Dr. Frank Joseph's PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS (012500fj.htm)
Gems of the Decade
January 25, 2000
vol 11, nos. 17

                Now, We Have the Truth about Pro Aborts

        This first ran in January 2000 and, as you can see, nothing has changed in ten years. Boxer and the rest of that culture of death ilk must go. These politicians are the number one reason why there should be term limits on senators and congressmen and women. Two at the most. Throughout this decade Dr. Frank Joseph has remained totally committed to exposing the charlatans responsible for the countless, senseless deaths - nay, murders (can you say slaughters) of the innocent unborn. Those responsible will answer to God and His avenging angels. For several years we enlisted this dedicated retired Catholic physician from Southern California to write a special pro-life column for The DailyCatholic, exalting the Catholic beliefs on creation and procreation in upholding the Sanctity of Life.

    A pro-life friend wrote me, enclosing a letter he sent to his Senator, Barbara Boxer, expressing his views on the partial birth abortion ban. She replied to the post and what she revealed or should I say "exposed" revealed more than she had intended. I include the Senator's reply here. Bear in mind as you read it, that Boxer voted NOT to ban the barbaric Partial-birth abortion.

    Also, bear in mind that reliable studies, have shown that babies 20 weeks and older, suffer excruciating pain when they are killed, because the mechanism to dampen the pain hasn't developed, while the pain receptors have. Other studies have indicated that the unborn may feel pain as early as 9 weeks, since it is clear that the fetus responds to touch from five and a half weeks after conception.

    For those who don't know the procedure, or it has slipped your minds, let me refresh you:

    In these late term abortions, the entire baby is delivered except for the head, which they make sure stays in the birth canal (otherwise it would be "legally" considered murder) -- then the back of the baby's head is punctured with scissors and then the baby's brains are sucked out with a powerful suction apparatus. The baby feels excruciating pain during this procedure. This act is so horrendous that congress -- the House and the Senate, passed a Bill that would ban it, but Clinton, who claims he feels everyone's pain, vetoed the Bill.

    The House had the necessary 2/3 vote to override the veto, but the Senate was three votes short, thanks to the liberal Democratic Senators. Senators like Barbara Boxer.

    So, with one stroke of the pen, Clinton, who would have you believe that compassion oozes through every pore in his body, condemned to death, in the most gruesome manner, thousands of babies yearly, who otherwise would have lived. He has reverted our supposedly civilized society back to barbarism. There are no words to describe the awesome barbarity of this procedure. It's enough to make you cry.

    Boxer's office made a crucial mistake -- they mailed out the wrong prewritten letter. It was meant for those who are against cruelty to animals. Read it and be prepared for a shock:

    Dear Friend:
    Thank you for contacting me to express your views. I appreciate your taking the time to contact me about animals.

        I have always fought against abusive and inhumane treatment of animals. During my years in Congress, I have supported policies designed to improve animal welfare.

        I believe that we must work to preserve our endangered species and our wildlife. In 1992, I fought for dolphin protection by writing legislation that encouraged tuna companies to commit to "dolphin-safe" policies. In 1997 my legislation, S. 1460, would preserve the definition of the "dolphin-safe" label, allow the import of "dolphin-safe" tuna only into the United States, and would cap dolphin deaths at 5,000 annually declining over time to a goal of zero mortality.

        I have worked to stop those animal experiments that are abusive and lacking in scientific merit. My "Consumer Products Safe Testing Act" asked government agencies to review their testing regulations with an eye toward replacing current animal testing requirements with non-animal alternatives.

        I will continue to fight for the humane treatment of animals. Again, thank you for sharing your views. Please, keep in touch.


    Barbara Boxer
    United States Senator

    There is no need for me to comment on this letter -- it speaks for itself. BUT, I've GOT to.

    This letter proves, what I've been saying all along. The Liberal Democrats have more respect for the sanctity of animal life, than human life. After reading this letter, I DARE anyone to deny it. They know that most of these babies would live, if they would also deliver the head, instead of holding it in the birth canal, while they do their killing, so it would be a "legal killing." They know about the pain studies. All of this was brought forward in the Senate hearings.

    Boxer said, "In 1997 my legislation, S. 1460, would cap dolphin deaths at 5,000 annually declining over time to a goal of zero mortality." Her aim is zero mortality for dolphins, while she, and her liberal Senators, are the cause of thousands of babies being killed every year, who otherwise would have lived. What is her reason, for not wanting zero mortality for human beings?

    I thought, I had heard everything, but this beats them all. How could such a person be a Senator?

    This, my friends is the mindset of the liberals -- to do anything and everything for votes. Human life means nothing to them. For once, I'd like to see the liberals do something that pleases GOD and not satan.

    These people are so afraid that if PBA are banned that it would be a big victory for pro-lifers and that just maybe, all abortions would be outlawed. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. It's called love and compassion, which the liberals know nothing about.

    Don't believe the "crap," they spew about their concern for women, who will go to some dark alley and have an abortion done with a rusty coat hanger and die of complications. Read my article concerning this and all their other lies on my web page.

    They would sooner, babies die a horrible death than to give in one inch. These people are only fit to represent animals. May God help us if the Democrats take over the House and the Senate, and Gore or Bradley become president, in the upcoming elections.

    The declining moral values of the Democratic party, is the reason I became a Republican, years ago. I could see the handwriting on the wall. I will NOT be in a party, which sees nothing wrong, if a woman wants to kill her unborn baby -- not even while her baby is being born and would live; a party which sees nothing wrong with taking prayers out of the public schools. If children don't learn right from wrong and the wages of sin at home, which many don't -- that's just too bad -- is their mindset.

    The Democrats on the whole have become a party which sees nothing wrong with trashing organized religions with terms like the "religious right," "the far religious right," "the fanatic religious right." As if, being religious is some sort of an evil preoccupation.

    In plain words, if you believe in God and obey his Commandments, you belong to the religious right. If you attend church services on a regular basis, you belong to the far religious right. If you do all of the above and believe in the sanctity of human life and EVERY ONE of The 10 Commandments and fight for these principles, so that we can halt our country's freefall into the abyss of hell, then you are referred to as the fanatic religious right.

    Using their terminology, Jesus Christ and all the Saints, would be labeled, the "fanatic religious right."

    It's getting to the point, where you can't turn on the TV without hearing one of the above terms by the liberal Democrats. There's no more important issue that faces our country today, than the issue of the, "killing of unborn babies" -- a.k.a. "abortions."

    It's very simple -- your vote will determine, what kind of people you want to represent you in congress and in the White House and what kind of a country, you want for your children. Our once Godly country, is sinking fast. Satan is having a field day and we had better start waking up to that fact, and fast.

    These people act as if there's NO GOD. If they say they do -- I do NOT believe them. You cannot believe in God and knowing that you'll have to answer to Him for your sins, if you condone the killing of unborn babies. The two are diametrically opposed. When I hear Christians say, "I personally think abortions are wrong, but I believe that a woman should have the right to choose," I feel like "gagging." NO ONE has the right to kill a human being, if they so choose.

    Ernest Hemingway once said, "This is a fine country and it's worth fighting for." I agree with the last part, but until we stop the killing of unborn babies and reverse the moral degeneracy of our country, how can it be a fine country? But it definitely is worth fighting for -- to reverse the damage done by the liberals and get our country back to God.

    I will never get over Senator Boxer's following statement: "I will continue to fight for the humane treatment of animals."

    That's fine and commendable, but, if she could only feel that way about human beings.

    To answer Barbara Boxer, I would like to say that, I WILL continue to fight for the humane treatment of human beings, until I take my last breath.

    Let the liberal Senators know, you're not going to keep taking their Godless agendas -- especially you, who are constituents of a pro-abortion Senator, even if you have to write every day, until you get a decent answer. Include your name and street address and you will get a reply by regular mail. If you need their e-mail addresses and phone numbers, go to my web site.

    The evil that's overtaking our country, MUST be stopped. Every day that passes, babies suffer and die. Every day that passes, evil gets stronger and will be harder to fight. Satan must love the liberal Democrats -- how can he not? Thanks to them -- everything he's fighting for, is happening.

    Albert Einstein, once said, "the world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."

    PLEASE, do not take this lightly. We MUST fight harder, or it will be too late for our children and grandchildren.

    God bless,

Dr. Frank

from Tuesday, January 25, 2000, Volume 11, no. 17