Editor Michael Cain points out that the man in the White House doesn't want to acknowledge what Americans have fought for throughout 233 years, and Catholics have tried to preserve for over two millennia. Obama's actions manifest that this enigma from Kenya is more sympathetic to terrorists in not only weakening our country, but stripping us of protection and, most importantly, eliminating Christ from the face of the earth. By his actions he is an antichrist and we must speak out on that very fact, just as is the man in Rome who offends Our Lord so by his apostasty. While both men greatly add to the burdens of Mary's Most Sorrowful Heart, She is saddened by our own apathy in the face of elimination of all we hold sacred. Will it take being thrown to the lions or herded into prison camps to wake up Americans and Catholics to what is really going on? Considering America's disregard for human life, especially the slaughter in the womb of over 50 million innocent souls; the disrespect given to Terri Schiavo in her horrible agony four and a half years ago; the almost unnoticed passing of a Terri's dad Robert Schindler, Sr., who withstood the abuse of apathetic America as euthanasia gained a foothold; and the mounting casualties in senseless wars while America decays from within can, it can all be traced back to Vatican Two and the loss of the True Faith by countless millions. Those are the kind of damages God will certainly not consider collateral. Editor Michael Cain gives tribute to the forgotten and reminds us of those we should forget, except in prayer - for we may be commanded to love our enemies, but we sure don't have to like them - especially those who think nothing of the carnage of Collateral Damage

As we arrive at the month that undoubtedly forever changed the face of America, we also remember a Pope who warned us of just what we encountered fifty years ago in the Church and now today in America the same thing is happening with ambiguous bills that have laid out the red carpet for our own government to strip citizens of their God-given freedom and rights. Why? Could it be because we have not kept our priorities straight? Cyndi Cain reminds us and offers the lesson of the holy Pope Saint Pius X who provided all the motivation needed to mobilize and man the ramparts, defending our holy Faith and all we believe as Americans by going on the offense. We need to hear what God wants of us and then have no fear when we shout from the rooftops the infrangible Truths of our Faith and the established goals of the American Constitution. If enough of us stand up and shout out with a sincere heart, then we know God will hear us. In doing so, so will the enemy to either repent or to suffer the consequences. St. Pius warned us of these very times because of the "heresy of heresies" building such a strong bunker right in our midst, both in the Church and in the world. Now those errors have infiltrated every facet of our society and it's time to fight back. Let us resolve to collectively seek out the faith of a mustard seed and then go forth letting the truth ring out from sea to shining sea. Stand Up and Be Counted!
  • Story of Pope Saint Pius X
  • Lamentabili Sane
  • Pascendi Domenici Gregis
  • Oath Against Modernism
  • Modernism's Eternal Foe
  • Why is Our Lady so Sorrowful? She is a Mother and She continues to weep because so many do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Her Divine Son. Wouldn't you weep too? This is a month for weeping for many sorrows have visited our nation. If we thought what happened eight years ago was tragic, what the enemy of Christ is doing now will cause that to pale in comparison. Isn't it time we refamiliarized ourself with just what are the Seven Sorrows of the Immaculate Heart

    Griff Ruby continues his second round of Feeney refutations by taking apart one of the St. Benedict's Center's very first attempts at defining their position publicly. Though the denials of Baptism of Blood and Desire were only hinted at, the kind of pessimistic thinking upon which those denials were based is fully evidenced. In this first of three parts, Griff exposes the ignorance of those who hold mere ignorance itself to be sufficient cause for damnation, as he addresses the Introduction, Part 1, for first of a three part with the beginning of his fourteenth installment. Reply to a Liberal, part a

    Griff continues his second round of Feeney refutations with this second part of taking apart one of the St. Benedict's Center's very first attempts at defining their position publicly, a piece titled Reply to a Liberal. So which is it? Does God condemn the non-culpable or is every non-Catholic under any circumstance personally culpable for their failure to become Catholic? In this second of three parts, Griff exposes the bigotry of those who hold all non-Catholics personally guilty of heresy, schism, or apostasy, as he addresses the remainder of Part 2 of Reply to a Liberal, part b

    Griff completes his analysis of Reply to a Liberal, taking on its Part 3 and Conclusion. Instead of imitating Christ Who seeks to save all by whatever means the Son of God may choose (even if we mortals cannot guess them as we are so wont to do), the Reply piece instead seeks to find and multiply all the possible reasons for a person to be damned. Get the idea that perhaps they don't want too much company in Heaven? Even the innocent can be damned, by their reasoning! Griff explains in his final part of his three-part installment on Reply to a Liberal, Part c

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    It is well worth it to take the time to view the film below right. You can see a full size screen on a special page for The Obama Deception. The more this evil One World Order agenda plays out, the more clueless people will be duped and fall away, pawns of satan and his minions. It's about saving souls and wising them up to reality, for them to realize where they're heading unless they get their act together and take their Faith and responsibility as American citizens seriously. Globalism is of the devil, not God. Pray your rosaries and fight the fascists, communists, socialists, One World Order oligarchs, posing as problem solvers. They're the problem that needs to be stopped.

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