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    Please continue to pray for Sister Mary Bernadette's blood sister Pauline Urban who is dying of Ovarian cancer. She is a traditional Catholic in Kalispell, Montana. Sister has been granted permission by the Bishop to be with her and comfort her as best she can in these last days. Both are the daughters of Alvina Urban who suffered a stroke and is being taken care of at Mt. St. Michael's in Spokane. Also, please remember Others who are suffering

   Just a note of gratitude for your prayers and patience during this past week when some kind of bug really attacked this editor and rendered him very, very weak. In fact, I've lost 12 pounds and had my first solid meal (tuna fish sandwiches) this afternoon for the first time since last Wednesday, November 24.

    My loving bride took good care of me, almost to the point of reminding me of the good Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondolet I had in my formative years at Assumption parish in the 50's. Just as they were tough out of care for their pupils, so also my Cyndi was strict with me out of great love and concern. Have to admit I was a bit concerned for a while there when the fever spiked and I couldn't get warm. All I could think of was what the missionaries and martyrs went through for Christ. I must admit, I've got a long way to go because my structured prayer life suffered during this down time. At times all I could do was say "I offer it all to You, dear Jesus and you, Blessed Mother" and then roll over and moan.

    I can honestly say it was one of the longest weeks in years just staying in bed, trying to sleep and not able to for long periods of time. Yet, when I think of what I went through compared to our Lord in His Passion and Death, or the martyrs, well, my illness was a mere bandaid, if that, and I should be ashamed of myself for being such a wuss. My wife kept reminding me. "men, that's something common in the male species." Maybe that's why, fellow husbands, they love to baby us. Our wives. Ah, gotta love 'em. God sure does.

    Cyndi was adamant that I get rest to regain my strength and wouldn't let me near the computer until last night where I just scanned a few articles and tried to clear out a week's worth of spam and place important e-mails into various mailboxes so I could answer them in due time. If you have e-mailed me, thank you and please be patient. I will try to answer as soon as possible, but we have an issue to produce again so I'm trying to catch up. It will take a few days to get back up to speed when we'll be able to bring you a new article or two. For now, we're keeping the promotion below of Tom's articles that are so pertinent in these times and the only sane voice crying in the wilderness as the silence is deafening from the anti-sedevacantist camp in the Traditional movement. Truly shocking.

    And speaking of a voice crying in the wilderness, that was St. John the Baptist in preparing us for His coming and we are less than four weeks away.

   May we all make good use of this Advent 2010 and also remember to prepare for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception with the nine-day Novena begun three days ago. In addition, since the feast of St. Andrew we are encouraged to pray the Christmas Novena (above) fifteen times a day.

    Again, thank you for your patience during this road bump that brought home to this editor how human I really am. And being human, you must know we cannot live on prayers alone to provide for the bills. Therefore, As 2010 draws to a close, we don't need to tell you that Our Lord sheds tears because so many souls still do not know the Truth. Because of that the light of Tradition grows dimmer. You can see that in the apathy expressed over Benedict XVI's blasphemy and apostasy. The truth is being squeezed out with every generation, dimmer and dimmer. With your donations to The DailyCatholic and through Our Lady's intercession, you can help to save souls, brighten the path to Tradition, and dry a tear or two from Jesus' holy face, lest those of you, who have the Truth and have been blessed with the means to help, might have to try to explain your selfishness at your Particular Judgment. Reading the very sobering words in the Prophecies and Revelations to St. Bridget of Sweden should bring that fact home as we resume daily chapters. Think and pray over it as we ask you to remember this apostolate for charitable giving this Christmas and for a year-end tax deductible donation. We count on the generosity of our readers to keep up the integrity of this publication and keep it free of all advertising and banners in providing our readers worldwide with the foundations for the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. If you can pledge for 2011 we would be most grateful and assure you that you will personally be in our daily prayers.

Michael Cain, editor
    If there are still non-sedes out there defending Benedict XVI over his massive naturalistic heresy that a lesser evil is permitted to avoid a greater evil, please step forward for the mental ward has a vacancy for you. Unbelieveably, even to Traditional Catholics who know how this Hegelian mindset works like a spring trap in speaking ambiguously while undermining Catholic truth as often as he can, so many won't see the severe gravity of this as the world shouts hurrahs and "atta boy, Benny" in light of the Vatican reaffirming what most Catholics didn't really think he meant but now discover he did indeed mean as he further slips toward hell in taking so many souls with him. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey documents in two articles not only what Ratzinger indeed meant, but what Catholic truth means in the very words true reliable Catholic Popes decreed in illustrating how Ratzinger and his conciliar predecessors have violated so many commandments as in all of them including causing scandal and bearing false witness by lying to cover up so many things as well as stealing the faith from souls. Besides, Ratzinger has blatantly sinned against the Faith by his infidelity, apostasy, heresy, indifferentism toward the welfare of souls, and taking part in non-Catholic worship. And you really still think he could ever be a true pope even if just formaliter? Get serious. Tom does in putting into perspective the great damage done and why every Catholic must recognize this naturalistic heresy and the sins Ratzinger is condoning by his idiocy. As his wife Sharon has said, "Wake up and smell the sulphur! This is not Catholic!" Tom elucidates in
O Lord, stir up Thy power, we beg Thee and come, that by Thy protection we may deserve to be rescued from the threatening dangers of our sins and be saved by Thy deliverance. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

    The Advent wreath is a tradition that symbolizes the endless circle of eternity; the greens represent life and growth; the four candles, preferably of beeswax, have been blessed at Candlemas and saved for this time of preparation. The candles, each one representing both the week and a millennium before Christ, represent those years of "sitting in darkness and the shadow of death." Each candle adds more light as Christmas nears until on Christmas Eve, the light from the wreath sets off, as it were, the blaze of light on the "tree of life" - the Christmas Tree from which the wood of the manger was crafted for it was with the promised coming of Emmanuel on that starry night in Bethlehem that time was fulfilled. It is the tradition that the youngest child in the family lights one candle during the first week of Advent and the candle burns through the evening meal and then is extinguished until the next night. At every Holy Mass they are lit before Mass begins with the above prayer and extinguished after Holy Mass.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, and ransom captive Israel that mourns in captive exile here until the Son of God appear. Rejoice, Rejoice! O Israel, to thee shall come Emmanuel.

    Most recent pertinent articles from Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey at Christ or chaos:
  • If Them, Why Not Others? It's a maddening world and Benedict/Ratzinger has just made it all the more mad in mind and soul with his idiotic Hegelian mindset made public in a book about to be released in which a part is devoted to Ratzinger's flip-flopping on condoms in his and his lackey Lombardi at L'Osservatore Romano trying to spin and assert something is possible when all Catholic truth shouts no it is not possible for sin is sin and no moralization of sin can change that fact and to condone one sin in order to prevent another is sheer madness. 11-22

  • Ever Faithful To His Infidelity With each passing day Ratzinger/Benedict makes it so obvious he is not Catholic and that's before his most outrageous statement on condoms that will get plenty of play and spin. The tragedy is the insufferable damage he has done to souls and the Catholic name by posing as a pope and worse yet, deceiving the world into thinking he is in charge of what everyone considers the Roman Catholic Church. All those fence sitters out there, if what he has said and done over his sad career doesn't convince you; and if the state of the world doesn't prove to you that there is no moral authority any more and God has withdrawn His graces from all but His remnant Church in the catacombs, then there is little hope you'll ever come around for you've been programmed to "believe a lie" and "have consented to iniquity" as St. Paul warns in 2 Thessalonians 2: 10-11. 11-21

  • Criminalizing the Innocent, Indemnifying the Guilty With all the controversy swirling around over the TSA fiascoes in every airport in the land, Tom asks where is the logic? Why should we trust a government to protect its people when they not only won't protect the innocent unborn? In fact, they are taking every measure possible to make eliminating those who are "dispensable" such as the old and sick legal. Not only that but criminals and perverts are being hired to grope at the airport. That's the kind of madness that reigns today as we witness the Decline and Fall of America. Why should we be surprised? God said it would happen if we didn't heed His Laws. 11-19

  • Defend Truth Now or Lose The Only Election That Matters Those who put their trust in man are destined to not only be disappointed, but defeated whereas those who put their trust in God and strive to do His will, not the politicians who promise anything but never deliver because they never had the intention to. The latter are firmly in the prince of the world's camp and to believe them is to "believe a lie" which put us in this predicament in the first place with the "operation of error." Trust in the past true Popes who were endowed with the grace and protection of God; not the conciliar frauds whom God has disavowed as even Tradition in Action admits. 11-16

      Evidence of the "operation of error" that is the counterfeit church of conciliarism from other sites:

  • We Should Attack and Discredit the Agent of Error In 1960 the Spanish priest Fr. Felix Sarada y Salvani tried to alert all that the liberals would try to turn the tables and accuse true Catholics of hate whenever they were attacked. That trend of diversion continues today and it's time it's stopped. Why? Because as the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, as well as many Saints and true Popes, such as Paul IV, St. Pius V, Leo XIII, St. Pius X to name a few, emphasized: we must attack the person spouting heresy in order to defuse the weapon he uses. It's warfare and we have to strike at the heart of the enemy with forceful words to discredit them, but always with the sword of truth. Therefore, Fr. Salvani's words should reassure and justify traditional publications, sites and writers who have been accused of being mean-spirited when they attack the heresies of the conciliar popes and potentates who have been firing slings and arrows expecting traditional Catholics to be more "charitable" while they wreak havoc on souls with their Hegelian, Modernist bafflegab and gobbledygook that has so confused countless souls. from Tradition in Action 11-20

  • The China Nightmare The sleeping giant is not sleeping. No, it is ratching up all its muscle while lulling the United States into a false sense of security. Then again with Obama and his Marxist thugs in charge, who knows, maybe China's already in control with their Manchurian candidate. Toby Westerman, an expert on foreign affairs, files this report that should wake up Americans who think China means well. No communist has ever meant well. from Tradition in Action 11-19

  • Could the Modern Vatican be behind the controversy of the recently found version of the Third Secret of Fatima? A correspondent from Portugal weighs in on why the secret that Tradition in Action has published and commented numerous times on could be a facsimile of the real secret with lies interspersed to not only throw off the truth, but also cover up more lies. The person expresses the possibility that someone out there has the real secret and could be in danger if, indeed, the Modernists are hunting the holder down. from Tradition in Action 11-16

  • Looking for evil in all the wrong places If you can't beat 'em, try and catch up even though the devil's beat them at their own game. That could the slogan of the conciliar conundrum of why no one can drive the demons out of countless souls. To try to close the barn after the horses are out, a conciliar consulate is offering classes in exorcism to men who cannot exorcise simply because they have not been endowed with the sacramental grace of exorcism, a right obtained only through the rite of traditional Minor and Major Orders leading to true ordination. What they fail to realize is the reason why there is so much demonic possession today: because God has withdrawn His graces from all but His True remnant Church in the catacombs. from Traditio 11-15

  • Smoke and Mirrors While the mammoth thurible pendulums forth with clouds of incense in Spain, in the U.S. a trial is about to begin that should hopefully shed light on the caliginous conciliar consciences that have allowed the perversion and filth to continue unabated as one of the most bitter fruits of Vatican II. Hopefully it will reflect the crack in the mirror and shed light on the fact that the entire house of cards the conciLIARS have erected at the expense of billions of souls must be abolished. from Traditio 11-15

  • USCCB going up or is that down in flames? With the latest scandal regarding the president-in-waiting to lead the corrupt inept conciliar cabal of the USCCB, it looks like those potentates will have to look elsewhere for a titular head this year since Tucson's Gerald Kicanis has been outed as being pedophile-phriendly. And you thought it couldn't get much worse than Chicago's Francis George?! from Traditio 11-12

  • Bamboozled in Boston What will it take to drive the scandal mongers out? A presbyter in Haverhill, Mass gets caught redhanded helping himself to $80,000 from the collection plate to feed his porno habit and his ordinary Sean O'Malley is mum on the whole thing? O'Malley is the one who replaced Bernie Law. What was that Our Lord said about one demon leaves and seven more enter? Corruption has no limits when it comes to the conciliar cronies. from Traditio 11-12

  • Oh, yes, it can get worse with the rotten robber baron of Vatican II Just when we thought we'd heard it all, Traditio reports that Ratzinger has not only allowed a consecrated, renowned church in Rome to become a brothel and bar, but he's also had the unmitigated gall to bestow a long-standing Catholic honor on a high Mason who is a known murderer, philanderer and drug lord. Can it get any more bizarre? Stay tuned. from Traditio 11-10

  • Closet Muslim celebrates Hindu feast in so-called 'Catholic' school Isn't this just hunky dory? B. Hussein Obama on U.S. taxpayers' dime (or is that taxpayers' two hundred million a day ticket?!) had no time to meet with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce but while continuing to sell out America to our enemies, took time out on his "let 'em eat cake" oriental tour to celebrate the pagan feast of Diwali (feast of lights) in, of all places, a school considered 'Catholic.' We all know it isn't and the presbyter of the school documents that fact: "60 per cent Hindu students, 35 per cent Muslims and only five per cent Christians." No reason in the world to call it a 'Catholic' school, but then none of them are anymore. from CathNewsIndia 11-08

  • Oh, what the conciliar church has wrought As Benedict XVI heys to Spain (why, we have no clue considering what he and his cabal have allowed) to try to assuage the masses who are in an uproar over this apostate responsible for so much scandal, it is revealed that the conciliar church will go so far as to team with the deadly drug cartels in Mexico to reap funds, even if it's dirty money. What next? from Traditio 11-9

  • All Caesars Go Mad 11-12
  • Still Caught in the Trap of Naturalism 11-9
  • More Committed to Error Than We Are to Truth 11-8
  • Fratricide in the Lodge 11-6
  • As Blind Now As He Has Always Been 11-5
  • See Caesar Pout 11-4
  • Written in Sand 11-3
  • Saint Alphonsus, Please Make Clint Eastwood's Day for Him 11-2

       On the Feast of St. Bridget of Sweden, October 8, we introduced a new feature in bringing you each day a chapter a day for meditation on the wondrous, Church-approved and encouraged, plethora of prophesies revealed to St. Bridget in the fourteenth century which, as you reflect on Our Lord's words to her, you will realize they hold even truer in our very time today. Thanks to the resources of we are able to provide this for you. The only difference is that we are parcelling it out to a chapter each day so readers can meditate on the contents of each short chapter and not be overwhelmed by too much.

        Today in the Revelations and Prophesies Imparted to St. Bridget of Sweden Christ likens the Virgin Mary to the ark wherein the staff, the manna, and the tablets of the Law were, and many wonderful things are revealed in this comparison in

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        O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee the most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in tabernacles throughout the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He is offended. By the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in unison with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

        O Most Holy Trinity, I addore Thee! My God, my God, I love Thee in the Most Blessed Sacrament!

        O my Jesus, it is for love of Thee, in reparation for the offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for the conversion of poor sinners.

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  •     It has definitely been a decade of transition, as this editor dubs it - Transition to Tradition, our last opportunity before God really lowers the boom. Looking back, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see the deterioration in society as the ranks of the good, decent ones striving for holiness grow smaller and the enemy flanks are massing larger and larger, more threatening than ever. With every day we inch closer to the apocalypse foretold in the book of the same name, contrary to Protestant and conciliar concerns that it was always called "Revelation." Would St. John the Evangelist be surprised, and for that matter the holy Doctor of the Church who translated it and several of the holy hierarchs who ratified the Scriptures at various major councils of the Church, most recently at the dogmatic Council of Trent. Many closet conciliarists reading this may not be familiar with that council since the robber barons have sought to eliminate any mention of Trent in the same manner as the U.S. Government is doing everything it can to wipe out any mention of God. For both these offenses there are consequences, grave ones and we are beginning to see now that both anti-Catholic campaigns by the counterfeit church of conciliarism and the United States Congress and its cohorts in the Obama administration both in Washington and Chicago are getting more desperate as each day passes. Those not grounded in grace had best get right with God before it is too late. Call it "gloom and doom" if you want, but that doom can be eternal and that would cause anyone gloom. Can you say fire and brimstone? To remind you, we have been bringing you throughout this past year "Diadems of the Decade" featuring an article from each month of each of the past ten years. We're not saying these are the "Best" of the decade for how do you choose which ones are the best? Yet, they are gems that we want to share for we're sure you will treasure them and realize, like fine jewels, they are still as valuable today especially when investing in souls. For this final month of 2010, we complete this feature with a diadem for each December from 2000 through December 2009.

    Our Lady appeared in 1531 to stop human sacrifice. Nearly 500 years later she's asking the same thing for we have surpassed the Aztecs in brutality

    Ten years ago Cyndi Cain, in her twenty-first installment, shared the urgency of listening to God and His primary emissary - His Most Blessed Mother Mary. One of Mary's most powerful messages came on December 12, 469 years ago on Tepeyac Hill in Guadalupe, Mexico. The purpose was to inform the New World, then ruled by the Aztec Empire, to embrace the New Faith being brought to them by the Spanish missionaries as well as stop the barbaric practice of human sacrifice, a custom long observed by the pagan culture. Just as the Father chose for His only-begotten Son Jesus Christ to be born in a humble, poor stable, so also He chose a humble peasant to be the clarion for the new evangelization that would take the New World by storm for the Faith and end the human sacrifice by the Aztec nation at the same time defections were going on in the Old World due to the damaging Protestant Reformation. Cyndi pointed out that Our Lady's mission is still not done, for a far worse human sacrifice has visited our earth and our country in the horrible holocaust of the womb - abortion. She asked all to prepare for the birth of the Messiah by doing all in our power to help prepare for the births of 4,000 daily who are denied the right to life through abortion. Each of us can do our part to fulfill Our Lady's plea by offering our prayers and encouraging others of the vital importance of the Sanctity of Life and by using this Advent in prayer, penance and fasting for the reparation of many souls and the conversion of the hard-hearted. For her column, Your fiat, in harmony with Mary's, will continue the Cantata of Life

    The child abuse scandal caused by the Robber Barons of Vatican II is having repercussions thanks to political correctness gone amok

    Nine years ago Atila Sinke Guimar„es asks whatever happened to teaching orthodoxy and virtue and getting rid of those who continue to ignore sound Church teaching. He presents a tableau of the new regulations in the British Isles where the privacy of the confessional has caved in favor of glass confessionals because 'priests can't be trusted alone!' What would St. John Vianney, the Cure d'Ars think about the new confessional? Ah, there is an excellent question that few Atila's article bears out all the more the sad direction the Vatican II reforms have taken in Those in glass confessionals should not throw stones

    By defending disobedience to the modernists we do not encourage anarchy and disorder in the Church, but rather point out who the ones are who are disobedient to God. Obedience must always be to the Faith!

    Eight years ago DailyCatholic editor Michael Cain was busy connecting the dots and several e-mailers were beneficial in doing so as he shared the various comments from readers who weighed in with their perception of the "abomination of desolation". Through it all he noted that one thing stands perfectly clear and that is that the modern church has done nothing to curtail the slide toward perdition. Obedience blinds them to the truths of their Faith. By defending disobedience to the modernists we do not encourage anarchy and disorder in the Church, but rather point out who the ones are who are disobedient to God. Obedience must always be to the Faith! That is the key point of his column written during the time when he was beginning to realize the possibility that the conciliar popes could not be Catholic, ergo the only logical solution pointed to an on-going interregnum during a time of Sede Vacante as he deduced in his editorial Faith trumps obedience every time!

    How much Newchurch hates Fatima

    Seven years ago Mario Derksen pulled no punches in documenting the Newchurch's relentless, blatant and blasphemous efforts to destroy Fatima and its importance in Church annals for, like any criminal, they must destroy the evidence or else be caught for the deceiving liars they are and their agenda which is, pure and simple, dictated by the prince of the world - the winged warrior of all evil who directs the obliteration of the beautiful Fatima basilica so that the most mundane monstrosities of the new age can be erected to all the gods who serve at the altar of lucifer. Mario outlined how this subterfuge has been able to gain legs as he explained in his column Finishing with Fatima - How much the New Church hates Fatima Finishing with Fatima

    Today there are powerful periti from the Council who have burrowed beneath dogmatic truth to loosen foundations within the modern Vatican.

    The ambiguous agenda of Vatican II which incarcerated Catholic Truth in cells of anomalies that reek of modernism, humanism and other anathemas have been foisted on the faithful and now have come back to haunt big time those who had hoped they could trust the leaders of the Church, but, as Kathy Willett Redle revealed six years ago in her short essay there are powerful periti from the Council who have burrowed beneath dogmatic truth to loosen foundations within the modern Vatican. At various times they surface from their foxholes via statements that, based on the aberration of ambiguity, give rise to relativism and further make the sheep ripe for the shearing. Why? Because they've been so dumbed down that they've had the wool pulled over their collective eyes and ears, unable to recognize the identity of who's really undermining the Truth Faith. She documented this in The Aberration of Ambiguity

    The evidence is overwhelming: If anathema sit, you cannot acquit!

    Five years ago guest editorialist Joseph C. Maurer used Christopher Ferrara's own words to prove the latter's attack on sedevacantism was all a smoke-screen and that the franchise's arguments against sedevacantism evaporate in the sands of contradiction as he illustrated in citing not only the Scriptures, holy Popes and Doctors of the Church, but Ferrara himself as well as Fr. Gruner, Fr. Paul Kramer, CFN Editor John Vennari and Michael Matt's Remnant. Joe provided the facts that the basis for today's Sede Vacante position is based on the rock-solid foundation of Christ's teachings and His Apostles. While Ferrara dared to go where no man has gone before in turning on the "Enterprise" and 'klingson' to defending the indefensible, Joe pointed out that those attackers should realize that the 'Final Frontier' is where the True Church resides, free of the errors and, yes, heresies, of the conciliar church - heresies which have been manifestly professed in word and deed many times over. Joe also cited how Ferrara's attacks left him vulnerable credibility-wise since the very publications he had written for have contradicted his words several times. He documented it all in his reply Opposition to the Anti-Sedevacantists

    The ecumenism of Vatican II is heretical, whereas the goal of Traditional oecumenism is necessary to unite the flocks in preparing for a true Vicar of Christ to come.

    Four years ago Griff Ruby turned to solutions in laying out the path that Traditional Catholics need to realize in seeking to restore the Oneness of holy Mother Church, which, though still intact in the True Church now in the catacombs, is blurred from so many because of the divisiveness of various factions within the Traditional movement. In order to bring unity, Griff proposed a necessary course that begins with true oecumenism as opposed to the false ecumenism of Vatican II and the conciliar church. And the Journey toward full alignment with the perennial and infallible Magisterium of the Church inevitably returns to True Catholicism when one realizes there needs to be unity of Traditional Catholics in all things holy Mother Church has always taught and realize the conciliar church is not even on the radar as far as accordance with Catholic truth. The ecumenism of Vatican II is heretical, whereas the goal of Traditional oecumenism is necessary to unite the flocks in preparing for a true Vicar of Christ to come as Griff points out in his column Trad-Oecumenism

    How our Lady of Victory made popsicles out of Protestant plans fourteen years after Lepanto

    Three years ago George Codina shared a little known true story of a battle that, had it not gone well, could very well have changed the face of Europe. He pointed out that you most likely won't hear about this event in revisionist history annals, but it is something every Catholic should know and realize that when all else fails, praying for a miracle can't hurt. As trite as that may sound to some, true believers understand how true that can be. Throughout the history of salvation it has occurred from the time of the Old Testament to the time our Lord and Savior walked the earth to the testament of His deity following His Ascension, His Church has a treasure of miracles that did indeed change the course of history. We know of the victories at Lepanto and Viena, but few know of the miracle on ice. No, we are not talking of the USA Olympic Hockey victory over the Soviets, but the miracle our Lady effected through the grace of God in hearing the prayers of her children trapped on the Isle of Bomel in 1585. George relayed the details in his article, Miracle on Ice

    America has shown by their omissions and commissions that they don't love God. How then could they ever truly love their neighbor? Therein is the downfall in domino fashion of America as we know it. Civilization has asked for Chastisement and God will answer in kind. Beware.

    Two years ago, in light of the recent elections and vitriol of the culture of death and sin-all-we-want crowds that have demanded rights that fly in the face of God, Scott Montgomery weighed in with a short essay on what we have lost for true love (not amare or agape, or even the kind of charity caritas St. Peter refers to in 1 Peter 4: 8, but the sincerest love with which Christ expects us to love Him and our neighbor, to truly love: diligere) - is trampled under when family and values are abandoned and ridiculed. This is the kind of love our Lord references in St. John 14: 15, Si diligis Me, Mandata Mea servate "If you love Me, keep My Commandments." Have we? It's obvious America has not and the consequences are also quite obvious for we have not learned from history or from Scripture. The result, as Scott shows, is the decline of civilization, even in the great United States of America. so blessed for so long by God, but which now cries out to Heaven for vengeance because of its blatant sins and abandonment of God and His Laws, both Natural and Supernatural. Scott laments America's fate for their faithlessness in his essay Charity and the Fall of the American Empire

    One year ago Stephen Grieve completed the second part of the essence of the Gospel of St. Matthew 23: 1-3 which basically served as the launching point for Our Lord to castigate the seemingly ruling authority of His days, but which Steve proved Christ was declaring them usurpers and not valid holders of the 'seat of Moses.' Likewise, Steve illustrated how the same arguments holds true for the conciliar usurpers who have seized the throne through material means, but are totally invalid and should definitely stir the sensibilities of those who continue to elude the inevitability that a true pope would never and could never do what the conciliar leaders in Rome have done for the past 50 years as he provided proof in part eight of his series Toward a Scriptural Brief proving Sede Vacante with Usurpers of the Old and New Covenants

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