June 20, 2007
vol 18, no. 171

Flee from those who deceive

    Call on Our Mother of Perpetual Help for the grace to see with the eyes of your soul and heart why you must flee the Novus Ordo establishments now or forever rue that you passed on the opportunity to choose God over mammon. Those who have infiltrated and usurped the positions within Christ's Church, beginning with the very man who was responsible for officially breaking away from the True Church with his insistence that "subsists in" be included in the abominable Vatican II document Lumen Gentium, is now doing damage control by furthering the scandalous actions and heresies of his predecessor by now claiming that the scandal of religious liberty at Assisi was not "syncretism." Do not believe the lie! They are the robber barons who come not through the door but deceive. Run as fast as you can AWAY from the false conciliar church that strives to please man, not God!

Dear friends in Christ,
    I know it has been half a year since I last wrote you and I ask your forgiveness for my silence which was necessary for my own spiritual welfare and growth. I must inform you that by the time you read this I will be going "under the knife" on the operation table and I would most certainly appreciate your prayers for me. It has come to the point where it is vital that I undergo major surgery for a problem that has more or less kept me home-bound, bed-bound these last eight years, a problem that began at least 20 years ago, which no doctor believed, until the Good Lord gave me a doctor who listened and believed. Michael and I have put all our trust in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus - the Divine Physician, and allow Him to make all decisions. However, we are prayerful that I will come through this surgery just fine, and once recovered (in about six weeks or so), we will find that I have strength, stamina, and the ability to truly be physically at my husband's side, as we continue to labor in Our Lord's vineyard in this time of such evil, such apostasy and heresy within the conciliar church, which cannot therefore claim to be Catholic.

    I can, with all my heart and soul, assure you that Jesus IS with the Church he established upon Peter, His rock, and that the theological position of sede vacantism is proper, since it is an opinion open to discussion and has always been accepted by the Church. There may be a few who hold this position who posit opinions contrary to the infallible perennial magisterium of Holy Mother Church, but the majority who hold this position, truly believe in the primacy of Peter and honor the Vicar of Christ, and pray daily for the miraculous intervention of the Blessed Mother, to restore Holy Mother Church to all her glory, for the glory of God and the salvation of countless souls.

    I must say that those who argue against this position, simply defy common sense logical, and fail to connect the dots. You cannot say that Benedict XVI is a true Catholic pope, when he is the very architect of Vatican II who inserted into the document "Lumen Gentium" the words: "subsist in", thus making the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church separate from the "church" man created at Vatican II, issued by Paul VI and mandated by him and his successors as head of the "conciliar church" through the Novus Ordo Missae. This entire structure espouses interfaith dialogue (condemned), universal salvation (condemned), religious liberty (condemned), the doing away with limbo (condemned), and so many other very important dogmas and doctrines which have been defined dogmatically and infallibly since Christ established His One True Church.

    To give Benedict the benefit of the doubt is utterly ridiculous, and that includes, and is not limited to, his own participation in and cover-up of the sodomite/pedophile scandals which have bankrupted so many dioceses throughout the United States, and worldwide. How can a thinking Catholic believe that such a person is even Catholic, much less Pope? He cannot be. It is contrary to Divine Law, which is infallible and unchangeable. God does not change. He cannot deceive, nor be deceived. Man changes, and he, through his own free will, with the help of the devil, does change, deceive, alter and utterly ruin all that our Blessed Lord taught, denying the very reason for the Incarnation, all the way through to the Coronation of His Blessed Mother as Queen of Heaven and Earth. If you've seen the most recent revelations of Ratzinger's cunning as exposed by Il Giornale this past weekend with the secret meetings in 1982 that revealed what he is proposing now is nothing new and a well-planned attack on the sacred Deposit of the Faith and all Christ's Church holds holy. Rome is known as the city of seven hills and traditional Catholics consider her as Eternal Rome with those seven hills representing the sacraments and/or the Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost/and or the Seven Sorrows of the Most Sorrowful Mother. However to see the landscape today, we can see those "seven hills" have given way to the maddening mounds of the Seven Capital Sins. You name the sin and Modern Rome is complicit in it!

    Yes, Modern Rome or Modernist Rome, take your pick, has arrived at this time of great apostasy and heresy. Meanwhile Holy Mother Church has been driven into the catacombs, where, though persecuted for uncompromisingly upholding truth, She is alive and well, for Christ's true Church has taken refuge in the Immaculate Heart of Mary which is even more sorrowful in these times. But we know from Fatima that her Heart will triumph and that will be the restoration of her divine Son's Church to all its glory and the abundant fruits of those who have labored in His vineyard through well over four decades of drought. Though the number of faithful who remain true to Catholic truth is few, the priests who offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are truly God-sent in their unyielding devotion and dedication for they spend themselves in the service of their flocks constantly. We must pray much. Pray for the True Church to persevere, awaiting with joyous hope the moment when the Mother of God shall miraculously intervene and restore Holy Mother Church, bringing forth the True Vicar of Christ, whom all will recognize and obey.

    How will we recognize a True Vicar you ask? That is simple. He will perform his duties in every way as a Catholic and not veer from Catholic truth one iota. The world will know because he will speak of uncompromising principles, he will not kowtow to those who are against Christ. He will not condone or allow scandalous prelates to remain in office, let alone prey on the flocks. He will not seek to please mankind, but God in all things. That is how we will know! By his fruits and, yes, there may very well be the juice of martyr's blood on that fruit for the world will hate him as they have hated Christ.

    I would like to ask all those who realize the truth of my words here, that they pray for those within the Novus Ordo structure who are stuck there, not out of malice toward God, but rather out of disorientation of a diabolical nature caused by satan, and which can only be wiped away by the singular grace of the Holy Ghost, obtained for those in tradition by all of our prayers offered to and interceded by the Mother of God.

    Catholics who uncompromisingly cling to tradition, know in their hearts that they can't just stand pat and say "I'm out of harm's way, everything's okay." No, it won't be until the great majority wake to the realization that these churches they attend are no longer Catholic and have not been for some time. They need to hear the truth. They need to hear that once they know and realize in their heart that something is seriously wrong, and that the Vatican II established religion must be a false, pagan rite of abomination in the eyes of God, they cannot, in good conscience, set foot in one of the Novus Ordo churches, even if it is quiet there and they might better be able to pray. It is far, far more pleasing to the Most Blessed Trinity, and much more efficacious to their immortal soul to never set foot in one of these temples of iniquity again. Urge others, if they do not have a traditional chapel available to attend on Sundays, to remain at home, saying their prayers as best they can under circumstances God knows fully. He will bless them abundantly for their faith and trust, and for their efforts to remain truly Catholic, despite the ravages of Vatican II and its Novus Ordo structure.

    I repeat to all who are trapped in the Novus Ordo and their hearts and souls disturbed by what they see, experience and encounter: Flee before it is too late. Renounce anything to do with the Novus Ordo, and believe that God blesses you for doing so, for to try to think you are making up for the sins that are committed against Him in the Novus Ordo by your attending it, and being reverent, does not wipe away one sin of those who, with malice in their hearts, have betrayed Our Lord and the One True Faith He established.

    The devil just loves to trap souls into staying the course in the Novus Ordo, which is what we were duped into through blind obedience for so many years, until Our Lady obtained the grace for us which wiped the veil of satan's deceit from our eyes, our minds, our hearts, our ears, and our souls. Since that epiphany we have attended only the Mass of all ages, the Tridentine Latin Mass, no matter the distance or cost. Since then our temporal needs remain the same, but our spiritual lives have grown by leaps and bounds, whereas before, we were suffocating, dying spiritually in the Novus Ordo. Why were we dying spiritually? Because there is no grace there. NONE! God does not bless that which comes from the devil. He cannot. It is contrary to right reason, and to the knowledge that God cannot deceive nor be deceived. God will allow it just as He allows man a free will, but what has happened to His Church is His permitting will, not His ordaining will. It is His ordaining will that a true Successor of Peter sit upon the most august throne a man can occupy - the Chair of Peter. That is, as we know so well, not possible today with the establishment that has created and promoted and perpetuated the Novus Ordo which has for its means and end the worship of man, not God. Man is elevated in the Novus Ordo services, not God, and certainly not Our Blessed Lord, for every single word or action of the man-made Novus Ordo strives to ignore the propitiatory sacrifice of Calvary. It doesn't exist in the Novus Ordo (Mass=Mess). When that is missing, there is nothing left. An empty, hollow, synthetic service that caters to the ego of man, raises man as god, and is the same whisper made to today's people, as the serpent whispered to Eve in the garden of Eden, "You can be like God." Oh, what pride and arrogance.

    Here in Spokane, the bishop declared bankruptcy. Now, in order to settle part of the lawsuits leveled against pedophile priests here, the Novus Ordo parishes within the "diocese" must come up with 10 million dollars, which the press reports translates to about $1,000 per registered family. There is an all-out push to get new parishioners into each parish, so the bishop can pay off the lawsuits. He's even, as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey and Michael have illustrated in their columns, trying to seduce traditionalists to buy into the lie. Oh, I pray so that they will not be seduced, especially the good sisters of the CMRI whom we have come to be so fond of and inspire us in their prayer life. But satan works overtime to snare religious and no community is immune. I ask would anyone in their right mind leave the solid foundation of the true Faith for novelty? By buying the lie, you would be only compounding the problem for you will not only have to buy the lie, but will be an accomplice to the sin by not speaking out. I also ask you, would you give one penny, to such exploitation as the "bishop" of Spokane has proposed to those in his Novus Ordo parishes? Would you underwrite such a perverted scheme, while the pedophile priests go right on being promoted, and the bishop mouths platitudes that mean absolutely nothing, since he's not even a bishop, only a priest?

    Time is running out. God will chastise this world. And He will chastise most severely those responsible for souls. Oh the carnage of the miters that will fill hell. Yes, everyone of us deserve to be chastised. However, if our hearts are pure, our souls cleansed by the Sacrament of Penance, fortified with the True Body, Blood, Soul, Divinity of Our Beloved Jesus Christ in the most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar confected in a True Mass of All Ages, we have absolutely nothing to fear…in this mortal life, or in the next.

    We fooled ourselves into believing we could make up for the failure of the Novus Ordo "mess" for many, many years, only to be given the grace to realize such a thing is impossible before God. You cannot attend a diabolical service with reverence, and then ask God to forgive those who are there of their own free will, who truly like the destruction of the One True Faith, and continue to work for its total annihilation. No, I say to all: If a true Mass is not available, STAY HOME! Even if your prayers are less, the few you say will gain even more grace, for you will be doing that which God expects of His little souls who remain faithful to Him until the end.

    I would not speak to you so vehemently if I did not know that God calls so many hearts to remain faithful now, for the crown that awaits you in Heaven is glorious. Remember His words, "Many are called, few chosen." Strive to be among the chosen from among billions of souls; strive to be one of the little faithful souls who reject Vatican II and all that has issued forth from its ambiguity, heresy, apostasy, etc. The words and their own doublespeak speak for themselves, and the actions of those in modern Rome deny the True Faith at every instant. There is not one thing any "pope" has done since John XXIII called the council into being, that has had the least impression of being truly Roman Catholic in every way. Compare that to Popes before Vatican II. You will be stunned at the tone, simplicity and Catholicity of the latter in every instance.

    We are all members of the Mystical Body of Christ. He is our Head, but He depends on His members to perform the duties given for His honor and glory. He has given each talents that we can use to foster the Faith. Each, no matter how insignificant in the eyes of the world, has an important role to play, through their prayers, in bringing about the glorious restoration of the One True Faith sooner, shortening the days of this diabolical disorientation which is sweeping countless souls into hell.

    It is a simple thing God asks: Abandon the Novus Ordo, and never go back. It is the same that His prophets said: Abandon Baal! His chosen leader Moses said: Abandon the Golden Calf! His Apostles said: Abandon, O Israel, the Old Covenant for Christ is the Messiah of the new and everlasting Covenant! His holy martyrs said: Abandon pagan gods! His saints said: Abandon Arius! His uncompromising holy disciples of the Word said: Abandon man-made religions! His solid, Catholic popes said: Abandon heresy and the synthesis of heresy: modernism! So also today we provide the forum here on The Daily Catholic and on other excellent resources: Do not listen to what the modernists who keep speaking with fork tongue say, for they speak with the hiss of the serpent, and you cannot deal with that, any more than I could. Leave that to God, and stay away from the Novus Ordo. If there is no truly Traditional chapel near you, stay home.

    God shall never leave you. He will not abandon you in these times. He will come and make His abode in your heart and soul, and fill you with sanctifying grace, so that, when He calls you home, you will be counted as a true "martyr" (a dry martyr, for you did not shed your blood), for the One True Faith. Many shall be given the palm of martyrdom who, in these times, see the truth and despising the opinion of man, stay the true course of the One True Faith, which is a lonely path, where few follow the straight and narrow course. That is all God asks of Catholics. St. Patrick did not try to sanctify the Druids in their pagan rites; St. Boniface did not try to sanctify the barbarians in Germany in their ways or dialog with Thor; Saint Francis of Assisi did not condone everyone praying for peace in their own way and religion. Missionaries the world over before Vatican II never tried to sanctify others in their false faiths. All who were Catholic sought to CONVERT others to Catholicism. Non of this ecumenical nonsense. To compromise the Catholic Faith in any way is to admit to syncretism. Despite Benedict's recent, obvious denials, it is heresy he fosters, pure and simple. Therefore, forget trying to sanctify what cannot be sanctified - the Novus Ordo. Seek to convert those in the Novus Ordo who are often more vicious than the natives the missionaries to the New World encountered. Just look at the hatred fomented by the bishops over a possible "new indult" which, in truth, makes no sense but only strings out the doubters further while the enemy gains a greater foothold in the sand.

    I say "sand" because that is what the conciliar church is built on, the sands of ambiguity and relativism which Dr. Droleskey and several of the writers on these pages have so adroitly and expertly exposed countless times. Sand will collapse. That is why we must - and you must - remain firmly on the solid rock of Christ's unchangeable Church and never waver. Shout it from the rooftops for time is running out! If you do not feel called or confident to try to convert others, then pray. That is something every human being can do. And if your calling is not to combat heresy, than combat it by remaining at home and praying as best you can, and you shall soon realize the reward of graces God will give to you, your family, and your friends, by strengthening you and helping you to remain faithful to Him until the end.

    For those who do not have traditional pre-Vatican II missals, our website has the daily Mass prayers, both the Latin and English for each day which are called the "Propers of the Mass" for the day. It is not wasting time on a computer to go there, if you have the time, to pray the Mass for the day. Nor is it a waste of time to say a rosary when you can, or even a decade here and there throughout the day. We provide meditation and pertinent prayers for each mystery at The Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Say many small prayers, aspirations that you remember, such as "Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I love You, Save souls!" They gain much merit for your in Heaven, and will bring about the glorious restoration of the One True Faith more quickly…so that many, many countless souls may be saved.

    We must remember we are in a war - a spiritual one at all times - against the spirits of darkness. We are also at war in our mortal lives with mortal enemies that can take our mortal life and our soul very easily, if we are not watchful. Watch, pray, and stay away from the Novus Ordo, that you may clearly hear what God is telling you, giving to you, and asking of you. You cannot hear anything in the Novus Ordo but the lies of the evil one…and I pray and offer this operation that every one of you will be given the grace to understand that your attendance at any Novus Ordo function is fruitless, for God is not there. You are not forsaking your faith if you do not go to "Mass" on Sunday if you do not have a true Traditional Catholic chapel near you. On the contrary, you are faithful by remaining at home, saying a rosary and reading the Mass online on our website or in your own traditional missal if you have one. God will pour out His graces, actual and sanctifying, upon your soul and the souls of those for whom you pray. They will always be efficacious if you are in the state of sanctifying grace.

    That is why I am so at peace over this necessary operation. I have offered up much of my suffering, but in order to continue to function I must undergo this surgery. Thank you for always remembering us, remembering me…the least, the poorest, the most vile of all God's creatures, who struggles, as each of you do, each day, to pray, to keep moving forward on the straight and narrow path to Heaven, never looking back, but relying and trusting in God for all that we need, both temporally and spiritually.

    While my hospitalization insurance should cover the surgery and stay, there are, as we discovered five years ago when I was in intensive care for over two weeks, many hidden bills that can be shocking when they come. That is why, in my own feeble way, I ask you to remember this ministry for we operate on a shoestring and that shoestring is getting shorter and shorter for as you can well imagine, the Traditional, True Roman Catholic is the ONLY segment of society scorned by all, hated, abhorred, persecuted in this world, but immensely loved in the next, which is our true home. Won't you show where you stand and give from your heart in this time when charity has nearly died, due to hearts that have turned to stone through satan's lies and deceit, and the greed that consumes our society.

    May the Mother of God, our Lady of Perpetual Help, whose feast we celebrate one week from today, be always with you, and guide you to Heaven's shore, where your glorious crown awaits, with the palm of martyrdom, for being faithful in this time of such evil! As Michael has written, "it is a lonely road, but the ONLY road" that we must take. If we have helped move you closer to Christ and His Blessed Mother in any way, we give thanks and ask if you can find it in your heart to acknowledge your gratitude not only in prayer, but with a donation of your choosing. It is the only way this ministry exists and will be much more difficult for Michael during my recuperation time for he has vowed he will place his wife paramount to all other things. Oh, I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. I hope he doesn't delete that last line. And I hope you will not delete the truth that we convey on these pages for we do it always as a labor of love for His little ones - His lambs, His sheep.

    May you be imbued with the true Faith and persevere always in the state of Sanctifying Grace,

    Symphony of Suffering
    June 20, 2007
    Volume 18, no. 171