January 24, 2008
vol 19, no. 24

Talk No Evil, Hear No Evil & See No Evil...and yet, More Evil Than Ever!
    The 35th Anniversary of the horrific, despicable Roe vs. Wade decision has come and gone. The hype of yesterday's news has faded to old news and the abortion agenda continues unabated. While platitudes were preached and endorsed by a lame duck president who, like clockwork, encourages the multitudes every January 22 but does little otherwise, the omissions of decency and right steamroll over consciences, dulling the fact that commissions of sin grow worse; especially now that those taunting the culture of death are growing desperate in realizing, with alarm, what could happen if people really were heard when they spoke out, really saw the evil. The pro-aborts can't have that, so more verbal engineering and smear campaigns, as well as diversions, are rushed out to make sure decency and virtue never see the light of day in the darkness that is evil.

      "Let hundreds of thousands speak against abortion and the media and abortion lobby hear silence. Let one abortion supporter spew a lie and these same people hear a thunderous mandate to make the murder of the innocent as common as brewing coffee."

    To gaze upon America's present abortion situation is to truly grasp the essence of the old Japanese pictorial maxim probably having even more ancient Chinese roots. While some argue that the maxim tells us to avoid being snoopy, nosy and gossipy, many more modern interpretations add a cynical spin to warn against moral cowardice. As is so often the case, we can easily accept the instructive value of both interpretations. In the case of this country's present stance regarding abortion, the latter one hits the nail on the head.

Verbal Cowardice

    History is brimming with examples of evil clothed in flowery language. The Nazis used all kinds of euphemisms to hide their detestable actions in the concentration camps. If nothing else, such pathetic efforts to conceal heinous evil only intensify the pathetic and detestable nature of the proceedings. Euphemisms add verbal cowardice to despicable evil. They reveal an awareness that what one is doing is somehow reprensible to many and vile to the public. At the very least, they are evidence of an intrinsic fear of reproach and general disapproval. If what I am doing is moral and acceptable, there will never be any need to hide my actions beneath imbecilic terms and phrases meant more to conceal than to elucidate.

    "Reproductive choice" is only one of many such banners of cowardice. It attempts to depict the murder of the unborn as some exercise of personal autonomy over the life within, as if that human being in the womb, with different DNA than the mother and hence quite different from her tooth or appendix, is merely akin to those things. In truth, and truth has no place in the abortion industry, medical evidence and common sense vividly contradict the vile lie of such euphemisms.

Auditory Cowardice

    This nation's abortions figures are presently the lowest in 30 years lifenews.com/nat3624.html and there is a sweeping discomfort with abortion in general among most Americans, especially young people. townhall.com/Columnists/SteveChapman/2008/01/20/the_growing_aversion_to_abortion . Despite this, the liberal media pretends not to hear the public's cries against abortion lifenews.com/nat3632.html and Hollywood's liberal elites dare to pretend that abortions are a badge of honor demanding respect. michnews.com/artman/publish/article_18143.shtml

    In this respect, those who embrace the evil of abortion are no more mature than children who sing loudly to avoid words they do not want to hear, but there is a difference. Those singing children are only acting as children often act, but those immature, childish supporters of abortion should know much better and are therefore far more morally culpable for their selective, convenient ignorance. That ignorance is not just directed at polls or medical reports linking abortion to breast cancer and other health risks. It is directed at common sense, natural law, logic and the increasing wave of public awareness of the true evil of abortion.

    Let hundreds of thousands speak against abortion and the media and abortion lobby hear silence. Let one abortion supporter spew a lie and these same people hear a thunderous mandate to make the murder of the innocent as common as brewing coffee.

    You'll notice on Tuesday, the 35th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade in Washington D.C. where they had the largest turnout in years in bitter cold weather, the coverage merited a few soundbites and photo ops while every single station lead with and papers headlined the untimely and mysterious death of a 28 year-old actor Heath Ledger. While that is indeed a trajedy, in God's book it is one death compared to well over fifty million deaths and climbing. The aforementioned pro-life marchers were trying with all their might and prayers to convey to the deaf media the equal importance of those fifty million innocent souls that never had the chance to practice any craft, let alone breathe fresh air. For the most part, their pleas were met with silence and ennui. Is the media really deaf and dumb? No, stubborn. Yes, dumb! Very dumb!

Visual Cowardice

    The news is brimming with examples of how the abortion lobby desperately tries to prevent women seeking abortions from seeing 3D images of their unborn children, fully aware of what such an image can do to the heart of any mother. These murder merchants also attack any film that brings the harm and evil of abortion to light, such as the brilliant Bella so attacked by mainstream, pro-abortion Hollywood and so applauded by the vast majority fortunate enough to see the film, including Tony Bennett. Tony may have left his heart in San Francisco, but America has left its conscience and morality there as well, mired in the soot of rationalized, subjective and liberalized secularism and hedonism.

    The nation that once guided the world toward justice and progress now stumbles blindly toward a moral abyss, not at the hands of its people, many of whom are still good and seek to do what is right, but by a media, entertainment industry, political arrogance and cowardice, social confusion and subjective broth of diluted moral conscience seasoned by a compromised church without authorative teeth; all these factotums drag the American populace, innocent or not, toward a kind of moral chaos that even Dante would have judged too extreme to depict. In effect, we have the blind leading the blind right toward the abyss. He who has eyes to see, let him see...before it's too late!

Rational Cowardice

    The final, fourth and rarely shown monkey in this ancient maxim is one depicting Do No Evil, and that is the obvious, expected and bitter conclusion of this pathetic parade of despicable delusion, this cowardly charade of historical hallucination and this foolish fašade of faith so prevalent in the mindless attempts of Barack Obama to depict abortion as being in the same postal zone as Christian ideals. Speaking of Obama, what more shameless and pathetic sight can one endure than to see him and his opponent Hillary Clinton trying to "out-abortion support" each other, kissing up to the murder merchants for votes and support? lifenews.com/nat3593.html.

    Sadly, those who salivate to keep abortions churning have found it strategic to side-step this central moral issue of our time. Tragically, this moral virus has seeped to all political angles, as evidenced by so-called conservatives such as Rudy Giuliani and others defending those who obliterate the defenseless. Pathetically, we see scores of so-called social leaders such as Jesse Jackson and others switch to abortion support when they realize that defending life in the Democratic side is political suicide.

    Mother Teresa's 1994 letter to the U.S. Supreme Court on Roe v. Wade -swiss.ai.mit.edu/~rauch/nvp/roe/mothertheresa_roe.html is a brilliantly powerful yet quite concise image of legalized abortion's evil. It argues that this heinous act is a direct attack upon America's very foundation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness equally for all, including the unborn. It is an attack on human dignity and freedom. It is nothing short of an attack on the unborn child, the family and the sanctity of life. It has planted seeds of discord, violence, selfishness, arrogance and much worse in the most fundamental and intimate human relationships. It has altered the special bond between children and parents, spouses and, above all, society and its God.

    Mother Teresa powerfully pointed out that the right to life is one founded in human dignity, not human laws, and that legalized abortion upends that vital superiority of human dignity over human laws. When a society allows its laws to usurp human dignity, that society usurps itself. When a nation perceives the child, such a great gift from God, as an annoyance, an inconvenience and an obstacle, rather than a bridge, to greater joy, that nation has truly lost its vision of God completely.

    I will go further than human dignity, it is a violation of the Divine Law, an abrupt rupture of the natural law as well that has opened the floodgates for ever more perversion turning the natural law on its tail where today anything goes for the sake of tolerance and diversity. The word dignity has been abused to the point that it represents aberration today and threatens to negate any mention of the sanctity of life by unjust, powerful lobbied laws that suppress the majority in favor of the few who relish their sins and want to flaunt it undisturbed by sanity and decency.

    The sanctity of life is founded in common sense, rational logic, natural law, basic human dignity and simple humility and awe of God's creation. Mock or spit on that sanctity, and you have mocked and spit upon all that it is founded on, beginning with, as I said, a grave, grave violation of Divine Law. It's not good to anger the Almighty.


    The 35th anniversary of the horrendous decision by the Supreme Court Legalized abortion holds hands with all of history's genocides. Like the Nazi Holocaust, it is founded in the legalized and systemic extermination of innocence out of convenience, confusion, arrogance, selfishness and depraved indifference. It is far worse than Herod's crime, for this despicable ruler was not the parent of those he murdered.

    In most cases, the mother involved is a victim with her aborted child. She is the pawn of political, social, legal and philosophical forces that manipulate her for their own distorted and detestable agendas. The true moral culprits here are those who profit from abortion, either in money, votes, power, influence or philosophical gain. Whether these ghouls turn a profit, make a film, gain a position or score a social or political point, they are the true purveyors of moral, verbal, auditory, visual and rational cowardice.

    They may stick their heads in the sand for convenience now but, in the long run, that sand will seem a desired alternative to their heads' ultimate, eternal resting place. They may cover their mouths, ears, eyes and minds but, in the end, their sin and just compensation will be handed out by He Who sees all and says what means most. It is then, when they'll want to speak their rationalization, hear a merciful verdict, long to see the Beatific Vision that they so demeaned in life, and long to know that everything will be okay for their Particular Judgment. It will be then they'll realize, to their everlasting chagrin, that they're absolutely speechless.

Gabriel Garnica

    Gabriel's Clarion
    January 24, 2008
    Volume 19, no. 24