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    With the bevy of first class feasts and within the octaves completed, we settle into the Time after Pentecost with the normal traditional liturgy in July. This week we begin the Novena to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on Thursday leading to the Blessed Mother's feast commemorating the bestowal of the Brown Scapular next Friday. In the meantime we continue the Fifteen Saturdays Rosary Crusade with the third Saturday, dedicated to praying for perseverance in detaching ourselves from temporal treasures in favor of those riches that are much more valuable in building up dividends for Heaven as we meditate on the simple poverty and physical hardships of the Holy Family in Bethlehem at the birth of the Savior.

        A day before we begin the Novena, we commiserate the three year anniversary of the infamous hatching of the "Motu Mess", called by conciliarists as the "Extraordinary" form of the Mass. While the Immemorial Mass of All Ages is indeed extraordinary compared to everything else, the category Modernist Rome has castigated the Latin Mass is an insult or is that an indult? Either way, it is invalid for so many ways. Let us count the ways. Oh, that we will do in a future edition in responding to the misinformation bandied about by those who cannot connect the dots to see the syllogism of sedevacantism. For now, we've just republished what was conveyed three years ago in proving the sedevacantists have been right all along about the Motu Mess.

        Before the commiseration, we celebrate Independence Day in the United States - at least while we still can on the Fourth of July. Fireworks aside it is a time to pause and meditate on God's graces and whether we are truly using them and giving to God the things that are God's and to Caesar the things that are Caesar's. It would seem, due to the emphasis on secularism and a total loss of identifying Catholic truth -- obvious in the "my country right or wrong" with an over-emphasis of false patriotism -- that we give too much credence to Caesar.

    Let us cherish always our dependence on God

    Therefore, we should reflect on what true independence means for we can only be free if we submit to God's Holy Will. If we do not have Christ in our lives and live as He established for His True Church, then our Independence Day in the USA means nothing for we are not free, but rather slaves to the world, the flesh and the devil. We can see over this past year how our freedoms are being taken away and satan is smothering society. It is all good and proper to be patriotic, but if we allow the robed marauders in the courts and chanceries, not to mention the Marxists in the White House, to continue to diminish moral law, our days of freedom will truly be numbered.

      All the more reason to trust in Jesus for all things and strive to establish His Social Kingship in America and recognition of Mary as our Immaculate Queen!

    Prayer for the Conversion of the USA

        Dear God, bring the Faith to our beloved country. It was once a virgin land wherein the only praise was that of the murmur of the Mass on the shores, the hills and the prairies. Zealous priests and explorers claimed it for Thee, giving Thy Holy Name to its rivers, lakes and cities. From east to west they traveled, from mission to mission, from Mass to Mass until the land was encircled by prayer and gave of its bounty to Thy glory. And now it is dedicated to Thy Immaculate Mother. May she find America again, as she once found the lost Child Jesus in the Temple. May she touch the hearts of our people, disposing them to receive the ancient faith, and thus showing them the things that are to their peace. We ask this of Thee through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    The above sent in by Joe Omlor

  • As New Dog and Pony Shows Come to Town, Part Two Nowhere is the tragedy of the Motu Mess more evident than in the fallout of the SSPX for Fellay was one who bought the spider's lies and now is caught in the web. Numerous good priests have either left or been expelled, including the most recent one Fr. Juan Turco, all because of the silence of the Superior of the Society and his heavy-handedness in pleasing Ratzinger rather than Christ. Sadly, the tail is wagging the dog in this dog and pony show. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 7-4

  • As New Dog and Pony Shows Come to Town, Part One Misdirection. Diversion. You name it, Obama is doing it and the people are being cooked like the boiled frog for Obama and his handlers' agenda is diametrically opposed to all that Christ and His Church stand for. The problem is we have done it to ourselves by subscribing to naturalism and, in our increasingly slothful ways of a decaying nation, depending on conveniences and 'sound bites' while starving ourselves of the nutrients of Truth because we have played the game to get along while greatly offending our Lord and His Blessed Mother by subscribing to the American way. Thank you, Vatican II for greatly aiding this demise. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 7-2

  • Touchy, Touchy The conciliar conmen think they are above the law and when the law closes in, they circle the wagons. The problem is this time the slings and arrows are deserved and will find their mark because they have made friends with mammon and we all know what that means. The depravity of Danneels and his pornographic catechism is shocking, but then considering what he stands for, should we be surprised? It looks like the Belgian police knew what they were doing. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-30

  • Live By Separation of Church and State? Die By Separation of Church and State Benedict XVI is learning you can't have your cake and eat it too. In fact, he's eating a lot more than cake these days, but rather the bitter and rotten meat of crow for his hypocrisy that is coming back to haunt him for what is good for the goose is also good for the gander and if that is not enough cliches, then read on for the conciLIARS have made and deserve the mess they're in for they have painted themselves into a corpulent corner. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-28

  • Belgium Police Raid Archdiocese and Cardinal's Files While the conciliar church has stalled for decades, finally the authorities have taken action. Fed up with the sandbagging, Belgium Police raided the offices of the Archdiocese of Brussels, confiscating computers and files as well as the files of the notorious Modernist prelate Cardinal Godfried Danneels, one of the most progressive of the potentates who was a strong proponent of Vatican II and sacking the Immemorial Mass of All Ages. The reason the police acted when they did was the fear that conciliar authorities were destroying evidence. So what else is new. Traditio 6-28

  • Fearing to Offend Men Rather Than God St. Paul said it so clearly in Galatians 1: 8-10, but the clueless conciliarists still don't get it or refuse to get it. What else would explain the condoning of a sodomite travesty and even participation? Considering the recent rash of scandals surging to the surface and the cover-ups being uncovered that so implicates Ratzinger and his predecessor, maybe there's a reason for protecting pedophiles: They're all in cahoots. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-27

  • King George III Is Looking Pretty Good These Days Considering where the Obama Administration is taking America, the "tyranny" of King George III pales in comparison. Even the Tea Parties can't seem to phase the demonic bent this Marxist regime is intent on carrying out. But then we've done it to ourselves by subscribing to naturalist statism and veering far from God. We do indeed sow what we reap. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-25

  • Boy! If Only The "Pope" Knew The title should tell you all you need to know because we all know the conciliar 'popes' know exactly what they're doing, but that canard has been the trump card for the conciliar cabal to capture so many. Delay and destroy. When will people wake up and realize they're being conned by the conciLIARS? We know when. When the grace is given to take the blinders from their eyes and hearts. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-19

    Until then you'll have the kind of blatant corruption of the faith you can find this week documented on Traditio from Ratzinger reinstating a sexual predator as the shepherd in sheep's clothing despite the howling protests of the Polish people to a clown mess in the Lateran. No matter where you look it truly is Diabolic Disorientation.

  • Lenin Lives! with his own spot on Larry King The media is the biggest conductor of misinformation and disinformation and downright deception. Such useful liberal idiots as Jesse Ventura and Oliver Stone serve as the usual suspects in trolling their communist trash on such trash shows as 'Larry King Live' who doesn't seem to have a clue to what is going on in this country. But then is that not the modus operandi of the lamestream media in indoctrinating Obamunism? Toby Westerman 6-18

  • Transparently Power Hungry You've heard the term, oil is thicker than water and never was that truer than what we see polluting the Gulf over the past two months. But what is thicker is the arrogant audacity of the joker in the White House who is trying to capitalize on a catastrophe for political power. That is the lowest, but then what do you expect from a man who is not a man but the devil in disguise? Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-17

  • Much More Than Meets The Eye America's been so dumbed down over the decades and some of the tactics have been through subliminal advertising to boil the frog, so to speak. But God has ways of communicating and sending signs and one that will truly amaze you has to do with the late Michael Davies. Could it be a coincidence or a Godincidence. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-15

  • No Room In The Big Tent for Catholics Politics and pandering have become a pandora's box and that is never more evident than in parades put on by perverts who publically boast of one of the most vile sins that cries to Heaven for vengeance. No true Catholic can have anything to do with such travesties and affronts to God. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-15

  • Judge Orders Mahony Deposition to be made Public After years of wrangling, it just might be possible that justice will be served with the decision by a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge to release the sworn testimony (some 600 pages, no less) of one Roger Thug Mahony given as late as this January in trying to fend off the incarcerated whistleblower pedophile Michael Baker, now turned state's evidence. When the heat was turned up in Boston and San Fransicko, Modernist Rome provided the offending prelates Law and Levada sanctuary, but if Ratzinger tried that now with Roger the Dodger, Benny's goose would be truly cooked. Let us pray that Mahony's days as the most corrupt of the conciliar con artists are numbered. Traditio 6-16

  • Apologies are empty when no action is ever taken If Joseph Ratzinger were an honest man, if he were really sincere in his faux and very insulting apology in St. Peter's Square, he would immediately defrock over half of his bishops and a third of the world's presbyters beginning with Roger Thug Mahony of Lost Angeles as well as the man considered the "Hannibal Lector of Pedophiles" Oliver O'Grady and then Benedict would resign in disgrace for the failed policies of conciliarism that have caused the loss of countless millions and millions and millions of souls. But this apostate imposter won't and that is the greatest tragedy in a world filled with tragedy today where more documentation shows JP2 accepted bribe money to condone sin by the founder of the Legionairres of Christ and several of its members while the counterfeit church of conciliarism seeks to eliminate the one priest whose sermons they could all learn from, St. Jean Marie Vianney, the unyielding, holy Cure of Ars. Traditio 6-13 through 15

  • Deeper Waters Than We Think To overwhelm the system, to distract and destroy, these are the methods the prince of the world has always used but today that authorship is claimed by one Saul Alinsky and the Obamunist regime is taking obvious full advantage of the crisis in order to not only socialize the oil industry but cripple tourism and the fishing industry and forcefeed the devastating cap and trade bill through as Chicago muscle ripples through these thugs posing as Democrats. Or was that Demoncrats? Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-14

  • Get The Man A Mirror They say that the apostasy has been spun to countless souls with smoke and mirrors, the smoke of satan and the illusions they have woven. But what is truly accurate is that Joseph Ratzinger has not looked into the mirror himself or he wouldn't have made it so obvious the blame starts and ends with him. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-13

  • Deepwater Plague Ironic, is it not, that God allowed the plagues to drive the Israelites into the water to escape the Egyptians and today God allows the plague of the oil spill to drive the water into the very heart of man's greed. While countless millions are being effected by this terrible tragedy that is being capitalized on by the anti-capitalist communist Obama regime as they purposely stall to create a greater crisis, there is a far worse tragedy that has plagued the soul of man over the past 50 years and that is the Great Apostasy. Oil and water will eventually seep back into the ground; dead souls covered in sin will never recover unless they have the rescue of the true sacraments beginning with the absolving Sacrament of Penance, a lost commodity in the business of conciliarism. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-12

  • Turning Perfection Aside For a More Perfect Banality In a short 50 year span the visible entity known as the Catholic Church to the world, has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous and seldom has it looked more ridiculous than when gathering 15,000 men in Rome, 95% of who are not consecrated priests yet pose as such. How could they convert souls, avert sin when they have no power to confect the sacrament of Holy Eucharist and, are, for the most part devoid of grace. How dare Ratzinger ask forgiveness for the Mystical Bride of Christ. Own up, Ben, it's your own sins as an apostate and your Hegelian mindset that have brought on this mess, not the Church. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-10

  • Gradually Accepting Naturalism's Informality Manners, civility and dressing respectfully are not just fashion trends or passing fancies, but a long tradition entrenched in Catholic teaching and a bulwark for keeping the family together and fostering the faith. Just the fact that today dressing up for Mass or taking the sacraments seriously is passe should speak volumes that the counterfeit church of conciliarism is the bane of salvation. This is evident in the novus ordo lodges where "life celebrations" are held in flowing white vestments and whatnot instead of the necessary solemn Requiem Masses that sent a soul to eternity with plenty of ammunition to get them out of Purgatory. Think how the souls have been forgotten with all the celebrating of the mundane. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 6-9

  • Third Saturday of Rosary Crusade

  • Comisserating the third year anniversary of the miserable Motu Mess a compendium of articles that prove we were right.

  • Motu Wars A look back at Griff Ruby's keen insight and foresight

  • A Creed We Must Live By Step Seven of Catholicism Made Simple

  • If we die to sin we will always be nourished Haydock Commentary for the Sixth Sunday after Pentecost provided by John Gregory

  • Sixth Week after Pentecost Week Propers of the Mass July 4-10

  • Second Saturday of Rosary Crusade

  • First Saturday Devotions

  • The Second Joyful Mystery: The Visitation Meditation on the Second Joyful Mystery by John Gregory

  • Magnificat Inspiration for the Feast of the Visitation by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

  • The Laver of Redemption Inspiration for the Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

  • First Friday Devotions

  • Litany of the Most Precious Blood

  • The Spotless Bride of Christ is Indefectible Step Six of Catholicism Made Simple

  • Make amends with thy brother before partaking at the altar Haydock Commentary for the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost provided by John Gregory

  • Fifth Week after Pentecost Week Propers of the Mass June 27-July 3

  • Devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help for the Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Help on June 27.

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    Three year commiseration of the unleashing of the Motu Mess:

        If any one was ready to refute those who thought the new "extraordinary Motu Mess" was the answer to their prayers, it was Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey who knows Ratzinger's agenda so well and knows the Novus Ordo or "ordinary Mess" as well as anyone, having written his expert analysis in his book G.I.R.M. Warfare. He equated Ratzinger's "generous offer of a universal indult" to Mr. Potter's offer to buy George Bailey's soul in the classic film It's a Wonderful Life! George resisted with vehemence for though Potter tried to lure him in through the smoke of his big cigar, Bailey, played by the incomparable Jimmy Stewart, knew better when push came to shove. Unfortunately some traditionalists were pushed and didn't push back. Now they're stuck. Tom illustrated how true Catholics must continue to shove back in his article exposing "Summorum Pontificum" for what it was, a big cigar that has proven it's going up in smoke as it burns to the nub just as Tom explained in Mister Potter's Big Cigar
    and Strictly by the Script
    and Motu Plus Two

       No sooner was the ink dry from Ratzinger signing and releasing his Motu Proprio on 07.07.07, than Father Anthony Cekada presented the palette that was really Summorum Pontificum and exposed the true colors of Benedict's rainbow of inclusive diversity. While the Father Moderators at had said "the Moto Proprio has more holes than swiss cheese", Fr. Cekada likened it to the trap that awaited those who thought a better Mass was in store. All Ratzinger had done was build a larger mass trap as Fr. Cekada wrote, "Let the traditionalists who promoted it say what they will. For Ratzinger, the Motu Mass makes them merely one more color in his Vatican II rainbow." It is, as Father Cekada predicted in his four page essay in pdf format, "many gullible traditionalists will be lured to the Motu Mass because of convenience or the prospect of 'belonging to something bigger.' But the negative aspects of actually assisting at the Motu are pure poison." Father Cekada explained in his insightful essay that, now three years later, has proven to be right on in every way, The Motu Mass Trap

       As we wrote shortly after the release of Ratzinger's Motu Proprio on 07-07-07 in Bridge Under Troubled Waters, the counterfeit imposter Benedict XVI was merely continuing his Hegelian game of synthesis when issuing the long-overdue and filled with land-mines Summorum Pontificum. True to our prediction there were several singing Te Deum's and bending over backwards to compliment Ratzinger. Didn't they know that flattery would get them nowhere but deeper into the web of deceit that has marked the entire conciliar era beginning with the very man who coined and made conciliar and concilio household names: one Joseph Ratzinger? Those who think this spider has ceased spinning Hegelian, heretical threads don't know much about arachnids. That makes them all the more ripe for the picking as flailing flies. The blind bliss of those who who stubbornly persist in insisting that Ratzinger is the pope is exactly what BeneRatz was counting on by patronizing the plebeians for awhile until they have no out. Bishop Bernard Fellay has replicated that very process of getting caught in the Modernist web. He is stuck in the schismatic strands of silk that entwine the entire apostate counterfeit church of conciliarism because he has compromised, dared to think a bad tree could produce good fruit. The results have been exactly what was foretold two years ago on these very pages and thus we present today a special anniversary issue to remind you of that very fact. As we foretold, we'd likely hear about many "opinions" and "feelings"...and we did, but we remind all again that such emotions don't really amount to a hill of beans because faith is not about feelings, but about divine law and that very prerequisite made this splashy Motu Proprio dry, bone dry on arrival and already disintegrating. Sadly, so did a portion of the resistance of so many who had stood so strong against Vatican II and the inherent heresies and the very men who enabled, perpetrated and perpetuated the apostasy. But they've been lost for the time being, in prayerful hope those flies will come to their senses before it's too late. Is it too late for the Remnant which has ceased objecting and resisting, while serving as, basically, the house organ for the "Motu Mess", or Catholic Family News or the laity within the SSPX? As their numbers dwindle and sedevacantist ranks grow through the grace of recognizing it is the only syllogism possible in light of all that has happened, Ratzinger will continue to focus his guns on those who do not recognize him and will make not one concession to the conciliarism. Let him, we will continue to resist. That is why below we will present a compendium of articles, practical, documented reminders of why the "Motu Mess" has been and will continue to be full of nothing but hot air and which cannot, in any way, have any authority with or from God. And after all, as we wrote three years ago, isn't that Who really counts?

    The Ol' Fishin' Hole is full of Suckers!
    They say fish are not as smart as several give them credit for despite the fact they're most often found in "schools", but there's a special kind of finny species that is the favorite catch of the Modernists and ol' BeneRatz the Angler stocked Lake Conciliar with the choice large mouth bass, known by the species name resistyetrecognize, whose gullible gills gave away their heart and made them a prime lure for the conciliar carp. They've been reeled this past year (just take a look at several issues of the Remnant for evidence of being in way over the limit). But you just know Benny and his crew are only going to toss most of 'em back into the drink or place them on the hook as bait for bigger fish, if you get the drift. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey did, for he bobbed up and down on that Lake as we did for so many years, frustrated and rowing against the waves that were always flowing to the left. They still do, though now they're muh more turbulent as the casting has intensified for tradfish. Watch out, you may not realize it, but if you're being reeled in by the spinning lure of the Motu, you're just being fattened up for bait. Tom explained in his article in which he reminded us that we had better be wary because fishing season is open and to the Modernists, there are no limits, no rules. He elaborated in Hook, Line, and Sinker

      Three years ago, Griff Ruby studied the conciliar document Summorum Pontificum and foretold exactly what would happen. We can see now he was right on as you'll see below:

    In a galaxy far, far away from Catholic truth there are rumblings within the small army of the Resistance as well as the Imperial Troops, all over recent pronouncements by the leader of the Empire which is leading to the inevitable "Motu Wars."

      Griff Ruby provided a comprehensive multi-part series on the need for a deeper study of the conciliar document Summorum Pontificum in order to see whether it was the answer or further contributed to the dark forces gathering to blot out souls. This then was the first episode of a series simply called: "Motu Wars," a take-off on the "Star Wars" theme for the Traditional Resistance, though determined and dedicated, is infitesmally small compared to the vast evil Empire that has taken over the governance of the Catholic galaxy. The Motu of 07.07.07 begged the question: Can the leader of the Empire be trusted just because of a few documents that seem to promise some good things? While many wanted to trust because of the multi- decades without a legitimate leader, Griff cautioned on the casualties the Empire's current leader has caused throughout the past. We must be careful and beware. We must study the plans laid out for words can be clever and convincing, convincing enough "to deceive (if it were possible) even the elect" (Mt. 24:24). What was really behind this sudden shift in ideologies? That is the crux of being on guard, of saving souls for there have been many storm troopers out there in purple and scarlet who have sought to sabotage and sack the Resistance. As Griff predicted, The Motu Wars only intensified for we need to know the enemy before we become them. Griff deciphered the conciliar code in the first episode of this series: I. Hope Against Hope
    Fearing rebellion from within his own ranks, the leader of the Conciliar Empire tries to assuage his Imperial Troops in purple and scarlet who fear he has conceded too much to the Traditional Resistance in the "Motu Wars." But the shrewd Darth XVIder is not one to be underestimated.

      Griff continued with his study of the Motu Proprio and, in his second installment, deciphered the accompanying letter to the bishops. It was necessary to know what was really intended in order to know the enemy's coordinates and to avoid the obstacles and remote probes that could lure out Traditionalists in order to deal a death blow to the true Faith. The freedom fighters must never recognize the false authority of the enemy for that would only weaken the Resistance. All dedicated to the Faith must stand firm to tradition and resist with all their might. Continuing the theme of "Star Wars", the Traditional Resistance may seem small in comparison to the vast evil Empire that has taken over the governance of the Catholic galaxy. Griff, on behalf of traditional freedom fighters, honed in on the hidden agenda of the leader of the Conciliar Empire in his communique to his storm troopers in purple and scarlet. As Griff discovered in deciphering the code, one could easily see the treason hasn't been subdued but has grown stronger for Catholic truth has been compromised for 'peace and tranquility' - code words for 'do it our way or else' to establish a One World Unity of Community Order where all bow to the Darth Vader of the Imperial Troops. A year later doublespeak and deception still rule the day. Griff sent the alarm to all in the Resistance: Stay the course, hold your positions. Do not be seduced by the Starship Ecumania. He explained in his second episode, II. The Conciliar Empire Strikes Back

    Fearing rebellion from within his own ranks, the leader of the Conciliar Empire tries to assuage his Imperial Troops in purple and scarlet who fear he has conceded too much to the Traditional Resistance in the "Motu Wars."

      Griff continued to break down the ideas advanced in the third, and by far least well-known, of that troublesome Trio of documents. As one read it one could see that normally when one has a set plan, one lays it out succinctly and the better prepared, the better it is conveyed. Not so with Benedict XVI and the counterfeit church of conciliarism opposed by a small loyal band of dedicated freedom fighters, who, knowing the history of the Catholic Empire, refuse to recognize the illegal, unauthorized satanic authority of the leader of the Roman Galactic Empire headquartered on Vatican Base, the Resistance's former stronghold in better days. More stipulations have been laid out by the one who's gone over to the sinister side. There was codespeak in his explanetory communiqué to his Imperial Troops that he had no intention of changing his course or conceding anything to the Resistance. He told them to just watch and see for, just as everything else he's touched evolves in Hegelian fashion, he had an evolution that would be a revolution planted with novelties and time bombs. For he's the master of such. As usual there was so much ambiguity in conciliar documents that another document needed to be issued to explain the first. Griff analyzed this "clarification", reminding all that we're dealing with an Imperial Empire which has penetrated every corner of the galaxy with its double-speak deceit. Griff warned there were hidden meanings, hidden indultcendiary issues that would explode when the duped least expect it. Griff revealed the hidden explosives in his third part, III. Return of the 'Time Bombs'
    The Galactic Empire is about to encounter either an endemic ennui or a horrifying honesty that there are so few priests to even say a Mass. Then what? Such is the dangerous omen of Summorum Pontificum.

      Griff Ruby completed his fourth and final episode of this series of analyzing the trio of documents centering on Summorum Pontificum. Utilizing the "Star Wars" theme, while the rhetoric is to hold treaty talks by both the Roman Galactic Empire and different factions within the Resistance, the fact was that for all sides it's been 'take no prisoners.' The ambiguity and disorder of the New Order has boded ill for the integrity of the True Latin Mass and infrangible Catholic Doctrine. Yet, God can allow good to come out of this malaise. Such possibilities were advanced here on how the consecrated Purple Knights of Tradition, guardians of Catholic Truth, could turn the tables and aid the masses with the proper formation of the Ordinary and Proper of the Mass but only by men who seek to be validly ordained, something few suspect Darth Vader or his collegial cohorts would ever allow. Yet, without this requirement, the Motu is a spectral speck in the galaxy, an illusion whose fruits are dead on arrival. Over this past year we've seen how what was to be enforced was all a charade by the leader of the evil Empire and his Modernist minions. Of course his Storm Troopers have remained uneasy in trying to find every excuse they could to opt out, to alter it to suit their purpose. Meanwhile, expectations have also proven to be exaggerated on all sides, but it wass the surface most were looking at. Lurking beneath has been a new chaos that foretells a bitter battle over conditions that few have even considered. Griff addressed this in his final episode of "Motu Wars" with IV. The Phantom Menace of the Motu

    Note: As these pages load, we invite you to say as many Hail Mary's as necessary. You can click on the Rosary button to the left as well to see the Rosary Prayers in English, Latin and Spanish. We pray you will be imbued by the truths of the authentic Catholic Faith we provide here and yearn to learn more of the infrangible truths of the One and only Church founded by Jesus Christ. This page views best in Mozilla Firefox. For Internet Explorer, we suggest putting text view in smaller mode. When moving your cursor over the graphics, click on the graphic to take you to that link.

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       Traditio recently alerted readers that "One press that used to be considered 'traditional' was sold out a couple of years ago to a Protestant conglomerate, but still calls itself 'traditional,' even though its publications now fully support the Protestant Novus Ordo. That press that published Fr. James Wathen's 1971 seminal work against the validity of the Novus Ordo, The Great Sacrilege, has pulled the book from its list because, now under its Protestant directors, it is no longer permitted to state that 'the New Mass [sic] is illegal, immoral, and not Catholic.' The once-courageous press can no longer publish a book that it now claims, under its new Protestant management, 'defames the [New]church and calls its approved form of the mass [sic] an invalid sacrilege.' The press now specifically rejects the truth that the Traditional Latin Mass "is the 'only' and 'true' Mass and that the Novus Ordo is invalid or illicit."

       The Fathers are, of course, referring to TAN Books. But have no fear. We are pleased to remind all readers that the late Fr. Wathen graciously gave The DailyCatholic permission in September 2001 to publish the entire book online so that it could be read by everyone, no matter the censorship by the counterfeit church of conciliarism. Thus, you can read his entire masterful work that has withstood the test of 40 years. No one has been able to refute the truth of his words in The Great Sacrilege

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  • In the overall metaphor of the edifice of the Church, the walls are made of the sturdy dogmas and doctrines, fashioned from the concrete base of Divine Revelation. Canon Laws, Papal decrees and the teachings of the Fathers of the Church create the buttresses for the roof. Yet, the architectural plans of the Church, so to speak, are structured from the blueprint of the Creed - The Apostles' Creed - which contains the twelve Articles of Faith. What was applicable and necessary for the first Council of Jerusalem in the first century holds true today and tomorrow. It cannot change with the ages or adapt to the times; rather, it must always be the other way around. Man must always adapt and adhere to God's Laws and the guidelines He has set down for man's salvation via A Creed We Must Live By .

    John Gregory provides an insightful inspiration on the Visitation where Our Lady dismissed all concerns for herself to minister to others, most notably her cousin St. Elizabeth who was further along in her pregnancy than Mary. Elizabeth recognized in Mary God's design for her younger cousin as did the babe in her womb - Saint John the Baptist who, though not conceived free of Original Sin was sanctified at the presence of the Babe in Mary's womb - the fetus of the God-Man. In this time when man's uncharity towards his fellow man is legend, we need to refocus on the intention for the Second Joyful Mystery - charity towards our neighbor out of our love for God. This charity is not reserved only for a select few, but all we meet. This charity is not about doing only humane things for others, but going well beyond that in doing all we can to do all in our power to see that our neighbor will save his eternal soul. This means charitably rebuking, correcting and admonishing if our neighbor has veered from the path God intended, and that means knowing our Faith so others will know it and convert. That's the greatest charity we can do for others because we do not want to see them condemned. That's what can happen as Jesus so clearly told us in St. Matthew 28: 20 and St. Mark 16: 16. John shares the meditation of The Second Joyful Mystery: The Visitation

    Over the centuries for two millennium, factions outside and inside the Church have tried to bring her down, to devastate and destroy the one institution created by God on earth. At every turn, despite the carnage of souls in its aftermath such as the Arian crisis, the Protestant Rebellion, the French Revolution and the greatest revolution in the history of the Church: Vatican II, the Church has not buckled, but has only rebounded and grown stronger. While many wonder if that is possible this time in the face of what the Modernist apostates have done over the past 50 years, we must trust in Jesus and realize He will not allow His Mystical Bride to die for She is spotless, created from the Sacred Heart, nourished and saved by His Most Precious Blood and the Water of Salvation that flowed from His side on Calvary. Christ's love is unconditional, neverending and proof that the Church, The Spotless Bride of Christ is Indefectible .

    On this third Sunday we honor fathers everywhere. Our dads are considered the head of the family while moms are the heart of the family. The Sacred Heart, Whose feast we celebrated nine days prior is both the Head and the Heart and One on Whom every Father must be firmly attached. Christ has given us His Own foster father St. Joseph as a role model to exemplify how a father should live and love. We provide a bit of history for today is the 100th Anniversary of the first Father's Day celebration that has its origins in Spokane, Washington, the very same city where the true faith is rising again thanks to the perseverance of the CMRI at Mt. St. Michael's. The editor reminisces on his own late father and how much influence a father can have on passing on the true faith as well as assuring a father's children that they will not only bring their children up the same way but also be there to assure the sacraments for the father when his time has arrived. In this time when fathers are portrayed as wimps and sissies, God shows that fathers really do know best if they heed His will. We often affectionately call our fathers dad. Considering God's plan, it makes sense. DAD: An acronym for Divinely Assisted Direction .

    To add insult to injury, on the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus a man who long ago abandoned Christ and His Church, one Benedict-Ratzinger proclaimed to the world that the Church was wrong and that she made many mistakes. It is the same pattern John Paul-Wojtyla used on the First Sunday of Lent in the late nineties in apologizing for the "sins of the Church." These heresies alone would be enough to prove to anyone with common sense that they could not possibly be true popes according to the perennial Magisterium of the Church in preserving the Sacred Deposit of Faith. But then such deductions make good sense and good is no longer common these days. Make sense? What must make sense to all is that, despite man's fallen human nature he can make mistakes and does, but never can a true Pope err on matters of faith and morals when speaking ex cathedra. Fortunately the Holy Ghost has protected the true Church from error as Christ promised by not allowing anything infallible to be pronounced since 1950. Why? Because She is the spotless, Mystical Bride of Christ. We need to remember always God's Apodictic Assurance Since The Apostles .

    In continuing our series intent on simplifying the holy Faith for those so confused over the past 50 years by all the alterations of the truths and traditions of holy Mother Church, we focus today on the very essence of the Church Christ founded: the four indelible Marks of the Church that prove She is the only true Church, the only true religion by which we can reach Heaven. Christ as said it, that settles it. Over two millennia, many churches, claiming to be Christian, have broken away from the One True Church established by Christ. To date there are over 33,000 different sects who thought they had a better idea than the Son of God. These sects were founded by men who had no authority from God to found a church and this is proven by the fact they do not possess the authentic authority To Teach, Sanctify, and Govern

    In continuing our series intent on simplifying the holy Faith for those so confused over the past 50 years by all the alterations of the truths and traditions of holy Mother Church, we focus today on the very essence of the Church Christ founded: the four indelible Marks of the Church that prove She is the only true Church, the only true religion by which we can reach Heaven. Christ as said it, that settles it. Over two millennia, many churches, claiming to be Christian, have broken away from the One True Church established by Christ. To date there are over 33,000 different sects who thought they had a better idea than the Son of God. These sects were founded by men who had no authority from God to found a church and this is proven by the fact they do not possess the four necessary indelible marks for authenticity. In step three we provide the evidence for this and how one can always prove the Catholic Church is the only true Church for She alone possesses the four indelible Marks of being One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic

          It has definitely been a decade of transition, as this editor dubs it - Transition to Tradition, our last opportunity before God really lowers the boom. Looking back, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see the deterioration in society as the ranks of the good, decent ones striving for holiness grow smaller and the enemy flanks are massing larger and larger, more threatening than ever. With every day we inch closer to the apocalypse foretold in the book of the same name, contrary to Protestant and conciliar concerns that it was always called "Revelation." Would St. John the Evangelist be surprised, and for that matter the holy Doctor of the Church who translated it and several of the holy hierarchs who ratified the Scriptures at various major councils of the Church, most recently at the dogmatic Council of Trent. Many closet conciliarists reading this may not be familiar with that council since the robber barons have sought to eliminate any mention of Trent in the same manner as the U.S. Government is doing everything it can to wipe out any mention of God. For both these offenses there are consequences, grave ones and we are beginning to see now that both anti-Catholic campaigns by the counterfeit church of conciliarism and the United States Congress and its cohorts in the Obama administration both in Washington and Chicago are getting more desperate as each day passes. Those not grounded in grace had best get right with God before it is too late. Call it "gloom and doom" if you want, but that doom can be eternal and that would cause anyone gloom. Can you say fire and brimstone? To remind you, we will be bringing you throughout this year "Diadems of the Decade" featuring an article from each month of each of the past ten years. We're not saying these are the "Best" of the decade for how do you choose which ones are the best? Yet, they are gems that we want to share for we're sure you will treasure them and realize, like fine jewels, they are still as valuable today especially when investing in souls. For this edition, we present a diadem for each July from 2000 through July 2009.

    Ten years later we can see there is nothing 'Supreme' left in the Supreme Court for they have totally turned from the Supreme Judge.

    This column ran ten years ago in which Dr. Frank Joseph, one of our first contributing writers, presented the dubious award for "Jurisprudence Absurdity" to the "Faulty Five" of the Supreme Court and asked how men and women of such intelligence could make such a stupid, demented decision as to overturn the Partial-Birth Abortion ban in Nebraska and consequently in other states. He deduced that it is not stupidity but a stubborn lack of ethics in which they have sold their souls to the Democratic Party cause by rationalizing that it is the woman's choice first and foremost without any consideration for the living, human body within their bodies. We can see a decade later that nothing has changed, in fact only grown worse as a result of their decision which, as we know, sealed the fate of countless millions of pre-born souls who cried out for life only to be crushed to death through a process called D&X which is an euphenism for outright murder. With the addition of avowed pro-abort radical Elena Kagan, it is only getting worse than back in 2000 Supreme Court Wins Absurdity Title .

    The Soul of America is under the Microscope! We need to stem the destruction of Christ's Mystical Body. Embryonic Stem-cell research is wrong!

    Nine years ago, with the issue of embryonic stem-cell research being thrown into the political fray and so many waffling on the absolutes of what the Roman Catholic Church must uphold, we proudly brought you a no-nonsense composition by Dr. Thomas Droleskey which pinpointed so expertly the undeniable truths of Catholic doctrine. He pointed out how certain past American prelates, supposed pro-life advocates, and even conservative Catholics had compromised and, in that concession to moral truth, had allowed the Catholic mindset to be muddied and confused, yes, hijacked. The results are only to evident today for all of this diabolical disorientation has only further prevented Christ the King to work in us, for us and through us. Tom explained in God Remains a Majority of One

    Before you race down to your neighborhood video store to rent Harry Potter films or buy the books, you should read what's really behind all the hype.

    Eight years ago Atila Sinke Guimarães, a foremost authority on the causes and effects of Vatican II, pinpointed the parallel problems of the corruption in the conciliar church and the climate of France before the French Revolution. It would seem, as he pointed out, to be only a matter of time before history repeats itself and the flock is further scattered thanks to the clever games being played for the temporal prize. We can see less than a decade later the rebellion against Christ rising both inside the conciliar church and outside. The problem is it's harder these days to distinguish from the two because The Revolution Rumbles On!

    When the balance of nature, as God designed it, is disrupted, consequences, very dangerous consequences result for those who dare to taunt the Almighty.

    Seven years ago Father Louis Campbell filed a sermon for the Seventh Sunday After Pentecost in which he focused on the fact that the fruits of truth were being bruised by worms of modernism and paganism including the idiotic emphasis on ecology and 'animal rights' activism over the God-given human right of life. This lunacy had pervaded the church of Vatican II as all have marched in lockstep towards the everlasting fire being prepared for the bad trees Our Lord speaks of in the Gospel. Fr. Lous reaffirmed what Sacred Scriptures say about the hierarchy of homo sapiens over all other species and why God provides for such. He also reminded us that while the animal and plant kingdom are for man's use, it cannot and must not be abused. Yet, in defiance of God's holy Will, man, in his quest to become god, has disrupted the natural order. Father explained in his sermon "The wolf shall dwell with the lamb"

    Revolution vs. Evolution - The bad fruits of Europe's fall from grace are the reapers of the apostasy that has made the American State all the more ugly by her total abandonment of Christ and His Church and the Masonic banner held high.

    Six years ago Fr. Lawrence Smith asked readers to stop and reflect and ask ourselves what were we really celebrating on July 4 Independence Day. Freedom? He begged to differ with those who have such myopic utopian illusions and provided the facts tracing the bad fruits back to the protestant reformation which inaugurated the beginning of Europe's fall from grace. America is merely an extension and despite the cries of "God bless America" the facts are that the reapers of the apostasy that felled Europe have been feeding themselves quite well on the rotting corpse of America which has fallen into decay because it was never preserved in the manner God so willed because from the beginning the Founders abandoned Christ and His Church. That is why the Masonic banner flies so high over the United States though few can see it through the illusion they've bought into. Father called for a reality check in The Dissolution of Church and State

    Non-Catholics do not understand the vital, life-saving and infinite meaning of the "laver of redemption" available only in the Immemorial Mass of All Ages.

    Back in 2005, Before his death five months later on November 7, Father James F. Wathen, the pioneering traditional author of The Great Sacrilege, left this gem in which he cited the Epistle for the Feast of the Most Precious Blood to illustrate how the New Testament is superior to the Old in the manner and essence of sacrifice, for all worship necessitates a sacrifice of blood and, while animal sacrifice was accepted in the Old Covenant, the New Covenant necessitates but one sacrifice. That is the memorial of the ultimate sacrifice given by the Divine Son to the Eternal Father by shedding every drop of His Most Precious Blood for all mankind as a "laver of redemption." Only by washing our sins in His Most Precious Blood can we be cleansed, and ultimately saved by adhering to His truths revealed to the Church He founded. Non-Catholics do not understand the vital, life-saving and infinite meaning of this and because of that, they have misconceptions about and antipathy for Catholics because, in truth, Catholic worship is what Our Lord established and only by "doing this in memory of Me" - "Haec quotiescumque feceritas, in Mei memoriam facietis" is the Immemorial Sacrifice for all ages perpetuated and pleasing to the Father. The Precious Blood of Christ

    Knowing that Christ will put things well in focus, we just need to keep our eye on the Prize through our powerful spiritual binoculars and realize that all that is not of Him will fade away.

    Late in July 2006, Griff Ruby pointed out that the picture of the situation in the Traditional Movement wasn't as bleak as some may have thought even if - through eyes of our fallen human nature - the future might have looked hazy and dark thanks to the distortion wrought by the conciliar church, but, when we put our spiritual binoculars to the horizon, we know that the Restoration - the Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church - is not only possible, viable and plausible, but a veritable fact. He reminded that few could judge the distance in linear time, yet we could see clearly that Christ will put things well in focus and we just need to keep our eye on the Prize for all that is not of Him will fade away and the Holy Sacrifice will be restored universally when the abomination of desolation is discarded once and for all. Until then, as Griff advised, be patient. What Griff and the rest were not counting on was the cunning of Ratzinger in foisting the Motu Mess on the gullible a year later. It has only made it more difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff but, as Griff insisted, we can afford to wait and work toward conversion one at a time for "conversion is gradual, repentance is abrupt." He explained in his column View to the Long Term

    In Saint Anne's womb was formed the most Immaculate, perfect finite being the world has ever, or will ever, know. How could we ever forget Mary's mother and Jesus' Grandma?

    How could we ever forget Mary's mother and Jesus' Grandma? Denise Michele (Trias), who is presently fighting for her life in her battle with cancer, illustrated three years ago how St. Anne sets the example of perseverance and the priority of bearing children. This is a lesson lost on today's selfish, instant-gratification generation who have so sadly forgotten that the rewards of motherhood are 'rolled over' in Heaven forever. Why? Because mothers work in cooperation with God to populate Heaven, and this would never have been possible without the fiat of good Saint Anne. Denise also took the reader inside St. Anne's Shrine in Massachusetts to illustrate some of the magnificent statues in this magnificent edifice, most notably of St. Anne herself nurturing her beloved, Immaculate daughter in body, mind and soul. Denise, whom we ask you to remember in your prayers, shared her experience in Good Saint Anne, Patroness of Mothers

    Knowing how the Brown Scapular will protect souls entails knowing why. Ah, there's the wooly rub.

    We've all heard the axiom, "there but for the grace of God go I", but how many of us really understand this? Two years ago Ava Bell, a committed Traditional Catholic, related how this hit home for her in her earlier days before her awakening, if you will, in the same manner that Saint Augustine wrote about when confiding his past sins in his landmark book "Confessions." Her experience is pertinent for our times, especially in this day and age when so many worship at the altar of the world, the flesh and the devil. Ava presented a sobering story that should shake the timbers of our souls and wake the echoes of those who assume security when, in truth, there is only one way to secure eternal salvation and no amount of superstitions will stay the inevitable truth that for any sacramental to be effective, the one receiving it must be of good will and open to the grace of God, specifically Sanctifying Grace. Without this protection, all else is futile, fateful. The Brown Scapular is Not a Good Luck Charm

    Last year the editor Michael Cain filed an editorial on the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul that ran throughout July, in which he lamented that most are sadly complacent, falling into that vial lukewarm category so castigated by the Lord in Apocalypse 3: 16. The devil is having a field day by creating diversions in diversity in both temporal and spiritual matters. Nowhere is this more evident than in the disunity he sows within the Traditional Catholic movement, pitting one against the other. When will we bury the hatchets and seek the common ground of Catholic Truth in our fight against those who oppose just that? When those who pine for the good ol' days, those who complain about the sacrilegious travesties in the New Order, those, such as TIA, who claim exclusivity in the Resistance movement, and dissident 'home-aloners' all realize that the nearest sedevacantist chapel is where they will all discover that the sacramental life of the Church is alive and well. And why not? The Church has provided as Christ promised. Cain explained in his editorial, A Question no one has yet to Answer

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