November 12, 2007
vol 18, no. 316

Return to Piety Place

    With this issue begins a new series on piecing together the tableau laid out so perfectly by God and woven with the golden thread of the Holy Ghost's infinite tapestry, by which the Mystical Body of Christ is united. It is the magnificent divine opus leading us to our Heavenly Home. This double thread of Charity and Suffering, which the Sanctifier employs, cannot be separated, for it embodies Christ's Own command: "If anyone loves Me, let him take up his cross daily and follow Me." It begins with piety for all reverence is due the Lord.

    Learning. It's something we do everyday. The older we get, the more we realize how much we don't know. But we have the resources to know, thanks to the tireless efforts of the treasures left to us from a time before the present. Yes, I realize all too vividly that we live in the twenty-first century. Technology today brings that fact home all too well. No matter where you go you are confronted with distractions. I know the multiple challenges each of us face in this technologically advanced age of instant communication, instant gratification, etc.

    I would be remiss if I failed to say that the challenges society in general faces today are more numerous and, perhaps, more difficult than those challenges faced by our ancestors in Faith. But we can learn from them and learn our faith, learn the simple curriculum of virtue in order to graduate to a higher degree of grace and, in our own finite way, aided by the Infinite, change this world for the better. I guarantee if you strive for virtue you'll make the next world more accessible.

    Now, having briefly prefaced this first in a series of articles on piety, sanctity, zeal for the One True Faith, and our command from the Son of God to preach the Gospel as His disciples re-emphasized:“in season and out”, I have been giving thought to today’s lack of morality, virtue, zeal, piety, sanctity, a great deal of prayer, and have been inspired (nay, impelled) by the Holy Ghost to seek to bring to my own mind, heart, and soul (and all who will hopefully read these poor words) a renewal of said virtues.

    First, let me recommend as Spiritual Reading not only Butler’s lives of the Saints, but also Dom Prosper Gueranger’s “The Liturgical Year”. If you want to renew your commitment to the One True Faith, understand the Faith in a better, clearer light, and realize how low we have sunk as individuals and as a society into the gutter of utter complancey, these two works will change that. I know these works have changed me, for the better.

    We are bombarded each day by sound bytes, which filter through Radio, TV, Internet, Cell Phone, wireless devices the names of which I cannot remember, as there are so many. On a personal note, cell phones have added tremendously to the decline and fall of society, morals, and virtues, not to mention their danger while driving, working, or any number of tasks we undertake each day. These wireless devices interfere with life…period! Not only do satellites track every conversation, but also isolate us in society to the point where we are liable to carry on the most private conversations in a public forum, unmindful, uncaring of the people around us who cannot help but overhear what we say. Moreover, what are we saying? Nothing useful! We talk about intimate things, we gossip nonstop on those handy wireless devices, ignoring the basics of manners, and each of us runs the risk of having our “wireless” conversation taped (even with a picture or two) and placed on the Internet on a variety of sites which pander to the sensational, the devious, and the downright intrusive. Privacy? I do believe that “right” went south after the 9/11 incident. Cell Phones break down the family even further than it’s already fallen, intrude on the time we should be spending not only with our family, but even intrude in our time of prayer, when we should and must be still in order to pray with our entire being centered on God. No wonder He doesn’t answer prayers in His customary manner. He can’t get through—we’re just too busy to give Him, the Creator of All, the time we give to texting, chatting, gossiping, etc. Oh, for shame!

    Now that I digressed about one of the ‘modern’ conveniences, which is nothing of the kind, let me return to my original purpose: to stir up within our hearts, minds, and souls that which we have lost, but which God can restore in an instant if only we seek virtue with sincerity. If you desire to know what the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith is, and what it means to truly live it, then you need to start at the beginning of the Faith founded by Jesus Christ upon His Rock Saint Peter, and go forward through the eras of Holy Mother Church. Dom Prosper’s work in “The Liturgical Year” is a marvel of inspiration as well as the history of Holy Mother Church. I’ve not yet found its equal, and it is worth gracing every truly Roman Catholic Home in this age of apostasy, heresy, schism, and the daily intrusion of the Conciliar Church into billions of lives, billions of souls being led to perdition by its lies which come from the father of all lies, Lucifer.

    This multi-volume work is priceless, and yet for most of us it is a bit costly to add to our bookshelves. Nonetheless, if you have this work, please read just one (that’s right, just ONE) chapter per day. Before you have gone through half of one volume, you will find your souls illuminated and reinvigorated (at the very least); your mind will begin to marvel at what a true Roman Catholic must be, has been called by God to be, and you will find also a fullness of the authentic history of Holy Mother Church which totally opposes the revisionist history begun by the conciliar church with its own brand of ‘popes’. You’ll discover the secrets to sanctity, and you’ll easily and rapidly notice the striking departure from a true Vicar of Christ, to those posing as such since the calling of the Second Vatican Council. If you tire of lengthy discourses on the “bad fruits” of said Council; if you are weary of the debate on the legitimacy of conciliarism, modernism, heresy, sedevacantism, etc., then your mind will find clarity in Dom Propser’s well-written, well-documented “Liturgical Year.” While the going price is between $150. to $219., but St. Bonaventure Press has the complete fifteen volume set in hard cover for, I believe, only $100. and it is well, well worth it. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. I also guarantee you will increase your Faith and devotion if you devote time to reading from this marvelous collection daily.

    This work will also bring to light your true role in the True Faith, i.e., your authentic vocation in this time of the Great Apostasy. It will clarify the very nuances that flood every manner and means of communication today, returning your faith to its solid roots, and re-enkindling within your soul the breath of the Holy Ghost, the graces necessary for each one of us to stand up and be counted when the Church Militant is scattered, small in number, and shaken daily by the scandals of modern Rome with its imposter authorities, while putting steel in your spine, courage of heart in your being, and a determination to work within your vocation for that supreme end: HEAVEN. And no one is going to arrive at Heaven’s shore without learning anew the One True Faith, and the virtues that accompany us on our sojourn to our eternal home.

    As a prelude column, this brief introduction (if you will) is intended to set the stage for what I pray, with God’s grace through the intercession of Mary Most Holy, will be a series devoted to some of Dom Prosper’s work, plus Scripture, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, saintly theologians, properly canonized Saints sent by God to show us the way to Heaven, and the solid, uncompromising leadership of true shepherds, from Holy Pontiffs from Saint Peter through Pope Pius XII.

    As the Holy Ghost prompts me, and the Mother of God assists me, the columns which follow will concentrate on individuals whom God raised up at every age of Holy Mother Church to be as shining stars in the firmament of Heaven, to offset the false, dark, deadly, yet glittering ‘firmament’ Lucifer presents to us in these times of great diabolical disorientation. My sincere prayer is that you’ll bear with the poorest of God’s instruments, as I seek to bring to you on a regular basis, the Truths of Our Precious Faith, and that the lives of truly saintly persons over the centuries has not changed due to ‘modern’ innovations and complexity of society. Instead, my humble prayer is that you’ll see what my own mind, heart, and soul saw, read, learned, and imprinted upon my entire being…that God is unchangeable, and the way to Heaven has NOT changed despite the false, heretical direction which began with John XXIII and steamrolled through the Second Vatican Council.

    While today we have been given much in so many ways, those ‘ways’ are all transitory, all fleeting, all worth naught in God’s eyes, lest we learn now how to use them for His Greater Honor and Glory by living our Faith to the fullest extent. All of us are called to be saints. It matters not whether you are one day numbered among those canonized saints who are placed in the Liturgical Year when their feast are celebrated. Untold numbers of saints are in Geaven, whose names will be revealed at the final judgment. Our ‘job’ for lack of a better work, is to depend upon the Infinite Merits of Our Lord’s Most Sacred and Sorrowful Passion, the ocean of Mercy of His Most Sacred Heart, and the powerful Intercession of our Mediatrix, Advocate, and Co-Redemptrix…our dear Blessed Mother.

    Time if definitely of the essence. We have permitted the enemy to seek to destroy the One True Faith, while many of us have withdrawn into a “comfort zone” which isolates us from the evils of our time. No more lukewarmness! No more hiding our heads in the sand while we await others, who through prayer, penance, voluntary suffering, writing, preaching, and evangelization to the entire world, seek to hasten the Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. No more depending on a few to do the labor in the Lord’s vineyard. No, we must all labor, and do so without thought to what it might cost us, and no thought to whether we have labored all our life, or have only just begun to work for the Truth, which cannot change, for God is unchangeable.

    Let us all prepare through prayer, penance, fastings, sufferings of every kind and condition, to begin to do that which God commands of us, which God expects of his “little ones.”

    Together we can and must make a difference in the current state of evil affairs, lest at the moment of our Particular Judgment, we are asked why we did next to nothing, or (God forbid!) we did nothing at all but hide in some place where the One True Faith existed and fed us in every grace and blessing.

    Therefore, as the next column appears, we shall start with those saints, doctors, Pontiffs, etc., all authentic, many canonized saints, given us by God to keep the “gates of hell” from prevailing against the only True Faith Christ established. The manner in which we respond will be a measure of just how much we Love Christ, and Trust in His Providence for us. For, if we truly love Him, what are we to worry about in temporal matters?

    I look forward to writing as the Holy Ghost indicates, and I know that together we will all benefit (not from my words) but from those who, from the beginning down through the centuries) were raised up by God as examples for us to emulate according to our state in life.

    There is no tuition fee, no prerequisites for this continuing course. Only the final exam when you stand before the divine Judge at your Particular Judgment. So, clear a few minutes from your schedule and join with me in a journey to Piety, Sanctity, Morality, and Virtue, all which flow from the very Heart of Our Blessed Savior, who desires not the death of one sinner, but that we, who have been given great graces, do all that we can for the conversion of sinners, and the freedom and exaltation of Holy Mother Church.

    In Christ’s Peace through the Immaculate Heart of Mary,


    University of Virtue
    November 12, 2007
    Volume 18, no. 316