For this special Christmastide edition we have intended to keep it simple and focus on the reason for the Season which begins on Christmas, not before. Now that Advent is behind us we can break out the white and gold, we can celebrate the birth of the Christ Child and adore Him as the shepherds did on that holy night and continuing while Mary and Joseph remained in Bethlehem. We can rejoice with the angels on high who bowed and adored, in numbers we cannot comprehend, the promised Messiah - none other than the Second Person of the Trinity Jesus Christ, Who became man for the First Person of the Trinity - the Father Almighty so loved us that He sent His only begotten Son. What love, what joy! We provide the meditation from John Gregory on the Joyful Mystery of the Navitity as well as the Haydock Commentaries he has provided for the major feasts during this time. For any articles and features from the Advent issue, please see either Features or Advent edition.

   We also provide the true meaning of the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas", so popular today in secular circles during this time of year. In truth it was actually a secret catechism based on the Truths of the Roman Catechism of Trent. This abbreviated code was sung by Roman Catholics after the Reformation in many countries such as England where they were not allowed to practice their faith. Thus, in similar fashion as the early Christians used the symbol of the fish, so also persecuted and deprived faithful Catholics sought to communicate with fellow Catholics to truly celebrate the Faith underground. Paramount was the Birth of Jesus Christ as the Savior in the Catholic tradition. By singing this song, they could communicate without fear of reprisal. Thus they formed this "carol" which represented "religious reality" in symbols. This also held true during the persecutions of the French Revolution. The "True Love" is God the Father. The Partridge in a pear tree is the Holy Trinity - in particular the Holy Ghost (the Dove) and Jesus Christ Who is known as the "Second Adam". We all know that the fall of man derived around an apple tree. A pear tree ties into this analogy and elevates the redemption. The fact there are twelve days corresponds with the twelve articles of the Apostles' Creed, a prayer that reinforces the Catholic Faith in every way. The number twelve is significant in that there are twelve months to each year and it was in the twelfth month Our Lord was born. Christ chose twelve disciples and God ordained that there would be twelve tribes of Israel. The Mother of God was foretold in Genesis as the woman who would crush the serpent's head and in Apocalypse 12: 1 as having a "crown of twelve stars," and finally, in pre-Vatican II days, it took twelve years to become a priest going through the minor seminary, novitiate and major seminary system. Just as the Apostles' Creed incorporates the doctrines of the Faith so also it and The Twelve Days of Christmas are prayers, and this Christmas there is no better gift to give than prayer to God and for our fellow man, whom, because of our love for God, we must love even if we don't like them. Thus, isn't it a time to call a truce to differences that the devil loves to foment?

   That is why this Christmastide we ask all to pray, to lay all that is on your heart in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and allow the Immaculate Heart of Mary to take all your cares and worries and place them on the altars of the true Masses said throughout the world that they may be washed in His Most Precious Blood at Holy Mass. May the peace of God and the inspiration and assurance of the Holy Ghost guide you to stay the course and, as St. Paul urges us all in 2 Thessalonians 2: 14, to "stand firm; and hold the traditions which you have learned." We pray that your prayers are in accord with God's ordaining Will and that you will abide by His permitting Will when prayers are seemingly not answered. Remember, every prayer is answered. Our prayer for all is that your faith will be strengthened, that you will hold to the truths you have learned, speaking out for Christ and His Church and gain the necessary graces to persevere in these tumultuous times when peace on earth seems so remote. Miracles can happen. Pray for many miracles. That is our Christmas wish for you this year. Because of the season, we have suspended all articles until we return on the Feast of the Holy Family in the new year with more articles and features. Until then, on behalf of our wonderful family of writers, Cyndi and I wish to extend our heartiest best wishes and prayers that our readers will have a blessed and grace-filled Christmastide. We provide for all a special animated card that you can see by clicking on the button to the left. It is our way of saying thank you. God bless and keep. We thank those who have helped us reach more souls with their contributions and for those who have not, we lovingly ask you to...

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Note: As these pages load, we invite you to say as many Hail Mary's as necessary. You can click on the Rosary button to the left as well to see the Rosary Prayers in English, Latin and Spanish. We pray you will be imbued by the truths of the authentic Catholic Faith we provide here and yearn to learn more of the infrangible truths of the One and only Church founded by Jesus Christ. This page views best in Mozilla Firefox. For Internet Explorer, we suggest putting text view in smaller mode. Click on the Advent type below for articles in our Advent edition.

During this Christmastide edition, we recommend the following traditional sites for catching up on the latest news and comments:

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  • Climate Change Calls for a Reengineering of Religions by Juan Sanahuya 12-09

    See Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's latest essay on the Fort Hood shooting and the lie that Islam is a "'religion' of peace." Yeah, right. Tell that to the 3,000 who died on 9-11-01. Tell that to those soldiers and civilians and Chaldeans who have died in Iraq and to our fallen troops in Afghanistan. Tell that to the Marines killed in Lebanon. For that matter, tell that to every Christian killed during the bloody Crusades. The fact is there is no justification for Killing in the Name of The Religion of Peace 11-11

    The radical gunman Major Nidal Hasan (left) was a disgruntled soldier who flew below the radar in much the same way the 9-11 terrorists did. How many more are out there? Journalist Jon Christian Ryter may very well have the answer for he goes beyond the headlines to tell it like it is. Honesty in journalism is a rare commodity these days and a stark contrast to the indoctrinating propaganda and lies being fed to the public such as backing Obama's cautioning all not to jump to conclusions over the shooting when the conclusion is so blatantly clear. This is the same exalted dufus who jumped to a conclusion over beer-gate and who plays the race card whenever he can to foster unrest and division, but handles anything regarding Islam with kid gloves, even bowing to the Saudi king while apologizing for America. What you won't hear from the mainstream media, you'll find in Ryter's accounts Behind the Headlines

    While everyone is watching Obama and his minions in moving America closer to communism and the ultimate One World Order fashioned by surrender to the socialist order, few realize that his Hegelian counterpart in Rome is working diligently toward a One World Religion with his devious whirling dervishness toward the underground true Catholic prelates in China in Chicago-style threats while treating the invalid prelates of the Anglican and conciliar church in the Chicago-style corruption that the conciliar church has mastered over the years. Two articles bring this home of just what Ratzinger is up to. One is from Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey, posted on November 2 as a follow-up to his article on defaming the English Martyrs from last week, and the other is from Atila Sinke Guimarães on the hidden agenda in Ratzinger's encyclical Caritas in veritate. Read between the lines and you'll see the socialistic/communist leanings of the man in red shoes. Whether you want to call him "Pope" as Atila does or "antipope" and "antichrist" as sedevacantists must consider him, he is still, according to true Roman Pontiffs of the past and the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church, been declared "anathema sit" - "let him be accursed." These articles should wake up the faithful to what's really happening in moving closer to establishing a Christless cathedral to house the One World Religion.

    While we can see Obama dragging the United States to Marxism, few realize that Modernist Rome is doing the same thing through their own 'Pravda' L'Osservatore Romano. Guess the secret word and you could nominate a reprobate from the past to praise with revisionist thinking totally with the approval of the chief Hegelian in the Vatican who has always shared the same philosophy as Barack Obama and Karl Marx. Groucho? He was just a dirty old man. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey once again exposes the real dirty ones from Georg Sans to Gian Maria Vian to Ratzinger and the absolute absurdity of those who still insist on calling the church Ratzinger heads as 'Catholic.' It can't possibly be as he provides proof from true Popes of the past in his essay L'Osservatore Marxista

  • For Thirty Pieces of Pork Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 12-21

  • Believing His Own Stuff Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 12-10

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  • Huck Passes The Buck Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 12-2

  • Obama the Obsequious Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 11-18

    There is no getting around it, the man at 1600 Pennsylvania and the man usurping the Holy See are joined at the hip and, though they may think their Hegelian idealogy is hip, it only forebodes more danger ahead for everyone. Catholics everywhere need to beware that Ratzinger is no friend of Christ or the Faith but will readily and has readily sold out the Church's rightful position to the satanic United Nations. The truth is there is no difference between Obama and Ratzinger. They are both manipulators in moving the world towards a New World Order and into the waiting arms of the devil as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey points out in his piece Implementing Obamadict's New World Order 11-12

    The lastest flu scare is proven to be another fabricated crisis that Obama and his Maoist Marxist minions are using to strongarm America into ceding more rights, poisoning Americans that will lead to further enslavement and death camps. Hospitals are being forced to report every flu symptom as "Swine flu" aka H1N1 to bolster the numbers and to pad the pockets of pharmaceuticals and others who profit from the mishaps of others in true schadenfreude form. But that is, as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey, points out, nothing but misdirection for those who fear for their life, because the real crisis is how many don't realize if they did die from the flu or anything else (and everyone reading this will die some day) that the only protection, the only insurance guaranteed to attain Heaven is being in the state of Sanctifying Grace. The only way to receive this "salvific shot" is to visit the infirmary of Divine Mercy in the Sacrament of Penance, administered by a true consecrated priest with the power to forgive sins. Any other way - this side of a perfect Act of Contrition - renders the rest plumb out of luck as Tom details in Oink

    Though we had stayed out of the fray on counsel by our confessor not to comment on the specific sad events taking place in the Queen City, chiefly because we have never met any of the principals involved and we deplore gossip, to suppress facts which Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey has brought to light would be covering up what needs to be expressed. That is why we wrote the editorial Cease Fire!

    We have placed articles on this in the SSPX category since the manner former Society priests are acting replicates a SSPX cult mentality. Tom, above all parties because of his travels, is more in touch with the pulse of the traditional movement than any one else. Therefore, when he writes what he has written it is only prudent to link his tough-love article, which explains much on the whys and wherefores of the scandals presently dividing St. Gertrude the Great and gravely harming souls. We ask you to pray for all parties concerned - both clergy and laity - and to read St. Matthew 18: 1-20 in understanding the grave harm being done and what all parties need to do to alleviate the cancer there as Tom painfully identifies in the articles below.

  • Absolom Times Two or More Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 12-10

  • The Firing of Another Teacher Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 12-4

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  • "Partial" Communion Only Goes So Far Putting any hope in Fellay is useless Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

  • Bishop Fellay Accepted 95% of Vatican II Firm reply to Bishop Fellay for expelling Fr. Meramo. Fr. Basilio Méramo

  • Awakening from a False Obedience Five cases beg to differ with Fellay's tactics and direction. Atila Sinke Guimarães

  • L'Osservatore Benedetto Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 12-22

  • Appeasing Those Who Hate The Holy Name Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 12-13

  • Collapsing Before Our Very Eyes Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 12-6

  • Drinking More Than Swiss Miss Chocalate Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 12-1

  • Never Afaid to Scandal the Little Ones Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 11-30

  • A Truly Quiet Revolution Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 11-29

  • Ashamed of Christ the King In Life, He Will Be Ashamed of You in Death Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 11-28

  • More Than Enough Chaos To Go Around Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 11-25

    For so many years the conciliarists from the top on down have been dodging secular authorities, claiming diplomatic immunity as they continue to not only cover-up sodomite clerics intent on preying on innocent boys, but move them around so they can continue their perversity. Traditional Catholics can see the cover-up so clearly, but until recently most could not. Now the Supreme Court may just step in and sink the Bismark, so to speak. For more, see Traditio's comments Supreme Court to clear up conciliar collusion confusion

  • When Apostates Are Two of a Kind Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 11-21

  • Refusing to Take Ratzinger At His Word Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey 11-20

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  • So many have misinterpreted the Twelve Days of Christmas with a secular meaning, but they fail to realize that, in fact, they were a "secret catechism code" sung by persecuted Roman Catholics from the Protestant Reformation through the French Revolution. It was their way of communicating their faith much in the same manner the early Christians did with symbols such as the fish. The first day is a given since Christmas Day is the first day of Christmas and the "Partridge in a pear tree" represents Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the King Whose Social Kingship for all nations every faithful Catholic must strive for. For the Three Holy Sacrifices of the Mass on this most solemn of solemnities, see Solemnity of the Nativity of Our Lord

    The two turtledoves represent the Old and New Testaments - the Word of God which over the years has been so watered down by "interpretations and political correctness" that often it loses its true meaning and must be properly discerned through the Church's reliance on the Holy Ghost. Contrary to so much syncretistic novelties and concessions to the Jews, while the Old Covenant is treasured by Holy Mother Church for its roots, the New Covenant established by Christ takes priority and reinforces the meaning and fulfillment of the Old Testament and there have been countless saints who were martyred for standing by the New Testament in fulfillment of God's holy Will with St. Stephen being the first. For today's Holy Mass honoring the First Martyr of the Church, see Feast of St. Stephen the ProtoMartyr

    The three French hens represent the Three theological Virtues of FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY which enabled Catholics to stay in the state of grace by practicing and promulgating these vital virtues when the sacraments were not readily available. So also today when, because of the plethora of aberrations in the Novus Ordo rite and the novelties and modernist novelties that exist everywhere, the sacraments are not readily available either and so Traditional Catholics must reinforce in their thoughts, words and deeds these theological virtues. In the face of the warped logic of conciliar catholics and their empty resolutions all void of defense by the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church, it takes great fortitude, patience and, yes, charity. Faith and Hope spur Traditional Catholics on just as Traditional Catholics were encouraged in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. For this Sunday Feast of the holy Evangelist and Apostle St. John, see Double of the Second Class Feast of St. John the Evangelist

    The four calling birds represent the four Gospels where truly the Word of God through Jesus and His life for all of us to emulate was recorded. Since Catholics were not allowed to keep bibles or preach during those times, they reinforced others through the song to read the Gospels in private and live it, and not to subscribe to the altered version known as the King James Bible, but to remain true to the Latin Vulgate translated by the great Doctor of the Church Saint Jerome. Those who were caught were often persecuted and executed, much like those Holy Innocents slaughtered by Herod, those little ones who we honor today at Holy Mass. Thus, for the final time in the calendar year, we break out the purple vestments for the Feast of the Holy Innocents

    The five golden rings represent both the first Five Books of the Old Testament or the Pentatuch which reminded fellow Catholics of the roots and, after the devotion became more widespread and known, the Five Decades of the Rosary and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Rosary was given to St. Dominic to fight heresy and few were as brave as St. Thomas a Becket in standing up to his King because he believed in a greater King to whom Thomas' earthly king had to be subjective to and rule in accordance with God's holy Will or face the consequences. The temporal consequences for Thomas were tragic, but his eternal consequences have been heavenly. We should study his life for we too may confront just such choices eventually in our own lives and the question is: Will we choose the same path Thomas did? For the Holy Mass honoring this holy Bishop and Martyr today, see Feast of St. Thomas a Becket

    The six geese a-laying represent the six days God took to create the earth, the universe, and all creatures. It was a way for all Catholics to remind fellow faithful and be reminded that, despite persecution, they were not second-class citizens but rather first-class children of God and rightful heirs to His mansions in the Heavenly regions if they persevered in the One, True Faith. It encouraged all Catholics, in the face of great apostasy, to believe and adhere the first dogma of the Church, "Extra Ecclesia Salus Nullum" - "Outside the Church, there is no salvation." Thus the sixth day represents the sixth day octave of Christmas and Creation. For this feast, see Within the Octave of the Nativity

    The seven swans a-swimming represent the Seven Sacraments established by Jesus Christ as well as the Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost. With the Sacraments and Gifts Catholics could sustain themselves through the dark times and encourage others at this holy time of the year with this Christmas song, reminding each other of the wondrous glory of God and His munificence on the seventh day of the octave of Christmas. Just as this falls on the last day of the year, so also with the Seven Sacraments the old covenant was ended and replaced by the New Covenant which Our Lord left to His Church and for all generations with the promise of the protection of the Sanctifier, the Holy Ghost, especially through the true Successors of St. Peter such as today's saint. For today's Holy Mass where we honor a holy Roman Pontiff, see Feast of Pope St. Sylvester I

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    The eight maids a-milking represent the Eight Beatitudes preached by Jesus Christ on His sermon on the mount and which Catholics, no matter how persecuted, could practice good deeds through the Beatitudes and gain great consolation and courage from these. It exemplifies the Christian attitude He called for in the Two Great Commandments, to love God with all our might and, secondly, because we love Him, to love our neighbors as ourselves. On this first day of the year we celebrate the human nature of Christ as He, through his obedient, holy Mother Mary and foster father St. Joseph, shed the first drop of His Most Precious Blood with His Circumcision which would be shed 33 years later to the very last drop on the cross for us. No greater love can anyone have than He would give His Own life for others - us, so that we could, through His merits, attain everlasting life. There is no better New Year's Resolution to hold to than that. For the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for this Solemnity, see Solemnity of the Circumcision

    The nine ladies dancing is not about partying but rather the Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit as described in Galatians 5: 22 - "But the fruit of the Spirit is: charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, modesty and continency." These fruits helped Catholics to practice the virtues and remind fellow Catholics how to stay out of harm's way as far as their souls were concerned. This is excellent advice as we honor the First Ladies of ladies: the Mother of God with the First Saturday of the New Year for it was Mary's obedience, her fiat that made this all possible so that indeed we could merit everlasting life if we did all her divine Son asked and left for us in the divine revelation and the truths and traditions of the Church He founded upon the Rock of Peter. For today's Holy Mass, see First Saturday of the Year

    The ten lords a-leaping symbolize the Law of God - the Ten Commandments. It was not a leap to obey the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai for the Protestants, who were persecuting the Catholics of those times and countries, also believed in the Ten Commandments, but the reference to "lords" was in reference to the rich and powerful for they were the ones who could change the laws that governed persecution and curtailment of the Catholic Faith. Yet it was the "lords" who were lax in obeying God's laws and Catholics wanted to remind their fellow Catholics that no matter how wealthy or spoiled the princes were, faith and perseverance was more important by reminding them of the law of ages and that at the Most Holy Name of Jesus every head should bow for He alone is our Sovereign King to Whom we owe obedience above man. For today's Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that supersedes the Sunday liturgy, see Most Holy Name of Jesus

    The eleven pipers piping stood for the Eleven Faithful Apostles who stuck with Jesus when seemingly all others had abandoned Him. They were referred to as "pipers" for they indeed were sent out to all corners to spread the Gospel as Our Lord had commanded and, like the "Pied Piper of Hamlin" they attracted many to the One, True Faith. It was a way for Catholics to remind their fellow faithful to keep this in mind during the hard times for all but Saint John were persecuted and martyred for the faith. If they remained faithful to their Faith and to Jesus, they, too, would one day enjoy the same rewards of Heavenly bliss, continuing to adore, obey and honor Him always as we do today in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Feria of the Most Holy Name

    The twelve drummers drumming represented the Twelve Points or Articles of Belief in the APOSTLES' CREED. It's interesting that Catholics chose drummers for their symbolism for to keep reminding each other of the twelve points of the solid creed known as the Apostles' Creed for this was their profession of faith and there was a constant need to keep hammering home this point or should we say "bang the drum" so fellow Catholics would get the "beat" and get into a rhythm of their religion, encouraged by all Jesus promised and professed in the Creed. Today we observe the Vigil of the Epiphany, in anticipatin of the day traditionally accepted of when the three Magi from the East arrived about a year after Christ was born, bringing Him regal gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myhrr. For the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, see Vigil of the Epiphany of Our Lord

    It is a tradition to take blessed chalk and mark the top frame of the front door of your home with the letters you see above. The Roman Numeral MMX is for the 2010. Below that write C for Caspar, then a plus sign (+) then 20 and another plus sign (+) then M for Melchior followed by another plus sign (+) then 10 and finally another plus sign (+) and B for Balthazar. For Traditional Catholics, the Feast of the Epiphany is also the day of gifts rather than Christmas day in emulating the three wisemen in exchanging gifts after twelve days of celebrating Christmastide. Today's Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, though not a holy day of obligation in the United States, is nevertheless a First Class Feast and there is no better way to celebrate this day than by assisting at Holy Mass. If you cannot do so, see Double of the First Class Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord

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