Griff Ruby sets aside his polemics on scholastic dishonesty and his series on sedevacantism to ask readers to use August to focus on improving their meditation. With the overload of information inundating us these days from every medium that most portends doom and gloom, a retreat into a contemplative zone can do wonders for one's soul and psyche. During these dog days of summer, why not try relaxing our minds by turning inward through meditation to converse with truly man's best friend ever: God. He asks us to meditate not in the sense of eastern mysticism, but in the manner the Church asks us to pray, through contemplative communication with Him by blotting out worldly things. We, who are finite, talk to Him so much, and yet we don't seem to take the time to hear what the Infinite has to say to us. How can we steer souls, beginning with our own, if we don't listen to the Instructor, the Supreme Admiral to guide us over the rough and turbulent sea of life? Open your ears and heart, and the mind will focus on things not of this earth, but of what God wants. Try it, you'll like. So will the Triune God Who so wants you to shut up and listen. Isn't it time we all start really using that God-given mass of potential between our ears? It's the way saints are made. Griff lays out the simple formula in his article On Meditation
Cyndi Cain returns after seven months to share a lesson we can all use during these hazy, lazy days of summer when the sun is the hottest and when the Son is not necessarily too cool with our lacksadaisical attitudes that more readily represent the cultural icon of pulp fiction Alfred E. Neuman, "What Me Worry?" Yes, we should worry if we are not putting our hearts, souls, minds, time, talents and treasures to 100% use for Christ and His holy Church, so afflicted in these times. Cyndi asks if it is pride that keeps us so blaize about so many things, so apathetic in responding to help others spread the Gospel and True Faith amidst the sea of conciliar confusion, or is it a false assumption that we've got it made? She reminds all that such thinking can lead away from God, right into the traps set by the wily evil one who, as St. Peter warned us, goes about like a roaring lion seeking whomever he can to devour - especially those in the Traditional movement, especially true priests and bishops. The devil will use every tool he has to bring us down. We have to be on our guard at all times and Cyndi reminds us of the ruler we have that should clear all confusion: the infrangible tenets of the infallible dogmatic Council of Trent. That is our barometer that we can best gage on our knees. She explains in her lesson Pride and Lukewarmness Lead to the Abyss

Scott Montgomery provides an interesting essay on how liberalism has gone from conforming to Catholic truth in promoting nonviolent modification of political, social, and economic institutions to assure the dignity of the human being in respect to how God intended for the family unit to what today, a half century or more later, illustrates how much God has been left out of the equation, snuffed out by a radical agenda of modern Protestantism that gives concession to sin, both its tolerance and diversity, ushering in every form of abuse that increasingly denies both God's natural and supernatural laws and, consequently denies Christ as King of all nations. Today liberalism represents the bad fruits of freedom from tradition and authority, the adjustment of religious beliefs to scientific conceptions, and the development of spiritual capacities that make man god. A New Age has dawned. With liberalism today, who needs God since all men are gods? Now you see why we're in the mess we are. Scott points to poignant statements by the Dominican Fr. Vincent McNabb, as well as Popes Leo XIII and Pius XI in the need to reassert the Social Kingship of Christ which liberalism has endeavored to snuff out. Scot explains in his essay Liberalism and the Catholic Faith
As we head into our Annual Summer Hiatus, editor Michael Cain alerts all that we need to batten down the hatches, man the ramparts, and prepare for battle for satan and his legions are marching on us with everything they have whether it comes from a Godless government that is fast becoming a fascist-communist oligarchy or from in-fighting within our own ranks or our own families. Satan knows our every weakness, but God knows and can provide our strengths to counter the evil one, but we have to want to. We have to love Him so much we'll do anything we can to further the Faith, even to giving our very lives so that others may attain eternal life as well. Isn't that the only goal we should have in mind, getting as many souls on our side? That would be Heaven's side if our hearts are true. To do that, it begins with at least ten just men, which, in referencing "men" includes humankind, for we will not be bullied into political correctness, but rather stand by Catholic correctness. It's necessary to remind all that one can't do it all, it takes at least ten and many, many, many times that to amass an army that can counter the assaults that will be launched against those who stand for Christ and His Truths. Will you stand firm or will you retreat? That is a question we must all be prepared to answer. It takes wisdom to know and grace to follow through as he explains in his commentary Ten Just Men

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It is well worth it to take the time to view the film below right. You can see a full size screen on a special page for The Obama Deception. The more this evil One World Order agenda plays out, the more clueless people will be duped and fall away, pawns of satan and his minions. It's about saving souls and wising them up to reality, for them to realize where they're heading unless they get their act together and take their Faith and responsibility as American citizens seriously. Globalism is of the devil, not God. Pray your rosaries and fight the fascists, communists, socialists, One World Order oligarchs, posing as problem solvers. They're the problem that needs to be stopped.

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