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This replaces the Angelus during Paschaltide

Regina Coeli laetare. Alleluia.
Quia quem meruisti portare. Alleluia.
Resurrexit sicut dixit. Alleluia.
Ora pro nobis Deum. Alleluia.
V. Gaude et laetare, virgo Maria. Alleluia.
R. Quia surrexit Dominus vere. Alleluia.

Deus, qui per resurrectionem Filii tui, Domini nostri Iesu Christi, mundum laetificare dignatus es: praesta, quaesumus; ut, per eius Genetricem Virginem Mariam, perpetuae capiamus gaudia vitae. Per eundem Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

Queen of Heaven, rejoice, Alleluia.
For He Whom thou was made worthy to bear. Alleluia.
Hath risen as He said. Alleluia.
Pray for us to our God. Alleluia.
V. Rejoice and be glad, O Virgin Mary. Alleluia.
R. For the Lord hath risen indeed.

Let us pray.
O God, Who through the resurrection of Thy Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, hast vouchsafed to make glad the whole world, grant us, we beseech Thee, that, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, His Mother, we may attain the joys of eternal life. Through the same Christ our Lord.


John Gregory provides the commentary for Pentecost Sunday from Father George Leo Haydock found in many Douay-Rheims version of the New Testament. Christ makes good on His Promise. He has sent His Spirit, the Paraclete, and, Deo gratias, things will never be the same again for His holy Church is officially off and running in fulfilling His command to His disciples to preach the Gospel to all. Peace He has given them to spread not as the world perceives it even today when humanism is trumpeted from the highest echelons of the conciliarists. We must return to what our Lord taught and what His chosen apostles preached without compromise. Peace is only possible when grace flows. Only then can the Sanctifier reach souls. When God withdraws His graces and blessings, corruption and corrosion follow and all man-made institutions will crumble because they are not of divine design. "He will send in My name"

Also see Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's inspiring piece for Pentecost Sunday From the Beginning A Mission to Convert All Men Everywhere

Following John Gregory meditation on the Second Glorious Mystery just over a week ago, he returns with inspiration for the Solemnity of the Descent of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles in a meditation of the Third Glorious Mystery. Fifty days after our Lord Jesus Christ conquered death and ten days after He bodily ascended into Heaven, He made good on His promise to send His Spirit. The Holy Ghost came with a rush of grace and inspiration, transforming the formerly apprehensive Apostles into men of virtuous courage who were now ready to fully take up the command Christ had given them. The charism of the Church was born that day and the Faith spread rapidly with three thousand on the first day. A glorious day it was! John provides reflections on The Third Glorious Mystery: Pentecost

Today for the ninth and final day of this Novena to the Holy Ghost we focus on the Fruits of the Holy Ghost. These provide grace to perform good works under the inspiration of the Advocate. They contribute to pleasing not only God, but ourselves and our fellow man. These fruits enable us to be more virtuous in our lives by practicing charity, joy, peace, patience, benignity, goodness, long-suffering, mildness, faith, modesty, continency and chastity. We dare say had more followed this Counsel, having the Gift of Wisdom through the Gifts of Knowledge and Understanding with the Gift of Fortitude for having a true Holy Fear via the Gift of the Fear of the Lord they would long to practice and acquire the Gift of Piety. Tomorrow we celebrate the arrival of the Sanctifier. Let us all strive to seek these seven Gifts He so generously bestows. Ninth and Final Day of the Novena to the Holy Ghost

With the political landscape heating up with several scrambling to prove they have what it takes to oust the devil in the White House today, we bring you an article Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey wrote three years ago which is most applicable today and shows what can be produced if we apply the Fruits of the Holy Ghost in following the counsel of past true Popes. If not, we suffer the consequences as Tom explains in Cause and Effect

Wisdom is the Gift of the Holy Ghost highlighted today. It follows Knowledge, Understanding, and Counsel in the line of combining mind and soul. This Novena is the oldest in the Church and it was with great wisdom that it was established as a devotion for all Catholics. The Gift of Wisdom enhances all the virtues and in these dire, dark times we all need to strengthen our faith against the wiles of the principalities of perdition. We need hope to forge on and persevere so that we will keep the faith, and, though charity towards others has been twisted to mean entitlement or redistribution among a generation who feel they are owed and this is mistakenly taken as charity, true charity requires the wisdom of giving because Christ asks us to give out of love for Him, not out of guilt or because we're pressured. With these Gifts of the Holy Ghost we are able to more clearly see the narrow path - the wise path - that alone leads to eternal life by turning our back on the world, the flesh and the devil. Eighth Day of the Novena to the Holy Ghost

The antithesis of virtue is, of course, vice and Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey files a piece on how vile the vices have become today where we are no better, perhaps far, far worse, than the most perverted of the pagan Romans. He lays it out in a no-holds barred article that brings home the point how the enemy is everywhere and only through striving to acquire the Gifts of the Holy Ghost and heeding the truths and morals of holy Mother Church can we remain unscathed from the cancer that ravages civilization today. Caligula's Got Nothing On This Crowd

Counsel is the Gift of the Holy Ghost highlighted today. It follows Knowledge and Understanding in a natural progression of applying those two attributes to be able to convey common sense in full accord with the divine Will in whatever we do in life while always remembering to take our God-given role of passing on the truths of the Faith to others seriously. We will be held accountable before the eternal Judge for how we conducted our lives and Counsel helps us as a moral compass, so to speak, in navigating through life. It truly is a Gift we should all strive for, especially Traditional Catholics who have such a massive mission to enlighten those plunged in the darkness of the conciliar church and worldly values. Seventh Day of the Novena to the Holy Ghost

One who exemplified this Gift was a priest who greatly influenced one of the most prolific Catholic writers in the world today - Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey. That priest Fr. John Joseph Sullivan is the subject of a nostalgic article Tom reposts from several years ago and should warm the cockles of every heart. Jackie Boy Remembered Yet Again

Understanding is the Gift of the Holy Ghost highlighted today. Just as one would require the Gift of Knowledge as we showed yesterday, so one would want the Gift of Understanding to comprehend how the robber barons have infiltrated and usurped holy Mother Church; how the whore of Babylon tries to take the place of the Mystical Bride. It cannot last for through Understanding we know God will not allow it to continue and we realize that the Church, being the Mystical Bride of Christ, cannot err. Since those who pose as leaders of a church called 'Catholic' have erred and done so grievously and quite possibly intentionally, we know it is not Catholic. Through the Gift of Understanding we know why and we know what is truly Catholic and flee from anything that is not. Through the Gift of Understanding we can comprehend true teaching and alert others to beware of the wolves among the sheep and why the sheep have scattered for the hirelings care not for souls. This has been proven over the past fifty years and counting. The Gift of Understanding will enable us to know how to combat this apostasy in being faithful to Christ and His Church. Sixth Day of the Novena to the Holy Ghost

Traditio has recently posted His Holiness Pope Pius IX's words from his Apostolic Letter Iam vos omnes on September 13, 1868 in preparation for convoking the only true Vatican Council that convened on December 8, 1869. The following will help all understand the heresy of Ratzinger's "subsistet in" in Lumen Gentium which officially separated the Vatican II church from the true Catholic Church. Please read excerpts of his words very carefully and pray for the Gift of Understanding:

    “No one can deny or doubt that this Jesus Christ, in order to apply the fruits of His Redemption to all generations of man, has built here on earth, upon Peter, His one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church; and that He conferred upon her the power necessary to preserve whole and inviolate the deposit of Faith, and to transmit this same Faith to all peoples, tribes and nations, so that all men be united in her Mystcal Body through Baptism. … Wherefore, this Church, which constitutes His Mystical Body, will persist and prosper in her stable and immutable nature until the end of time.

    “Whoever carefully considers and studies the situation of the various religious communities, divided amongst themselves and separated from the Catholic Church … will be easily convinced that none of these associations – whether considered individually or taken as a whole – can in any way be seen as that One Catholic Church that Christ the Lord built and willed to exist. Neither can they in any way be considered members or part of this same Church, as long as they remain visibly separated from Catholic unity. It follows that such communities, lacking the living authority established by God to teach men – especially in Morals and matters of Faith and customs, directing and governing them in all that concerns eternal salvation – thus mutate in their doctrines and are constantly changing and instable."

Knowledge is the Gift of the Holy Ghost highlighted today. It is through this use of thinking that we can perceive what is right and what is wrong, to know without a reasonable doubt that, if we follow God's holy will by adhering to the teachings of His true Church as passed down through divine Revelation and Tradition, we will be relatively assured we are fulfilling the divine will and will embrace prayer as a way of life, thus improving our spiritual life and opening our hearts and souls, as well as our minds, to increase this gift in our daily lives. It is through knowledge that we can see the counterfeit church of conciliarism is not Catholic and in that knowledge to not compromise one iota with a false religion, and also make it each individual's mission as Christ commands, to warn others to avoid the Novus Ordo newchurch establishment like the plague. Often the Advocate speaks in a whisper to the heart and we need to be still and listen so we will stay true to our Faith. Fifth Day of the Novena to the Holy Ghost

In that frame of mind, Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey answers readers who think he is tearing down the Church by calling Ratzinger an apostate. Au contraire for, as he points out, it takes knowledge to know how, why, when, where and what as well as who these heretics are and what course we must take to expose them and to promote the true Faith. Tom explains in his reply Quite Right

Fortitude is the Gift of the Holy Ghost highlighted today and it is through perseverance that we can realize our heavenly reward, but only in striving to do God's holy will in all things. Fortitude fortifies us not to worry about what will happen to our physical well being or material things and never to put merit into the approval of man but always in the approval of the Holy Trinity for that is all that really counts. All the rest don't amount to a hill of beans. Yet to sustain ourselves we need beans and other nourishment so that we can physically carry out whatever mission God appoints for each person's spiritual welfare. Fortitude enables us to accept our crosses and whatever sufferings God chooses for His children and not to question. That isn't easy. That is why the Gift of Fortitude is so vital. Fourth Day of the Novena to the Holy Ghost

One who sadly and most tragically did not have fortitude, in fact chose as his agenda not to encourage others to carry their crosses and who abhorred suffering was Dr. Jack Kervorkian infamously known as "Dr. Death" who ironically, couldn't even take his own life but had no problem pushing the demonic euthanasia policies on others including its insidious inclusion buried within Obamacare, something the Church has always condemned. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey weighs in on this in his article. Meeting God In The Face After Playing Him In Life

Piety is the Gift of the Holy Ghost highlighted today and it gives one to pause and consider that if more people had piety there would be less wars, less hate, less animosity towards our fellow man and many, many more converts for man would, just through his piety, respect all that God has created. There'd be no need for ecological matters, politicians, even lawyers. Man would be in harmony with the will of God, but then who are we kidding. Few even respect the virtue of piety let alone ask it of the Sanctifier. That is one reason why our world is in such turmoil today because of the chaos in the world for the devil steers man away from humility and consequently away from God. That is why piety is so pertinent in loving God and respecting all He has deigned for the welfare of man's salvation. Third Day of the Novena to the Holy Ghost

There is no greater means of piety than the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey provides an inspiring short piece on the liturgical progression from Christmastide to the end of Paschaltide during this time after the Ascension leading toward Pentecost and Trinity Sunday. From Bethlehem to Calvary to Heaven

John Gregory provides the commentary for the Sunday after the Ascension from Father George Leo Haydock found in many Douay-Rheims version of the New Testament. In all things Christ must be honored and defended even if it means being persecuted for believing in Him. Our Lord conveys these final words to His disciples, foretelling of a time when the Jews and unbelievers would greatly harass and even kill them. Every apostle except for St. John suffered martyrdom. When Jesus speaks of His followers "being put out of the synagogues" what do you think they'd have to say about BeneRatz' latest schmoozing and giving credence to Caiaphas and all the faithless Jews since who persist in their error? What does he do? Not only participates, thus publicly giving scandal through his persistent heresy, but proclaims that the Jews do not need to be converted. But then what's new? In fact, he's done it so much that few recognize the apostasy in their midst. We need only read what our Lord says about it in today's Gospel. Do you think Fr. Joseph Ratzinger has read that passage? Do you really think he cares? Ah, there's the rub. All hail man! Yes, Lord, we remember that You did tell us this too would come. Perhaps we never realized how bad it would be with so many duped into actually believing Ratzinger represents You. St. Paul says today "in all things God may be honored through Jesus Christ", not man. "They have not known the Father, nor Me"

Fear of the Lord seems to be forgotten in so many today who go about their lives without fearing what the Lord will do because of their hardened hearts and devil-may-care attitude that they can do whatever they want. Oh, will they be surprised. Let us pray it will not be too late when they realize the devil doesn't care because he already has them in his grip, but God does and if they do not develop a Holy Fear they will when they stand before their Judge and hear their sentence. Talk about fear! That is why to be truly Catholic one must fear the Lord not for the punishments He may dole to those who do not follow His divine will, but for fear of offending Him. That is where love comes into play for if we truly love God, we will care how He feels and do everything we can to alleviate the wrath of the Almighty Whose cup by now is running over with the offenses against Him and His Natural Laws. Let us pray the Holy Ghost will soften the hardened hearts, warm the cold dones, and bring them to the realization of how having a Holy Fear is a true gift of the Holy Ghost as we pray the Second Day of the Novena to the Holy Ghost

This also dovetails with Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's article that warns if we do not have the Fear of the Lord we will continue to count on naturalism as the answer and we know for a fact that is never the answer as Tom points out in reminding us no one can lead us to God who is a naturalist in his piece March of the Midget Naturalists

Will we follow Christ's command posted for the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on what Jesus directs His disciples to do and which must be our mission as well: Baptize All Men, Teach All Nations? Of course, such a charge from the Son of God is totally lost on Ratzinger-Benedict and his conciliar ilk who do just the opposite as has been only too obvious over the past 50 plus years, not to mention his aberrations in just the last month, as well as the neo-SSPX sell out that has members bailing daily, all visible proof at Traditio. Today we begin the oldest novena of the Church, the Novena to the Holy Ghost and if ever we needed the Advocate's help it is now when souls and hearts have hardened and grown lukewarm in their comfort zones, which surely can't be pleasing to the Sanctifier. In the face of this ennui to the spiritual crisis that has caused so much destruction to body and soul since the death of the last true Pope on October 9, 1958, we ask when will we wake up from this free fall and grab the parachute God offers? If only we would reach out and make the effort to save not only our own souls but those of our fellow man, we'd see a tremendous change in attitude and conversions. It is what Christ commands us to do and that command begins with the only ones who have the jurisdiction and authority to provide the true sacraments to souls - the traditional bishops who hold the key to returning sanity and sanctity. Let us pray the Holy Ghost will touch them and move them to set aside their petty differences and be the apostles we need them to be, that God needs them to be. Let us dedicate this nine day Novena to our true shepherds with the First Day of the Novena to the Holy Ghost

Forty days after rising from the dead, the Son of God returns to the Father as He said He would, but He has promised His Spirit would be with His disciples until the consummation of the world. That assurance we have in ten days when we celebrate the birthday of His Holy Church on Pentecost. Today we celebrate His glorious Ascension into Heaven where He remains until He returns as He promised. As we discussed last week, when that will be no one knows, but He has given us the signs that the time is near from His discourse in the Gospel of St. Matthew and indeed much of what He foretold has come to pass including the "abomination of desolation" which we can clearly see is the abominable Novus Ordo 'missae', which is also in lockstep with the New World Order (novus ordo seclorum) that will adopt satan as their leader once all are under his control. No wonder Jesus said aloud His curiosity of whether there will be any faith left when the Son of man returns. Food for thought as we celebrate this Holy Day of Obligation where, following the Gospel, the Paschal candle is extinguished and then removed. For those not able to get to Holy Mass today or not having the true Mass available to them, we invite you to pray at home and provide the missal for this day at Ascension of Our Lord and we encourage you to read Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's inspiring piece for this Solemnity with Baptize All Men, Teach All Nations

John Gregory provides inspiration for the Solemnity of the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven in a meditation of the Second Glorious Mystery. The Son of God has gone to prepare a place for us, and thus the effects of the Ascension remain an on-going mystery for Christ continues to prepare for us at the Father's right hand and in that wondrous news is extended the greatest hope to all for where Christ has gone He waits for us to follow in a place of everlasting happiness for those who are obedient to His teachings and cooperate with the divine Will. Just as Jesus left instructions for His Apostles, He has left us inerrant instructions that, if we follow fully, will assure us of being with Him forever. John provides reflections on The Second Glorious Mystery: The Ascension

On this first day of the month of the Sacred Heart, Rogation Wednesday, Vigil of the Ascension and feast of the holy virgin St. Angela Merici, we bring you Griff Ruby's ninth seven and a half minute vignette out of his sixteen-part YouTube Series "Sedevacantism - A Catholic Perspective". Griff points out the importance of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which is and always will be the Immemorial Apostolic Mass of All Times and said completely in Latin. It is not the Motu or Indult or any hybrid concocted by the 'contuity of diversity' jargon coming out of modernist Rome; it is not the ordinary or extraordinary form, but rather the ONLY form set in stone for all time by the infallible, dogmatic decrees of the Council of Trent and codified by His Holiness Pope St. Pius V in Quo Primum. The Traditional Latin Mass is the life and heartbeat of the Church. This Mass and this Mass alone is the sign of unity among real Catholics, the way that all real Catholics identify themselves. Griff understands that not all have such a treasure near them and he encourages those who don't to try to make it as often as possible, even if it is once a month and that those who truly want to identify themselves as real Catholics will stay away from the Protestantized services - even if they use the moniker of 'mass' but are fully in tune with the heretical Vatican II. Only those who exclusively attend the true Latin Mass or those Eastern Rites which were in union with Rome prior to Vatican II and refused to go along with the changes, can be considered real Catholics because the Novus Ordo changed the law of belief. Thus, the new law of belief is different from true Catholic belief. By attending the Novus Ordo, one is demonstrating that one is outside the true Church in the same manner Catholics went along with Henry VIII in the sixteenth century. There is only One True Mass

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