just "jumbo shrimp" or "thundering silence", though the latter is what has occurred over the past half century and more with the resistance among the vast majority of Catholics over the deconstruction of all that is holy in the institutional Church. Oh, the true Church is still visible, but barely. She has shrunk immensely in size and population, but she is there and She is no jumbo shrimp but rather a whale of infinitesmal blessings. The Vatican II church on the other hand, adds another dimension to the meaning of oxymoron. Let's call it "cruel kindness."

    It is indeed cruel to mislead souls under the guise of kindness that salvation is obtainable by emulating Protestant theology - and Protestant theology is exactly what the Vatican II Church is teaching.

    It's cruel to mislead Catholics, under the guise of kindness, that cause them to believe they're receiving the Body and Blood of Jesus in Communion, when in truth, they're only receiving bread - and many times, only Doritos or cookies for the Body of Jesus and Coca Cola or apple juice for the Blood of Jesus... and what about the Consecration? Jesus' own words in Scripture condemn the Vatican II Consecration. Jesus said: "...which shall be shed for you and for MANY (pro MULTIS) unto the remission of sins." Christ didn't say "ALL." How cruel is it to deny souls the Real presence of Jesus by so flagrantly misleading them and jeopardizing their salvation. In St. John Chapter 6: 54, Jesus assures us: "...Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink His blood, you shall not have life in you." Make no mistake about it there's no flesh or blood in the un-canonically consecrated Novus Ordo version of consecration. Never was, never will be!

    How cruel it is, under the guise of kindness, to teach parishioners they are saved in the Vatican II Church instead of warning them of the cruelty of hell facing those that are outside the True Catholic Church? The following teaching taught by a true Pope, His Holiness Pope Pius IX, is no longer taught in the Vatican II Church:

        "Also perverse is that shocking theory that it makes no difference to which religion one belongs, a theory greatly in variance even with reason. By means of this theory, those crafty men remove all distinction between virtue and vice, truth and errors, honorable and vile action. They pretend that men gain eternal salvation by the practice of any religion, as if there could even be any sharing between justice and iniquity, any collaboration between light and darkness, or any agreement between Christ and Belial." Pope Pius IX (Qui Pluribus #15, Nov. 9, 1846).

    How cruel it is, under the guise of kindness, to re-locate pedophile "priests" rather than to discipline them, thus encouraging them to continue abusing other children.

    How cruel it is, under the guise of kindness, to allow unwarranted annulments that will most likely lead to adultery? How cruel this will be on Judgment Day for those annulment benefactors and those false priests who allow these phony annulments? Remember, they're not true consecrated ordained priests, but rather appointed ministers or presbyters with no power to confect the sacrament.

    The New Rite of Holy Orders approved by anti-pope Paul VI on June 18, 1968 was no different than the Anglican Rite for bishops, priests, and deacons. This information is crucial for all Catholics to know, since it concerns the validity of essentially every "priest" ordained within the diocesan structure since approximately 1968; and consequently, it concerns the validity of countless confessions, indult Masses, etc. In addition to having invalidating changes made to the Mass, the Devil knew that he had to tamper with the rite of ordination so that the priests of the newChurch would be invalid as well. Talk about cruel!

    You see, the Church had already condemned the very rite Paul VI approved for in his Bull Apostolicae Curae on September 13, 1896, His Holiness Pope Leo XIII solemnly declared that Anglican Ordinations are invalid. This means that the Anglican sect doesn't have valid priests or bishops. So, then, when a so-called Catholic priest is ordained under the Anglican rite...how then can he be valid? He cannot. What makes it all the more amazing is that Anglican rites are far more "Catholic" in ritual than the Novus Ordo, yet both are "absolutely null and utterly void" and of no value before God.

    "...of our own motion and certain knowledge We pronounce and declare that Ordinations carried out according to the Anglican rite have been and are absolutely null and utterly void." Pope Leo XIII (Apostolicae Curae 09-13-1896).

    How cruel is it to deliberately contradict an infallible edict? How cruel it is, under the kindness of conciliation, to encourage parishioners to disregard prior Popes' infallible rulings by LYING to them that past infallible rulings need not be followed by future popes. A total distortion of the meaning of infallibility.

    Want to avoid cruelness and gain kindness? It's easier than you might think. Say daily the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular, place your protection in the hands of Mother Mary - and above all - STAY OUT of the Vatican II church and its Protestant service they call 'mass' - which it is not.

    It wasn't lost on a few cardinals after Paul VI decreed the new rite and "mass." Less than a year later, on September 25, 1969 Cardinals Alfredo Ottaviani and Antonio Bacci wrote in what is today known as the The Ottaviani Intervention the following to Paul VI:

    "The Novus Ordo Missae represents, both as a whole and in its details, a striking departure from the Catholic theology of the Mass as it was formulated in Session 22 of the Council of Trent." For Session 22, see The Council of Trent

    Pope St. Pius V said dogmatically and infallibly in Quo Primum, an infallible decree that was and is irrevocable, that:

    "It shall be unlawful henceforth and forever throughout the Christian world to sing or read Masses according to any formula other than this Missal published by us...This present Constitution can never be revoked or modified, but shall forever remain valid and have force of Law...And if, nevertheless, anyone would ever dare attempt any action contrary to this Order of ours, handed down for all times, let him know that he has incurred the wrath of Almighty God, and the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul." Pius V, (Quo Primum, 07-14-1570)

    Why was the Church moved to issue this far-reaching Papal Bull back in 1570? By the special assistance of the Holy Ghost, given to the true Vicar of Christ on earth by the Heavenly Father, Pope St. Pius V exercised this means because some priests were saying the Mass in the vernacular language and dialect causing the Mass to have a different meaning from the unchangeable Latin Mass which is a dead language where nothing new can be added. It was becoming a Mass of many languages with different interpretations championed by the Protestant Reformation via the heretic Martin Luther.

    As pointed out earlier in this piece, look at the Novus Ordo Mass. What do you see? You see the results of what a changing Mass looks like. You see a counterfeit "Mass" celebrated in so many weird ways - too many to mention here right now. The important thing to remember is that a Catholic should and must understand what an infallible proclamation means. The Sacred, Dogmatic and Infallible Council of Trent decreed that once a Dogmatic Teaching is decreed by the Church it is irreformable, i.e., it can never be re-examined or opened-up for debate. Rather it must be fully embraced by every Catholic under pain of anathema. It is a forever 'case—closed' matter.

    In his Papal Bulla, Exercrabilis, (1460), Pope Pius II laid down definite Church Law to protect the Church, the Faith, and the sheepfold from illegal councils - not just for his time, but for all time to come. His Bulla provides no escape hatch for the illegal Vatican ll Council.

    First know this: Exercabilis reiterates what all infallible proclamations mean and ought to be known by every Catholic...Once the Church has spoken, specifically on Faith and Morals, She has spoken infallibly, finally, and forever and no one may alter that permanent doctrine of the Church in any way and it can never be revoked or rendered null and void because it has the affirmation of the Holy Ghost Himself. The Holy Ghost cannot contradict Himself, it is one of the few things impossible to God. Therefore, teachings on matters of faith and morals once defined by a pope cannot be changed by a subsequent Council.

    Got that? Good! So, for God's sake, why do Catholics have to put up with the trash known as Vatican II? Ignore it and flee from it and fight it with all your might because currently, in the counterfeit Novus Ordo Church, many "Catholics" are being told outright lies by their "bishops", "priests" and even indoctrinated laymen. Lies such as: "One pope cannot bind another pope", and a long list of untruthful stories that refute the truth regarding papal infallibility.

    When parishioners ask Vatican II "priests" about the infallibly of canon law, they are often told they should leave canon law up to canon law lawyers and not concern themselves with it. Their reasoning that gives me the biggest chuckle is: "Canon law is complicated. Who understands it? Even canon law lawyers have difficulty understanding it." Yes, I've heard this one many times from duped Catholics and I would have to agree that anything from Vatican II with all its word salad and verbosity and countless timebombs and relativism is difficult to understand.

    So what is the answer? Trash everything from Vatican II on and return to the tried and true. Contrary to what these Vatican ll "priests" tell their parishioners, Catholics do not need to be canon lawyers to understand the meaning of what Exercrabilis and Vatican I say about councils called to escape the Church's judgments. Its meanings are unquestionably clear - "There is no appeal from an infallible judgment."

    Exercrabilis covers not only the judgments of the Church at the time of Pius II, but also locks in the judgments of succeeding popes against attacks by illegal councils or unlawfully acting popes such as those so-called "popes" since the establishment of Vatican ll.

    Therefore, all who plot and call an illegal council...everyone...even if a pope is included - who violates the law laid down in Exercabilis is guilty. All who violate Exercabilis are automatically cast out of the Church with the sentence of damnation. John XXIII who called the Second Vatican Council that questioned and evaded the Church's judgment, and Paul Vl who furthered the illegal Council and completed its agenda, issued all its documents and implemented the Council, are cast out of the Church with the indignation of God upon their souls.

    Also excommunicated are the bishops, priests and all, bar none, who have a hand in Vatican II's anti-Catholic activities in any way, if their efforts constitute adherence to extending assistance to the enemies of Christ since they spread the false doctrines of Christ's Church. "Bar none" means - no one is excluded!

    Also guilty are those who knowingly furnished counsel, assisted, or favored those who appealed for the Vatican II Council (Jews and Masons) are punished the same penalty. The guilty include all who willfully accept the heretical Vatican II Council and its rotten fruits: all priests who, in violation of their oath to defend the Church against heresy, embrace the new and weird teachings of Vatican II, knowing they are opposed to the judgments of the Apostolic Catholic Church, who submit to the unlawful suppressing of the Sacrifice of the Mass and tolerate the anti-Catholic Novus Ordo "Mass", that turns away the Trent Catechism to teach the Vatican II/CCD false doctrine, or in any way aid the illegal Vatican II Council. All are excommunicated from the Apostolic Catholic Church with the indignation of God upon their heads.

    To combat the conciliate evil of reopening past judgments, Vatican I, in its First Dogmatic Constitution, issued on July 18, 1870, said:

    "And since, by the divine right of Apostolic primacy, one Roman pontiff is placed over the universal Church, We further teach and declare that he is the supreme judge of the faithful, and that in all causes the decision of which belongs to the Church recourse may be had in his tribunal, but that none may reopen the judgments of the Apostolic See, than whose authority there is no greater, nor can any lawfully review its judgment. Wherefore they err from the path of truth who assert that it is lawful to appeal from the judgments of the Roman pontiff to an ecumenical council, as to an authority higher than that of the Roman pontiff." [chap.lll (Dogmatic Canons and Decrees, pp 249-250].

    In the words used by Pope Nicholas I, and in the Synod of Quedlinburg (1085), "It is allowed none to review its judgments, and to sit in judgment upon what has been judged." There is absolutely no appeal from an infallible judgment. So, when Satan whispers lies in your ear telling you that Vatican II and its abominable Novus Ordo "Mass" is legitimate, recall the penalty that awaits those that do not believe what the Church has always taught through Tradition and Scripture.

    Vatican II fashioned the Novus Ordo Eucharistic Celebration or "Mass" after the heretics Martin Luther and Thomas Cranmer. Luther said: "The Mass is not a sacrifice...call it Benediction, Eucharist, the Lord's Table, the Lord's Supper, Memory of the Lord or whatever you like, just so long as you do not dirty it with the name of a Sacrifice." Cranmer said: "The use of an altar is to make sacrifice upon; the use of a table to serve men to eat upon." Well, what do you see in your church? Do you see an altar or do you see a table?

    Make no mistake about it. There is no subtler, no surer means to debauch the Church than to kill the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. So, if you want a table to eat upon instead of an altar for a sacrifice to remember what Our Lord has done for you and to eat His Body and drink His Blood as He commands in Matthew 26: 26-28:

    "Take ye, and eat. This is My body. And taking the chalice, He gave thanks, and gave to them, saying: Drink ye all of this. For this is My blood of the new testament, which shall be shed for many unto remission of sins."
...Then, go ahead and continue to attend the JUNK Religion of Vatican II. But remember the words of Jesus:
    "For there is no good tree that bringeth forth evil fruit; nor an evil tree that bringeth forth good fruit. For every tree is known by its fruit. For men do not gather figs from thorns; nor from a bramble bush do they gather the grape. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth that which is evil. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. For there is no good tree that bears bad fruit, nor is there a bad tree that bears good fruit. For every tree is known by its fruit" St. Luke 6: 43-45.

    It would be cruel kindness not to remind you of these truths for would it not be ironic if you arrived at Heaven's door and the Eternal Judge, in all His infinite love and mercy extended the cruelest of kindness He could, for with a tear in His eye in great sadness for another lost soul, He would say "Depart from Me, for I know ye not"? A daily Rosary, wearing the Brown Scapular and knowing your faith is the best way to make sure you never hear those words.

Bill R. Metallo

          We are pleased to include Bill Metallo in our stable of traditional Catholic writers. Bill's focus is solely on the Prophesies of Our Lady of La Salette and how, if only we had been vigilant, we would have realized the destruction already underway in the mid-nineteenth century. The Blessed Virgin warned us and yet we did not listen. Now we reap what we have sown. This series by Bill R. Metallo, President of The Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette, is meant to wake the masses to warn of this coming catastrophe prophesized by Our Lady at La Salette; to bring Vatican II Catholics back into the fold of the true Catholic Church; and to reveal the truth to Protestants and all false religions that NO ONE existing outside the one, holy and apostolic Catholic Church can have a share in eternal life.

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