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May 3, 2011

My dear friends,

    I want to thank all who offered their prayers for me during this time when I underwent significant oral surgery, and my husband stood by watching me try to recover. You don't know how those prayers helped me through the ordeal and still sustain me for it is something I will have for the rest of my mortal life.

    I especially want to thank from the bottom of my heart the handfuls of those who responded with contributions to help buffer the costs of the surgery. We have acknowledged each personally, but we also want to publically recognize those who cared enough to give and we assure each of you that you are in all of our daily prayers, works, and Masses and Holy Communions. We remember you all.

    Normally, after the type of surgery I had, all would expect my mouth would have healed within a month or so and I would be able to eat solid foods with little problem once I adjusted to wearing dentures. That is what I hoped, but God, in His infinite goodness and merciful love has gifted me with an infirmity that only recently has been identified. I offer the pain to Him and in reparation for my own sins, my family's and for all souls, granting to the Blessed Trinity to apply the expiation wherever the Divine sees fit.

    Allow me to explain the circumstances. In this time of great trial we have discovered that the surgeon was unable to remove any of the excessive bone growth in my mouth and jaw. Imagine my surprise when the surgeon, having to pull my lower plate from my mouth in a post-op follow-up visit, realized the bone was still there, but even more pronounced than before. In this time after the surgery, we have discovered that my exposed bone, which is serrated on the end—like a band saw, is due to Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, known as FOP and it is accompanied by mandibular retrognathia/micrognathia. These are long words that mean, in short, that the exposed excessive bone growth in my jaws is caused by a lifelong fibromyalgia that was dormant for many years, but that has grown intensively worse in my older years. As puzzling as this all sounds, it is all related to the progressive disease of fibromyalgia.

    So…I must now start over at square one. I must seek out a new dentist, and if he cannot shape the dentures that were made for me at some lab (they are acrylic), then I have to have more molds taken of what is left of my gums, and just how far it can extend in the mouth so it is not sitting on top of the exposed bone.

    It is going to take a lot of time, and, yes, more money since insurance only covers certain procedures and what I need, well, I really have no idea nor do the dentists until they can do more research. Since I have no medical background, I refer you to Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva for I do have sleep apnea and all the symptoms indicated in that study. In fact, it has greatly affected my jaw where every week it is more difficult to open my mouth wider, even to the point that I was not able to receive Holy Communion for the pain was so bad I had to leave Holy Mass for it was attacking my entire body, something I have never done before...and hope never to have to again. God understands even if I don't always.

    My husband Michael is another who doesn't always understand. He is torn between taking care of me and publishing The DailyCatholic. During Lent he was there for me and felt helpless in not being able to do anything. Now that Easter Week has passed, he is back to publishing a daily issue until our Summer Hiatus edition...for souls are at stake, even if most hearts have become hardened. I say that because, as always, if just one soul is saved through Michael's yeoman efforts of publishing The DailyCatholic, it is worth every ounce of my suffering whatever God so desires.

    I do not ask anything for myself for I am peacefully resigned to accept whatever cross our loving Lord and Savior deigns for me. I ask for my husband’s sake. We had to pay more than $700 dollars for our deductible portion of the surgery. Because those who lovingly cared and responded so willingly, we were able to pay the cost. As you know, we took a private vow of poverty more than 20 years ago, and have kept that vow.

    Now, we are humbly coming to ask, just one more time, for your help. I will need molds, I will need all that goes with trying to fit my mouth with dentures that fit, and hold back the bone growth, without sitting on the bone. It’s going to be tricky. Because its root cause is Fibromyalgia, there are very specific things that must be done, and others that cannot be done, and in the meantime that exposed bone on both sides, cuts into my tongue, causing major ulcerated sores, making it impossible to even drink a smoothie, on which I live, and will continue living until, if possible, new dentures are made.

    It is so hard on my beloved husband, with whom I will celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary one week from today (May 10), to stand by seeing me in excruciating pain without relief, and he has no answers. Oh, he’s tried, but our Blessed Lord has shut every door or window we’ve thought was opened. So, I am certain, my dear friends, that God Wills that I suffer with this until my last breath. And so I will, and with His grace, I shall not complain, although I may occasionally remove myself from Mike’s presence so I can cry.

    My appeal for donations is for Mike and for The DailyCatholic. Were it possible, through your generosity to donate whatever you can so that we have a small cushion in The DailyCatholic account, then Mike will breathe easier. He won’t be so concerned about paying bills, or paying for more X-rays, molds, and new dentures, that are not covered by our insurance. I know…we’ve asked before and you’ve helped. Please, won’t you help once again? I struggle writing this knowing the economic situation in the world, and in our country. I struggle telling you these things, because Fibromyalgia cannot be described to any person who doesn’t have it, and in the last 13 years it has made major changes to my mortal body. I had really believed that by obtaining dentures, I would get the bone removed (after all the oral surgeon had promised).

    Now, all this time later, I still can’t wear the bottom plate, and I still have to sip my food through a straw. For Love of God and if you find The DailyCatholic a valuable source for keeping the True Faith and spreading it to all who will listen, then please help us. Help Mike and his tireless efforts for The DailyCatholic. I shall be forever grateful to all of you, those who pray, and those who can afford to donate whatever is possible.

    You all know that with the "beatification" of Karol Wojtyla Sunday, those who were on the fence or not rooted in the True Faith, will easily be persuaded to give up the fight and concede that the Church can change and fall in with the rest of the world. That is what Satan wants. That is not what God wants. Our numbers are dwindling and there are only a few publications out there who will not compromise. The DailyCatholic is one of those publications and without your help, we don't know what will happen. We can assure you we will never compromise. Will you? One way to show you won't is helping the few true traditional Catholic publications left and we ask, if you can, to offer a pledge at Carrying on the Apostolic Mission. Only through your pledges can we have any semblage of continuity so that I don't have to keep writing pleas for help. All I ask is to give from your heart for that is what God judges, not the amount, but what you feel before God is deserved.

    I ask especially those who have not given before. It is not fair to have to depend on those few who have given and keep giving, without support from our other readers who benefit from The DailyCatholic as Michael assures me the stats indicate. I thank you in advance for whatever you can give in helping us meet the medical bills that will accrue, at least over the next six months, over and above what is not covered by insurance and, because Fibroydyplasia Ossificans Progressiva is such a relatively new infirmity, we have no idea if it will be covered at all. That is the honest assessment at this point.

    May the Good Lord bless and keep you, and may His Most Holy Mother, in this month dedicated to her, ever guard, guide, and protect you until she delivers you into Her Divine Son’s arms.

Affectionately and gratefully,

Cyndi Cain