igNOMinious gNOMe AWARDS (jun24nom.htm)

June 24, 2006
vol 17, no. 162

Presenting the
Third Annual

  We complete the Countdown of the 2006 igNOMinious gNOMe Awards with the top ten worst offenders. These tongue-in-cheek awards are one way of mocking the false church of Vatican II and exposing the charlatans who have veered so far from the path Holy Mother Church has always traveled in conveying to the faithful flocks why shepherds are so vital in being guided to eternal salvation. That salvation today, contrary to what was taught for nearly 2000 years, no longer requires the Catholic Faith or the fulness of the sacraments to be attained. At least that is the thinking of those who we acknowledge igNOMiniously today. The capital NOM stands, of course for the synthetic, man-made concoction Novus Ordo Missae issued by Paul VI that dared to usurp the divinely ordained Immemorial Mass of All Ages, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the Traditional Latin Mass. Today that benchmark of stability and sense has given way to novelty and innovation, with ecumenism raising its ugly head while the Mass of Tradition is consigned to the medieval bin and badmouthed. Modernism reigns in the conciliar church, founded in 1964.

   Because of various factors we had been delayed in providing this year's Hall of Shame, but appropriately since this was the hottest category of the three "Good, Bad, and Uglies" this year we felt the best day to reveal the losers was the first day of Summer since if these igNOMinious authorities don't amend their ways soon they will truly feel the heat of everlasting damnation.

   We received over 30,000 e-mails with multiple votes so it is time consuming, especially taking it off e-mail to tally the votes. Another reason for the delay. In the future we are hoping to streamline the process and computerize the votes so they can be automatically added up and limit voters to one vote for fairness sake. Needless to say, it clogged the e-mail system for a few months as well and we apologize to those who may have written expecting replies. It is just not feasibly possible to do so. Hopefully you will understand and forgive us for not acknowledging you. Add to this the spam that pours through daily and you can begin to visualize the headache we, in fact, created with these awards.

    For this Third Annual Selection we basically had most of the same Usual Suspects and thus, for expediency sake, we decided to expand the eligibility requirements from last year's 50 votes to 200 this year or we would, quite possibly, have had to list over two-thirds of the bishops in the United States. We simply do not have the time or the resources to profile each of these rogues and rascals who have so forsaken the souls they were entrusted with. As it is there were 40 who garnered at least 200 this year which is quite an expansion from our original six in 2004. Thus we complete the list of 40 this year with the top ten losers and leave it on this note: Let us all pray for the conversion of these derelicts and total repentance lest they will meet with a damning verdict in having so much to answer for when they stand before the Supreme Judge to account for their stewardship of souls. And those most in danger of this dire possibility are the following who you voted 10 through number 1:

10. Making the biggest jump from 26 last year with 64 votes to the top ten as tenth overall this year with 1,172 votes was Spokane's bishop William SKYLSTAD. The head of the USCCB garnered much more attention, most likely due to the continued incompetency of the USCCB which only circles the wagons in much the same way they did under Wilton Gregory. We also suspect the flock in Spokane were quick to nominate him when the courts decided the bishop is responsible for churches and therefore they are fair game. Novus Ordinarians in Spokane fear they might lose their lodges and therefore cast the blame, as it should be, on Sly Sky. However, these potentates, while not being savvy in respect to the welfare of souls, are very clever in the ways of the world and, thanks to the clueless in the pews who continue to fund these apostates, have the funds to funnel into paying for high-priced attorneys who have managed in Spokane, Seattle, and most recently in Los Angeles to overturn verdicts that would have called newchurch and their poobahs to task. Such is the state of the union of the USCCB and it's current leader whose track record wouldn't get him a job at Wal-Mart!

9. The voters did not leave the Franciscan Capuchin Raniero CANTALAMESSA in Limbo even though this papal preacher, ensconced for well over 25 years inside the Vatican, has expressed doubts about that very same place our Lord descended into after His death in order to comfort the Bosom of Abraham and open the gates of Heaven. But that is Traditional Catholic teaching and the Modernists can't have anything to do with that. No wonder John Paul II brought in this man who blends so well with the innovations and novelties of Vatican II norms and ideas. Over the years Cantalamessa has expressed some shocking things as he has grown in familiarity with the populace, but his statements on Limbo take the cake and that is why 1,179 votes were cast by those with indigestion who could no longer stomach the savor of heresies coming out of the modern Vatican and not curtailed for well over two decades by Karol Wojtyla. But then this hoped-for saint of the Vatican II church is the very one who invited this SVD priest into the Vatican and one wonders how much that has influenced the relativism of new thought expressed in trial balloons launched by the Vatican over the past twenty-some years, and which, we might add, continues under Ratzinger's reign.

8. Monsignor Luciano GUERRA, the disgraced Shrine Rector of Fatima, returned to the Hall of Shame for the second time after a one-year absence. What triggered his comeback to infamy was, no doubt, what occurred at Fatima last year when a healthy cortege of Society of St. Pius X followers led by the four bishops, made a pilgrimmage to Fatima in all reverence and discovered how nasty the enemy of Catholicism can be when the SSPX were banished to the outskirts and when they wanted to visit the shrine, were rudely treated with unholy music blaring from the loudspeakers at this holy shrine. These blasphemies and sacrileges are par for those who hate the truths and traditions of Holy Mother Church. Thanks to first-hand reports of that by the Portugal press and John Vennari's accounts of what actually has been happening at Fatima, not to mention The Fatima Crusader keeping the faithful abreast of the wreckovation, voters flooded the e-mails with 1, 185 votes to place him solidly in seventh place between a pope and a papal preacher. Talk about being betwixt the devil and the deep blue sea of floating heresy at whim!

7. There were 1,211 folks who cast their ballots for the very man who not only hand-chose William Levada as his successor to head the CDF, but has continued the ecumania under the guise of doing so in "the light of tradition" by subscribing to the "unity of diversity". Yes, you guessed it, the very man who introduced subsist in to the Vatican II document Lumen Gentium and therefore veered the newchurch away from the True Church is Joseph Ratzinger who has come full circle as the conciliar pope BENEDICT XVI. While many conservatives, even Traditional Catholics cautioned that he might very well turn things around when he was first elected last April, in truth, he has taken the conciliar church further down the that ecumaniacal road towards a One World Religion and has done nothing to date to change the makeup of John Paul II's sorry curia. Indeed, it is true more are waking up to the fact that not only can the conciliar popes not be Catholic, but that they grow worse as the years drone on. Both by omission and commission the wreckage only grows worse as he panders to non-Christians from the Jews to the Moslems in repeating the same and worse heresies than his predecessors. Yes, folks, they reap what they sow and since Vatican II it has been nothing but barren or rotten fruits. Time to cut that tree down yet?

6. What list of igNOMinious gNOMes could not include the most apostate cardinal this side of Los Angeles? But, of course, His Ecumania Eminence Walter KASPER made the list, joining another certain American cardinal as a three-time loser. This German glad-hander-with-heretics garnered 1,249 votes mostly out of his reputation for being such an ecumaniac. It would almost seem, because of his concession that the Catholic Faith not be proselytized to the Orthodox, that it is a personal crusade to obliterate the urgent plea of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, and that has angered many. His pandering to every other religion while digging in stubbornly against any kind of agreement with the SSPX short of surrender brought in many votes from around the world, mostly from Society strongholds no doubt. Kasper the unfriendly ghost to Traditional Catholics continues to give away the farm as the manure piles higher and higher at his office door, but evidently Ratzinger's olfactory nerves are dead because he can't smell the stench from his apostolic palace when even a sniff can be ascertained by Traditional Catholics-no matter where they are in the world-that this sewage has got to go. Many thought he would be long gone by now, but that only explains why Ratzinger finished so close to Kasper. Incompetency breeds incompetency, error breeds more error. Heresy encourages more heresy.

5. The surprise appointment of former San Francisco archbishop William LEVADA to the second most powerful position in the conciliar church as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (sic) pushed him up the list this year as he received 1,264 votes. Considering several votes also came from Portland, they remember his legacy and the fates ahead for modern Rome and the rest of the Novus Ordo world for he has left every see in shambles on the Left Coast. Is there any doubt he'll do the same as a Modernist in Rome? No, his appointment is only expediting the process of collapse and the U.S. Courts might even complicate that by forcing him to return to face the music. That will not be melodious to him or the one who appointed him. As we remarked last year, he remained silent while the queers ran roughshod over his see in San Francisco. Now he gets to run roughshod over the faithful while protecting the guilty. This collaborator with the triumverate of Mahony, Brown and Niederauer only goes to show that the rot has indeed planted itself firmly at the top of modern Rome. Levada is a definitely a two-time loser not only in Portland and Sodom-by-the-Bay, but now also in the Hall of Shame.

4. Last year New York's chief potentate Edward EGAN received a backlash of votes for his heartless treatment of the parishioners of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Anne's which he mercilessly and cruelly went in and destroyed without a care in the world for their needs and especially destroying the Lord's House, turning it into a den of thieves with plans to sell it so New York can have another post office. This year that carried over and the incensed New Yorkers blame Egan for protecting Monsignor Eugene Clark whom he appointed head of St. Patrick's Cathedral and knew very well that Clark was having trysts with a married woman in a lavish Hamptons beach house financed by diocesan money. We suspect New Yorkers were so incensed that Egan rightly got the heat with 1,339 votes, coming in a solid fourth on the list and a repeat offender for the second year. Should we be surprised? Not with Egan's track record for continuing the demolition of souls and coming up with more original excuses to protect the guilty. Easy Ed is an easy target because he makes it such and to take New Yorkers lightly is not wise. The truth is Clark's scandal has effected them greatly and stripped Egan of any credibility he might have had with those who had lined his pockets. Hopefully, unless the big money have skeletons in their closet, the coffers will dry up and pretty soon Egan will run out of orthodox Catholic churches to destroy.

3. The ire of Bostonians carried their archbishop now enconced as a cardinal (more rewards of incompetency) Sean O'MALLEY to finish third with 1,427 votes in directing their frustration at this potentate who continues to harbor sex perverts while stubbornly persisting in closing down churches, especially those who remained the most traditional. Thanks to his consistent inconsistency with the Faith various groups have formed that only illustrates how bad off Boston really is for the Voice of the Faithful, formed to curtail Bernard Law, now have gained strength because of O'Malley's inaction and we all know VOF have no semblance with true Catholicism but strive to turn the conciliar church into a democratic entity. But why not, the bishops and their conciliar pope are already there with collegiality. No, the only entity that O'Malley, just like his cohorts in the cardinalate and prelates' robes as well, will keep in check are traditional Catholics. Can't have Catholics actually behaving as Catholics now! Ah, yes, the animus delendi of the legacy of the Boston hierarchy continues as the fruits grow more rotten by the day. Meanwhile O'Malley continues to be mum on the hideous actions of Ted Kennedy who twists and tortures Catholic truth at every chance he can. For O'Malley to sit idly by and not correct the aberration is a grievous sin of omission. It's a known fact that Boston is rabid over their Red Sox and Celtics, and everyday they're becoming more outspoken about their useless shepherd as well.

2. Though this seedy cardinal is on his way out - actually as of Thursday, June 22 - he leaves a trail of trouble behind for Theodore McCARRICK has many skeletons in his closet and he can run but he can't hide for they will eventually come out in the end. He went out in a blaze of infamy not only in receiving 1,642 votes, but also in continuing righht to the end to do the ol' American Politically Correct Shuffle by schmoozing with the Democrats and every liberal that lobbies in Washington D.C. As a parting shot, he called his own corrupt colleagues in the USCCB to task for disrupting 'Catholicism' by daring to enforce Canon Law in regard to pro-abort politicians receiving the Novus Ordo wafer. This is a man who debased the office of cardinal by going into bars to schmooze with the young liberals drinking and cavorting. Did he counsel them about the futility in such pursuits? No, he just continued his humanistic agenda that has claimed the casualty list of souls that are growing daily as satan reaps the spoils left by the one man who had a voice that could have carried weight with the so-called 'Catholic' pro-abort politicians. Instead, his fence-sitting lukewarmness has created the Church of Laodicia in the nation's capitol where "In God we trust" used to mean something. And now, with the book The Rite of Sodomy by Randy Engel slated to debut July 15, more will be revealed and the fact will be realized: McCarrick and the rest of the motley crew of so-called shepherds are self-destructing before our very eyes. Stay tuned.

1. Be honest. Are you really surprised that for the third straight year the worst offender is once again the godfather of the mob of Modernists Roger MAHONY? That's right, once again Mad Mahony finished atop all the other sorry losers, receiving 3,196 total votes to practically lap the runner-up and stand out as the absolute worst of all bishops, cardinals, any hierarch - and that is going some considering the notoriety of the rascals eligible. Where does one start with this guy? Holy and Mahony go together like Mel Gibson and Dan Brown, Palestinians and Israelis, the Hatfields and McCoys. In other words, they don't for there is not one indicator that Mahony is Catholic, let alone concerned for the spiritual welfare of the immense flock he is in charge of. Instead of being a shepherd, he's more interested in his image so this igNOMinious honor is sure to pique his temper and tantrums in further denigrating Traditional Catholics as relics of the past. He has employed high-priced law firms and codgered Hollywood moguls while schmoozing with politicians not for the honor and glory of God, but for the power this monster has accrued in becoming the most powerful conciliarist in the world. Don't believe us? Look who Ratzinger appointed to the CDF. Mahony's hand-picked seminary bud. Mahony has done more to destroy the Faith in Southern California and beyond than any other man in the history of the American hierarchy. A bold statement that, unfortunately, is so true.


    2006 gNOMes
    June 24, 2006
    Volume 17, no. 162