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February 4, 2006
vol 17, no. 22

The Only Super Bowl That Counts

    XL is the Roman Numeral of Sunday's Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Forty Years! While the NFL has had unprecedented temporal success, God's Mystical Bride has suffered the slings and arrows of apostasy for 4 decades. But in the end, the XL size of God's mercy will deliver His Church from the grip of the world, the flesh and the devil. Now that will be Super!

      "A bigger game, however, is pitting two teams with much more eternal and long term implications. The buildup and extension of this match should be taken seriously but is often ignored by people more concerned with trivial matters to care. The result will have eternal implications on the salvation of countless souls and will never fade. Most of all, anyone wagering on this result will pay with their eternity if they bet for the wrong side."

    As football fans gear up for The Super Bowl, we must consider the only real Super Contest that counts, which is the game for eternal salvation. This battle is between the true Faith of Tradition and the rebel lies of Modernism, Secularism, and New Age Lies. What we see is a clear reflection of this Divine Game in the simple traits of earthly football. So while Seahawk crazies and Steeler fanatics are making this game the end-all and be-all, most won't even realize what the stakes truly are! How many attending Ford Field Sunday in Detroit or hunched down behind their TV's across the nation and world, will have attended the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass earlier in the day?

The Ground Game

    With the exception of only a few teams, very few teams win championships without being able to run the ball. This ability translates to control of the game on many levels. For Sunday's game, gridiron pundits are touting the strength of Sean Alexander for Seattle and the Steel City's "Bus" Jerome Bettis. Many are saying whoever can control the clock (meaning who is on the field and for how long the team's drive are directly related to a team's ground game) has the best chance of winning. The running game is often considered the meat and potatoes of any offense and is often a critical strategy when things get tough. While the possibility of fumbling the pigskin when crashing into the line can happen, this strategy on offense is considered less risky than putting the ball in the air. It was the legendary Ohio State Buckeye Coach Woody Hayes who eschewed passing, choosing instead to be favor "three yards and a cloud of dust."

    So important is the ground game that almost all strategies to defeat an opponent involve stopping the run. When you shut down the run, you force the passing game. Knowing this, the defensive line can pin their ears back and go after the quarterback. Panic can set in when all know what is coming. Late in the games with teams behind you can most often count on the defense blitzing and, more often than not, an effective way of eventually achieving victory for the winning team; for the losing squad it is akin to the whole deck of cards crashing down.

    To stay with the same metaphor, Tradition's ground game is based on Divine Truth and Doctrine. It is founded on centuries-old principles and sturdy experience. It never fumbles the ball if carried correctly. It is the meat and potatoes of salvation. Conversely the New Order's ground game is founded on lies and distortions. Its experience is superficial and fictional. It always fumbles when rejecting Divine Truth and Doctrine for it can never be counted on to carry out the Catholic mission in the Eyes of God. In essence, the New Order's plodding is the "meat and potatoes" of perdition.

The Passing Game

    If the ground game is the infantry, the passing game is the air force. From the days of Sid Gilman to Joe Namath to Joe Montana to Air Coryell to Sunday's signal callers Ben Roethlisberger for Pittsburgh and Matt Hasselbeck for Seattle. Having a swift passing game has enabled both teams to strike quickly and efficiently in paralyzing their opponents. Those who followed the playoffs know what I mean for the passing game, in harmony with the ground game, create an effective one-two punch. It requires the ability to look way beyond the trenches of the ground game at the horizon where the ultimate target is found. However, it requires pinpoint precision lest the message be intercepted or wasted. In a way it's balance that wins games, hitting them high (passing game) or low (the ground game).

    Tradition's air game comes from Heavenly Revelation which rains from above and fills us with wisdom and a closer union with Our Creator. Tradition can never be intercepted if one is ready to catch the graces and run the right pattern in their life, and the ball of faith is never dropped if one has sure hands to embrace its message. These hands come from knowledge and solid trust and obedience to our Divine Field General, Christ.

    The New Order's air game is a chaotic shower of lies and distortions designed to confuse rather than clarify and strike down rather than strike through. Ironically, tradition's passing attack is sure and confident and perdition's air game is full of hail mary's in the lower case which means high risk, low probability swipes at success. Tradition's passing game is a miracle to behold but the New Order's air game needs a miracle to even make sense much less succeed.

The Kicking Game

    Recent history has shown just how crucial a team's kicking game can be. The New England Patriots may not have been so successful without their field goal kicker Adam Vinatieri and the Indianapolis Colts, favored to win it all, might not have fallen to the Steelers this year had they had a dependable kicking game. Yes, several Super Bowls and many crucial games have been won and lost on field goal attempts and greatly affected by field position through punts. The key is to have confidence and calm assurance that one will place the ball between two goalposts a significant distance away. The same with punting the ball deep inside the other team's red zone with their back to the wall, so to speak.

    Many factors come into play that can effect the kicking game: Hang time, distance and avoiding unnecessary penalties that might negate a good kick or back the team up where they are out of kicking distance for a field goal. Sometimes one is not close enough to the target and strikes too weakly. Other times one is not aligned as one would hope or one's kick curves out of target. Also, one miss demands that one get back on that horse again and have the faith to try again later. Not always will that opportunity be available. Both the clock and the opponent become foes the longer the game continues. It is foolish to let one miss because many future misses and the tendency to do so will rapidly lead to unemployment. We'll see if Indy's kicker will have a job come next season after missing wide right a kick that would have sent the playoff series between the Colts and Steelers into overtime.

    Now let's examine Tradition's kicking game. It is impeccable because its precision is flawless despite very narrow goal posts. But then Christ said the way would be narrow. It is also usually very close to those posts making the kick less difficult. The winds of change or whim do not affect the ball as it sails toward its target.

    The New Order tries to impose force where tact and precision are needed. Its technique is so flawed that it never hits the narrow goal posts of salvation but instead props up false goal posts very wide of each other for easier kicking. Field goals resulting from such false kicks are counterfeit and lead to perdition. The more one becomes accustomed to kicking with these easier wide and false goal posts, the more difficult it will ever be to later try to hit the much smaller yet only real target of truth's narrow posts. Lastly, The New Order is usually so far from the real target that it must even prop up fake posts in the middle of the field and pretend that points are scored when those are hit. Witness the effort to eliminate talk of hell and pretend that salvation is earned by getting beer at halftime. We can't say a team is in Limbo any more when the modern Vatican has sent out trial balloons trying to spread the idea that Limbo doesn't exist. Novelty is the name of their game and they make it up as they go along, with no respect for the treasured ideals and rules of the game.


    If a good ground game is often a standard in championship teams, a good defense is even more significant. Some of the greatest teams that ever played began with a solid wall of defense. The 1985 Bears used such an offense to strangle opponents. The great Steeler and Dolphin teams of the 70s likewise had their own defensive legends. Who could ever forget Mean Joe Greene or Dallas' Doomsday Defense?

    Tradition's defense of the Faith is as solid as a rock and provides a wall keeping hell out and Heaven in. No demon can invade or trespass this solid wall of truth and thus no threat can score against its Divine Presence if it holds firm on its positions and is not blindsided by crackback blocks or missed assignments.

    The New Order's defense is more of an offense. I do not mean 'offense' as we have been dealing with above, but as in offensive to God for it is based on attacking what is sacred and holy and pretending that its game plan is the only valid one. People who ride "the fence" often end up on The New Order's squad of rebellion and cowardice. By doing so they'll ride God's bench and be cut from His team.


    This weekend America and the rest of the world will watch two teams battle for earthly supremacy in a man-made game three or so hours long. The buildup and extension of this event will go beyond common sense and human appetite for most. It's all hype for the result will be news for a short while and fade with Winter Olympics later this month, then the sound of cracking bats in the spring and the NCAA Tournament. Most of all, millions and millions of dollars will be waged on the result and there will be smiles and tears from that vice. Vice will be sold at half-time in one form or another with malfunctions of the wardrobe or the soul. With the Rolling Stones slated, you know the slippery slope of hell just got steeper.

    A bigger game, however, is pitting two teams with much more eternal and long term implications. The buildup and extension of this match should be taken seriously but is often ignored by people more concerned with trivial matters to care. The result will have eternal implications on the salvation of countless souls and will never fade. Most of all, anyone wagering on this result will pay with their eternity if they bet for the wrong side.

    Vice is also sold here, but there will be no refunds or tapes to erase if things do not go as planned. That game is the Super Bowl of Salvation, a real XL to don, and we are all players whether we like it or not. So make sure your chin strap is in place and take the advice of Saint Paul in his Letter to the Ephesians, "and take unto you the helmet of salvation" (Ephesians 6: 17). We have a real game to win and it's going to take teamwork to defeat the world, the flesh and the devil. Are you game?

Gabriel Garnica

    Editor's Note: Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel Garnica, educator and attorney, submits regular insights and commentaries to remind and help guide readers toward a deeper and more assertive faith. Touching on topics and issues ranging from personal faith, doctrine, education, scripture, the media, family life, morality, and values, Gabriel's notes are music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world.

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