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It is the custom for Traditional Catholics to mark above the doors of all entrances in chalk, hopefully blessed on the feast by the priest when he also blessed the gold, frankincense and myrh. The formula includes the Roman Numerals of the year MMVIII; below it on one line: C+20+M+08+B. The order begins C for Caspar; then a cross (+) which is followed by the first two numerals of the millennium 20, followed by another cross (+); then M for Melchior; then another cross (+), followed by the last two numerals of the year, then another cross (+), and finally B for Balthasar. It is a way for the faithful to recognize in their homes the Epiphany and the Kingship of Jesus Christ. The four crosses represent both the four centuries of waiting for the Messias, but more specifically the four gospels in which His truths and Kingship are proclaimed. This marking the threshholds of our homes is a beautiful custom that has been lost in today's culture when things of God are shelved for things of man.

Pawning Our Soul

Sermon from His Excellency on December 25

Bishop Daniel Dolan

courtesy of
Traditional Catholic Sermons

His Excellency equates how we are responsible for redeeming from the miserly pawnbroker satan the souls of those who are imprisoned by him. We can do so thanks to the infinite generosity of the One Who redeemed all from the pawn shop of the world - Jesus Christ. Our cooperation with His graces will free us from having to pawn our souls, and send us to the Catholic pawnshop to clear the slate: the Confessional and then to the dividends that keep on providing in the Immemorial Sacrifice of the Mass in a re-creation of the Sacrifice on Golgotha where our Lord gave every last drop of His blood as claim tickets for our salvation. Now that sacrifice is re-presented in an unbloody manner and the propitiatory sacrifice will be efficacious if we're willing to follow His path and do all He has asked. Otherwise we're slaves to the diabolic pawnbroker who gives no quarters and is stubborn about recognizing your claim ticket.

   As these pages load, we invite you to say as many Hail Mary's as necessary. We pray you will be imbued by the truths of the authentic Catholic Faith we provide here and yearn to learn more of the infrangible truths of the only Church founded by Jesus Christ.

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by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey
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"The use of the Latin language, customary in a considerable section of the Church, is a manifest and beautiful sign of unity, as well as an effective antidote for any corruption of doctrinal truth."

Pope Pius XII
Encyclical Mediator Dei #60
November 20, 1947

We're widening our scope in striving to give you more
     It's been a while since The Daily Catholic changed its look. Not that we are revamping the site, nor making any drastic changes, but we are expanding our horizons in 2008 by widening the margins. When we first began this endeavor online back in 1996 when debuting The Daily Catholic as the first ever daily publication for Catholics anywhere in the world, we tried to format to fit the screen sizes of its time. Now, a dozen years later a lot has changed. Therefore, to accommodate new technology, we are widening our scope to eliminate so much white space that seemed to seap in as screens grew wider. For those still with small screens, you're not missing anything because the major material will still be viewable with link bars and traditional want ads on the far right as balance. Therefore, all one needs to do is scroll right a bit and the right side will be available.

     Please let us know how it looks on your screen. We'll endeavor to fix it to accommodate the majority. We are attempting to go "back to school" on recent HTML changes, but don't hold out too much hope that this will result in revolutionary changes for awhile, if ever. I say that because if it ain't broke, don't fix it and because for some old dogs, it's most difficult to learn new tricks. That reference would apply to yours truly who well remembers the headaches when I first plunged into HTML code on my own in the mid nineties. It was Greek to me then and today it more resembles Sanskrit. But, with God's help, we'll limp on for we cannot afford a crack webmaster who knows all the tricks of the trade and the latest bells and whistles. Maybe someday (hint, hint) the Holy Ghost will send one our way and yours truly can return to what he enjoys doing the most, writing and graphic typology. Until that glorious time, we shall trudge on with more emphasis on spirituality in this new year when satan will scramble even more souls in his desperate effort to deceive. That should be a reminder to devote even more time to prayer and submission to God's holy Will in 2008.

     For these first few issues this week after a hiatus during the Christmastide issue, we begin slowly and will build toward the frenzied activity later this month when we will be inundated with conciliarism's con on "church unity." Pope Pius XI made it as clear as a bell in condemning the ecumenismism that is promoted by the counterfeit church of conciliarism. That basically is the essence of this first issue for 2008 for there is plenty to say on the canard of false churches uniting, as well as what is to come with several articles by our writers on the 35th Commemoration of the rueful Roe v. Wade. This Week we observe the Octave of the Epiphany before we race through Time after Epiphany and head into the Time of Septuagesima less than two weeks away.

Michael Cain, editor, The Daily Catholic

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Who is to say there is not another St. Charles Borromeo out there who will come forth to help set the Barque of Peter upright again? Hopes can be realized through Humility and Prayer.

To provide encouragement that there is hope on the horizon, Cyndi Cain provides a shining example of the possible. It happened before, why can't it happen again? That is the question you will ask when reading of the humility in the short-lived, but fully fruitful life of a holy and influential Doctor of the Church St. Charles Borromeo. In the midst of turmoil, tension, rebellion, lukewarmness, and heresies in the aftermath of wicked popes, God rose up this humble soul to wrest back the true faith from the usurpers and infiltrators. Now, nearly 500 years later the situation is even worse, for the Protestants have managed to cleverly masquerade themselves as part of and inside, and yes, even as the Church itself where man has reached, in their warped thinking that has permeated every conciliar curia and chancery, an equal footing with God. Heresy? Of course, but considering the counterfeit church of conciliarism's track record, should we be surprised? No, nor should we be surprised, if we pray with humility and hope, that God will be merciful and raise up more dedicated bishops of St. Charles' caliber to help bring holy Mother Church back to her rightful order. It can be done! Cyndi lays out the blueprint on how it worked a half millennium ago in her lesson, Humility Hungers for Holy Happenings

Understanding Divine Revelation and the Source. It is not debatable. God said it, we believe it, that settles it!

We begin 2008 with a redacted series from several years ago that serves as a primer on our faith, and Divine Revelation is a foundation of Catholicism and, Sacred Scripture, contrary to modern consensus, has always been a staple of the Faith. Therefore, it is important to cover the Word of God, compiled in what is called the Bible, for its purpose and background in a short overview of the Old Testament which began with "In the beginning God created Heaven and earth" in the Book of Genesis and ends with the last words of the beloved disciple Saint John the Evangelist in the Book of Apocalypse with "Amen. Come, Lord Jesus. The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen" in the New Testament. Between these words are millions of others, all sanctioned as the Word and a guide for helping us attain everlasting life. That is a major reason why we provide these catechetical "points of enlightenment" in order to help more Catholics better understand their Faith. Regardless of where any Catholic is in his or her journey toward salvation, he or she has to recognize that the Faith they were initiated into at the Sacrament of Baptism, making them truly members of the Mystical Body of Christ, is the most precious gift they have been given in life. If they truly want to live their Faith as it was taught in the Church through 260 Popes, they must know the Faith and live it as Traditional Catholics. That's the only way to KEEP THE FAITH! Thus, we present HOLY SCRIPTURE: A Brief Overview

Pope Pius XI provided proof positive solid gold evidence that anyone who would buy even one iota of the diabolic gobbledygook bafflegab produced by the imposters, posing as popes since the revolution of 1962, have deviated from the faith and are following a dead end that only leads toward hell.

On yesterday's First Class Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord, we celebrated the 80th Anniversary of the release of Pope Pius XI's no-nonsense Encyclical, which clearly and concisely declared as anathema the idea that any other religion was acceptable or salvific other than the Church established by Jesus Christ on the Rock of Peter. Of course you won't hear of such a commemoration of so powerful an encyclical from Modernist Rome for they have done all they can in the last half century to obliterate Eternal Rome. This encyclical, decreed by Pope Pius XI on January 6, 1928, sternly warns all to dismiss any talk of ecumenism for only in the universal Church founded by Christ are the Truths manifested and salvation possible. Mortalium Animos contradicts all the counterfeit church of conciliarism has and is attempting today with their ecumenical bent by compromising the Truths and Traditions that Pius XI sought to guard so carefully. How perfectly His Holiness released this encyclical on the First Class Feast of the Epiphany for the three Magi, Kings Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, as earthly rulers, submitted to the King of kings and subscribed entirely to the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ, something Pope Pius XI had addressed just over two years earlier on December 11, 1925 in his encyclical Quas Primas. We provide this landmark encyclical, relatively short in length, for all to re-read and see how BeneRatz, Kasper and his ilk are in no way Catholic, but rather enemies of the one true Church, enemies of Christ. Holy Mother Church has spoken, when will we listen? Mortalium Animos

The smoke of satan has been wafting up from conciliar services for decades, but now that unpleasing incense dares mix with orthodoxy and, with its caliginous, noxious clouds of blackened smoke, engorge the good. How then can the light penetrate the darkness? By not giving any credence to Baal, by not offering incense to idols.

A feature that has gained a lot of buzz over the last few weeks, and which we have not been able to feature before because of our Christmastide Issue, is Father Anthony Cekada's article on una cum masses, a thorny point for many that is, basically stirring up a hornet's nest. Some believe it is not necessary. Others, including this editor, believes it is very necessary for to resist and recognize makes no sense. Christ Himself has said you cannot serve two masters and by resisting Benedict and then recognizing him tacitly or knowingly in the most sacred part of the holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a contradiction that begs clarification. Father attempts to do so. Unfortunately he has left the vast majority hanging as to solutions, which he has promised to provide. In the meantime many are more confused and that is why a follow-up is vital to soothe the savage beast that surges within those who are willing to compromise in contrast to the early Christians who would not offer even one grain of incense. It is wise to take it with a grain of salt and ask the Sanctifer for the graces to understand and respond accordingly in seeking out the purest form of the Immemorial Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Father provokes this in his excellent, documented thesis, which, like Christ's teaching to the Jews, might be hard to take, but it is necessary as Father explains in A Grain of Incense: Sedevacantists and Una Cum Masses As Though the Past Never Happened

The bitter myrrh emanating from those who, out of fear of offending BeneRatz, have hedged and hawed and basically clamped shut any resistance to his heresies ("hush, hush, we can't judge") where previously they spoke convincingly and nobly. Why? Two words: the "Motu Mess!" Wake up and smell the bitters!

Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey traces the dangers that occurred because of those who could have spoken out strongly against travesties and chose not to, either because they did not want to rock the boat from the comfort zone they enjoyed, or were afraid for their mortal lives while overlooking the real importance of their mortal souls, or they did not want to offend little credence to the very fact they gravely offend Christ. Such examples Tom likens to any acknowledgment by the VulgArians of the 80th Anniversary of Pope Pius XI's landmark encyclical Mortalium Animos. Tom documents how the adversaries of previous reliable true popes are the false popes of the counterfeit church of conciliarism, presently represented by probably the most insidious of the bunch - one Fr. Joseph Ratzinger, who in the days when he was a periti, was ashamed to wear the Roman Collar and whom true popes collared as an ecumaniacal heretic. The evidence is all so loud and clear, but the silence is deafening. Where are those voices today who once spoke so strongly against Ratzinger's heresies? Cowering for fear of tripping over their own tongues in trying to defend the indefensible, all the while enabling the enemies of the Church to continue their course of destruction As Though the Past Never Happened

The long and short of last year all in one file

For those who did not get the opportunity to peruse the Best of 2007 in our Christmastide issue, we keep that feature available to you. It is a tradition started several years ago in which we bring you the most widely read features for each month in the past year. We also provide our features bar below in which you can peruse the hundreds and hundreds of features over three years' worth of articles and columns. We also invite you to check the thousands and thousands of pages and issues on our Ports of Call Main Page for material covering well over a decade on the web. For the most recent see, BEST OF 2007 Features


We at the Daily Catholic believe that copyrighting material is counterproductive to the purpose of saving souls and therefore, in order to expand our reach so that we may decrease while Christ increases, we freely give permission to all to copy and disseminate any written material contained on these pages from 2002 onward, provided nothing is taken out of context and the URL and sources are credited for the sake of accuracy and for the sake of restoring all things in Christ. So as not to confuse or deceive the faithful in any way, nothing before 2002 may be used without written permission from the editor.    For pertinent questions on this, contact

Michael Cain, editor, The Daily Catholic

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